Best Paintball Gun 2022 – Highly Accurate & Consistent

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One of the most frequently asked questions to a house pro is, what is the Best Paintball Gun. In response to which, house pro shows below-average paintball markers and termed them one of the best paintball guns in the world. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on the fake recommendation of house pro, why don’t you choose by yourself?

Best Paintball Gun

Though choosing a Top Rated Paintball Gun is a tough row to hoe especially when you are not an experienced level player but nothing is impossible. Keeping in mind the level of experience of naïve paintballers we have gathered some useful information about paintball guns for you. For your convenience, we have selected the Top 10 Paintball Guns and reviewed them by testing. By using our genuine reviews and information, you can make a great selection of guns without any others help.

So it’s time to dive into the sea of paintball guns and dig out some best-rated paintball guns. Short of time? Use the link below to see our recommended paintball guns of 2022.

Top 10 Best Paintball Guns 2022

Top Pick
Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun
Tippmann TMC MAGFED – Best Paintball Gun 2022
  • Shoots .68 calibers
  • With a dual-feed system
  • Accurate and durable
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Tippmann Cronus Gun
Tippmann Cronus – Best Rated Paintball Gun 2022
  • Military style gun
  • Weight:3.7 pounds
  • Velocity:250-325FPS
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Dual Feed Gun
Planet Eclipse MG100 Marker
Planet Eclipse MG100 – Best Paintball Marker
  • With gamma core bolt system
  • Lightweight
  • MagFed
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Affordable Gun
Valken Halk
Valken Halk- Best Paintball Gun in the World
  • Semi-automatic
  • Durable
  • With corrosion-resistant body
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Spyder Victor Marker
Spyder Victor – Semi Auto Paintball Marker
  • Air efficient gun in marker
  • 1600 shots per 20 oz. of CO2
  • 280-350 FPS velocity
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Top Notch Gun
Azodin KAOS 3 Paintball Marker
Azodin KAOS 3 – High End Paintball Gun
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Weight is 2 pounds
  • Double finger trigger
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New Gun
Tippmann Stryker XR1
Tippmann Stryker XR1 – Newest paintball gun
  • Electro-pneumatic marker
  • Anti-chop break beam eye system
  • MilSim style gun
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Lightweight Gun
G5 Spec-R Marker
G5 Spec-R – Best Paintball Gun Ever
  • Elite performance
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • 280 FPS
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Starter Package
Maddog JT Stealth
Maddog JT – Badass Paintball Gun
  • Semi-automatic
  • Double finger trigger
  • Supports 0.68 ammos
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Small Gun
Empire Mini GS Paintball Marker
Empire Mini GS – .68 Caliber Paintball Marker
  • Slim body
  • Weight around 1 pound and 14 oz
  • 293 FPS
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1. Tippmann TMC – Best Paintball Gun 2022

Tippmann TMC MAGFED - Best Paintball Gun

Tippmann’s TMC is originally the MagFed version of Cronus – one of the most popular paintball markers of Tippmann. Its design is more or less similar to Ar-15 steel firearm which is mostly liked by players who loves tactical paintball gun. Features a Picatinny rail system where you can attach a variety of accessories like bi-pods, flashlights, lasers, and many others. Since it’s a semi-automatic gun that requires CO2 to operate, so Tippmann has built the CO2 tank in such a way that it is located under the bottom of the grip. Interestingly, the rubber grip is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly in your hands. It weighs around 4lbs

When it comes to the build quality, TMC doesn’t disappoint its users. The body and main parts are made up of aluminum while the rails, grips, and stocks are made of polymer. The charging handle is made up of plastic which while testing seems like the TMC gun is re-cocked at. 

Tippmann’s TMC is a dual feed gun which is one of the most liked features of the gun. Tippmann knows that paintballers love to have customizable guns, that’s why they have incorporated the feature of the dual-feed option. You can use hopper-fed or MagFed, whatever you like in your battle.

The sturdy magazine comes with the capacity of 19-balls which means you have 38 shots to fire in your playground. Actually, it can hold 20 balls but while testing we realized that loading full capacity clogs the marker, so it’s better to load 19 balls for improved consistency. In TMC Paintball Gun, different shapes of paintballs are used, called shape projectiles. Shape projectiles are different than the regular paintball and are more accurate. 

We called it one of the most accurate paintball guns as you can target your opponent as far as 150 feet. Tippmann TMC is equipped with a 12-inch barrel that uses 0.68 caliber shape projectiles. Shape projectiles are comparatively more accurate than round balls. Besides this, it features a remarkable blowback style bolt that functions at tanks pressure that is 750 psi. That’s why the gun is loud.

Tippmann TMC Magfed Gun
  • Gives you that authentic Assault Rifle Feel
  • MagFed and hopper fed option
  • You can do plenty of customization
  • Rugged and sturdy build
  • Highly précised and accurate gun
  • Poor quality of CO2 tank connector that leaks the CO2
  • Tricky to disassemble
  • Charging handle is of plastic
  • elementum felis blandit

When it comes to the best paintball gun of 2022, I can’t resist myself to put Tippmann TMC on top of the list. The reason is, it’s one of the pocket-friendly MagFed paintball guns. It is easy to use even a naïve player can easily operate it. Its solid structure and lightweight build make it a perfect paintball marker to be used in forests for woodsball. Overall, it’s the best and affordable gun for “milsim” style paintball players.

2. Tippmann Cronus – Best Rated Paintball Gun 2022

Tippmann Cronus - Best Rated Paintball Gun

Tippmann has been manufacturing high-quality paintball markers since 1986. In terms of quality and durability, Tippmann is a trustworthy brand. They are still known for manufacturing one of the best markers around the globe. Tippmann Cronus is known for its elite and extraordinary performance.

Cronus is the advanced version of Tippmann 98 and headway of TMC MagFed. The design and build quality of Cronus is so sturdy that it can easily withstand rough and tough use. It looks like a military-style firearm that gives you a real soldier-like feel when you are on the battlefield.

Cronus is available in two versions that is the basic version and the tactical version. These two versions are quite similar. Presence of adjustable stock, a carrier handle, and a barrel shroud makes the tactical version different from the basic one.

Tippmann Cronus has endless potential for customization. You can do lots of customization in your marker. In fact, if you have a basic version, you can customize it to the tactical version. Thanks to its multiple rail system on the main body. It has 4 pre-installed rails where you can mount laser, red-dot sight, and different accessories.

It is a semi-automatic gun that uses paintball projectiles of 0.68 calibers. Compressed air (HPA) or CO2 tank are required for its operation. The gun fires 8 projectiles in a single second and can shoot up to 150 feet away. The FPS is highly adjustable you can adjust it from 250-325. Tippmann Cronus is not a lightweight marker like other guns. It weighs around 3.7 pounds which is comparatively heavy.

Cronus Paintball Gun

One of the worth mentioning feature of Cronus is it is not too noisy and loud like the other guns. The reason is its wide barrel diameter, which not only minimizes the sound when you fire but also reduces the incidence of paintball jamming. It also features a 9-inch collapsible stock barrel that quickly modifies the gun. During testing the gun, the Cronus paintball marker gives a real solid feel except for the stock barrel which needs to be improved.

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  • Affordable and highly accurate gun
  • With lots of scope for customization
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Exceptionally rugged and robust build quality
  • The stock barrel is made up of clumsy material. It needs to be upgraded

Tippmann Cronus is one of the best-rated paintball guns that people love to buy. We found it really easy to use and above all, cleaning is not tough, especially when you use it in woodsball field. It has got endless possibilities for attachments to modify your gun. As far as the accuracy is concerned, 8 shots in a second with 150 feet away is good enough for enthusiastic paintballers. Overall, it’s a great marker for those players who want to have a high-end marker at a pocket-friendly price.

3. Planet Eclipse MG100 – Best Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse MG100 - Best Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse MG-100 is a Magfed style gun. MagFed paintball markers give real fun to its players as these markers look just like real assault rifles. Since it’s a MagFed marker, you can expect it to be hopper-fed too. Just like other high end paintball markers, MG-100 is  durable plus light weight. The whole gun is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum and surprisingly it weighs less than 2 pounds.

Talking about the features of MG100, it possesses a gamma core Drivetrain and PAL that improves the overall air efficiency of the gun. Not only this, it produces less kickback. All credit goes to its Gamma core drivetrain for smooth and hassle-free operation. It also features a spool valve which is there just to reduce the noise of the marker. With this, you can silently attack your enemy. It’s a mechanical gun which means no hassle of charging batteries. It is compatible with a high-pressure air tank (HPA) only. MG100 has got EMC  rail kit on which you can mount different accessories to upgrade your marker. 

The built-in magazine supports a 0.68 barrel round ball and shaped ball. It has the capacity to feed 10 paintballs only- five rounds from the left side and five from the right side. This means after 10 shots you have to reload  the magazine side. Remember to use a dummy magazine when you are using hopper fed configuration of MG-100. As far as its cleaning is concerned, planet eclipse MG-100 is pretty tricky to disassemble for deep cleaning. So it would be a tough row to hoe for a beginner to disassemble and then clean the gun.

Planet Eclipse Mg100 paintball marker hits the target with immense accuracy and the reason is its 14.5-inch long barrel. The longer barrel increases the accuracy as you can aim your target easily. But what we found, long barrel guns are less air efficient as they require more air to shoot. Gamma core Blot system covers this flaw by making it gas efficient.

  • The magazine can be upgraded to a dye magazine
  • With dual-feed option
  • Can be customized easily
  • Less kickback without chopping balls
  • Tricky to disassemble

Planet eclipse MG-100 is easy to use. You don’t need to be a professional player to use it. Even beginner-level paintballers can effectively win the battle with this mechanical tool. It has got an amazing range of 100 feet and can shoot 10 shots in a single second. The rugged appearance and build quality give it a typical Assault Rifle look. We literally admire the less noise level of this gun, also the kickback is less too. Overall, it’s a great marker for speedball and woodsball.

4. Valken Blackhawk – Paintball Gun

Valken Halk- Best Paintball Gun in the World

Valken SW-1 black hawk paintball gun is the best and affordable option for those players who can’t get access to Tippmann 98. It has the same structure as that of Tippmann 98 but the interesting thing is, you can add more options in the SW-1 black hawk paintball gun. It seems like the designer of SW-1 has noticed the flaws of Tippmann 98 and launched an improved version of Tippmann 98 in the shape of Valken SW-1 paintball gun.

Valken SW-1 black hawk is a semi-automatic gun either requires CO2 or high-pressure Air. Its 12” removable ported barrel supports 0.68 calibers of paintball. Unlike other guns, it does not chop the paintball.

Sw-1 is one of the lightweight paintball markers and the reason is its corrosion-resistant aluminum and polymer material. That’s why with the Sw-1 paintball marker you can keep up your drive and momentum throughout the game. Everything is so nice with the SW-1 paintball gun except the stock barrel. As per the reviews of our clients, the stock barrel of SW-1 is awful which needs to be upgraded.

Like other paintball markers, SW-1 also features Picatinny rails where you can mount different gears and tools to combat your enemy in style. Customization possibilities are numerous in the SW-1 paintball gun. As far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned, you can easily do so as the parts of guns are easily removable. 

Valken SW-1 is the perfect choice for every type of player. It is slightly shorter than the other paintball markers but it features the same rugged and MilSim style look.

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  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Lightweight and decent paintball marker
  • The marker can be upgraded to any design
  • Stock barrel is of flimsy qualityx

I would say Valken SW-1 black hawk is the advanced version of Tippmann 98. Both of the guns have the same specifications and appearance but Valken has few advanced features. Indeed it is a competitively priced, reliable, and well-constructed marker.

5. Spyder Victor – Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Spyder Victor - Semi Auto Paintball Marker

If you are planning to play paintball for the very first time, then I would recommend you to grab your hands on Spyder Victor paintball marker. It is the best starter marker that is affordable and above all simple to use. 

Spyder Victor is a semi-auto paintball marker that has a simple design that looks like a real gun. Featuring bottom line, standard ASA, along with double trigger and adjustable sight rail. You will also find a vertical tube feed and a clamping feedneck. The clamping feedneck is made up of high-impact polymer so that it can withstand shocks and rugged handling.

The gun requires Compressed air or CO2 for operation. The Spyder Victor is equipped with the latest and innovative technology that is Eko™ valve, which offers excellent air efficiency. It delivers 1600 shots per 20 oz CO2 tank. This is what we called the winning feature of Spyder Victor.

The 10” long barrel size offers shots with more accuracy. It uses 0.68 calibers of paintballs. One of the pitfalls of Spyder victor is, it chops paintball in the chamber. 1 out of 100 paintballs is chopped inside the barrel, which is not a big number.

Besides this, it has a unique design trigger which is a two-finger double trigger but the trigger pull is somewhat inflexible. Generally, the double trigger uses both index and middle finger which allows a crazy firing rate. Unfortunately, the double trigger of Spyder Victor is somewhat stiffy. This means you cant enjoy a fast firing rate.

As far as the firing velocity is concerned, it’s totally adjustable you can adjust the velocity from 280 FPs to 350 FPS easily. Velocity adjusters are of immense importance especially when you are playing commercially.

Since paintballers love guns that can be upgraded, Spyder Victor is just the right choice. Though it’s a beginner gun but you can upgrade it either by installing a barrel kit, electronic trigger frame, and other things as well. Upgradation possibilities are endless.

Spyder Victor Marker
  • Best choice for beginners
  • Easy to use, clean, disassemble and reassemble
  • You can adjust the velocity within seconds with its external velocity adjuster
  • Available in different colors
  • Stiffy trigger pull
  • Barrel chops the paintball

Spyder Victor is a great marker for beginner players. It promises to deliver excellent performance with accuracy. The addition of Eko™ valve makes it one of the air-efficient guns in the market. Spyder Victor is highly durable and can be fearlessly used for rough and tough gameplay. But do clean the gun after every game; it’s so easy to clean.

6. Azodin KAOS 3 – High-End Paintball Gun

Azodin KAOS 3 - High End Paintball Gun

If you are in search of a high-end paintball gun, Azodin KAOS 3 will quench your thirst for sure.

Action village Azodin KAOS 3 comes in a complete package that includes many different things along with the gun, such as hopper, facemask, CO2 reusable cylinder, and many other things.

Let’s talk about the features of the Azodin KAOS 3 gun.

Azodin is a semi-automatic marker that supports 0.68 caliber paintballs. The marker is supported by compressed gas or Carbon dioxide gas. Luckily you will get Empire 20 oz CO2 cylinder with it.

It has a sleek and compact design that fits ergonomically in your hands. The gun has a durable and sturdy aluminum body which makes it lightweight. You will be amazed to know that the marker weighs around 2 pounds only. This means you can fire the marker with a single hand only. It won’t make you feel fatigued after an hour of paintballing.

Some people believe that Azodin KAOS 3 is one of the best paintball guns for long-range shooting. I totally disagree with their statement as I felt that Azodin KAOS 3 is best for normal shooting. Long-range shooting is not accurate with it.

Moreover, the firing rate of Azodin KAOS depends upon the trigger pressing pace. It has two finger double trigger which is a bit hard to press. When it comes to firing, one drawback that I came across was it is very loud and kick backs a lot. Probably that’s because of the high operating pressure of compressed gas or CO2.

Those peeps that are more into the aesthetic of paintball markers, will definitely like this gun. The reason is, it is available in numerous attractive colors. 

  • Durable and lightweight aluminum body
  • Double finger trigger is easier to operate
  • Comes in form of a complete package
  • Marker is too loud
  • Not ideal for long-range shooting

Azodin KAOS 3 is a budget-friendly gun that is perfect for starter-level players. The sleek and lightweight design in many different colors makes it so appealing to paintballers. Overall, it’s a great paintball marker for every type of paintball game.

7. Tippmann Stryker XR1 – Newest Paintball Gun

Tippmann Stryker XR1 - Newest paintball gun

Stryker XR1 is one of the newest paintball guns from the banner of Tippmann. Let me tell you it’s an electro-pneumatic gun that operates with compressed gas (nitrogen gas). Interestingly it includes 4 different firing modes. You can either play with semi-auto and full-auto firing mode or you have the option to choose from ramping and burst firing mode. Some people find it difficult to switch between different firing modes and unfortunately, the manual lacks this information.

Tippmann Stryker XR1 is the best choice for those paintballers who love to play with full action. It features a low-pressure spool valve design that produces very little recoil. Mind you, electronic guns with spool valve designs are not pretty gas efficient.

Apart from this, it features a break beam eye technology along with an anti-chop system. In addition to this, there is no chopping of paintballs. An Anti-chop system is such a big blessing as it won’t make a mess inside the gun, hence making the marker easier to clean.

One of the award-winning features is its auto cocker barrel thread which means you can upgrade the barrel of your choice anytime you want. So it would not be wrong if I say that customization possibilities are endless in Stryker XR1. Its Picatinny rail gives you the freedom to mount many different devices.

  • Easy to customize
  • MilSim style gun
  • Produces less recoil
  • With 4 different firing modes
  • Manual is not clear
  • Not gas efficient

Stryker XR1 is the newest paintball gun which has not got good reviews maybe a nominal number of players used it. Because it features a spool valve design it is not gas efficient. You need to carry extra tanks with you on the battlefield. It’s easy to maintain and clean. Overall, it’s a nice marker that is newly launched.

8. G5 Spec-R– Best Paintball Gun ever

G5 Spec-R - Best Paintball Gun Ever

G-5 Spec-R is an electronic marker that needs 9V batteries to supply power to its circuit board. It has got multiple firing modes which are semi, burst, reactive, auto, Ramp, PSP3, NXL, and millennium. All these firing modes make you rule over the paintball battlefield.

Upon holding this marker in hand, we found it pretty light in weight. The lightweight aluminum body has a full metal polish finish, which makes it look as if it’s made up of metal. But in actual it’s not. The weight of G-5 Spec R is about 1.75 pounds which let you maneuver in the playground easily.

One of the most interesting features that we have noticed in G5 Spec–R paintball gun, it has macro less hose design. This means instead of any external hose, the gas from the tank goes directly through the hose in the grip. This way there is no external hose that bothers you in the middle of the game.

One of the benefits of the absence of an external hose is, the handle grip is a little bit thicker which offers a firm grip. Talking about its performance, G5 has superb performance with great accuracy and a smooth and consistent shot. The operating pressure that it requires is 200psi while the velocity is 280FPS. This 19.5” long gun has a slight kickback which doesn’t affect accuracy and performance at all.

Dangerous Power G-5 Spec- R is relatively simple and easy to clean and maintain. Out of all these amazing features, one downside that we noticed is, G-5 Spec R is not a good gun at handling brittle paint. 

But the Best part is, the marker comes with a complete colorful manual that will guide you about its cleaning and maintenance.

  • Elite performance marker
  • Extremely tough and durable paintball gun
  • With inspiring firing rate modes
  • Low profile feed neck
  • Thicker handgrip offer firm grip
  • Can’t handle brittle paintballs properly
  • Slight kickback

A versatile, durable, and high-performance paintball marker that will let you rule the speedball ground.     It features amazing and multiple firing modes which makes it one of the best paintball guns. Usually, electronic markers are quite sensitive but if you follow proper maintenance routine, you won’t face any problem.

9. Maddog JT – Badass Paintball Gun

Maddog JT - Badass Paintball Gun

The next one on my list of best paintball guns is the Maddog JT stealth gun. As majority of the guns on my list are automatic, Maddog JT is a semi-automatic gun. The gun is suited to badass players who rule the ground with their performance.

It has got nice build quality which is pretty lightweight. JT stealth features a double finger trigger which allows paintballers to shoot at a fast pace. Also, it has an internal gas line system which is hoseless completely. Unlike other guns, JT stealth has a unique design where there is no external hose. This feature of JT stealth looks similar to G5 spec-R.

For the comfort of its passionate paintballers, JT stealth features a vertical and ergonomically designed fore grip that offers immense control and comfort. This is an entry-level marker, which is best suited for those naïve players who are landing on the battlefield for the first time. It’s like buy and ready to fight. As you will get a complete kit along with JT stealth.

The kit includes a refillable 20 oz. CO2 tank, 200 round paintball loader, anti-fog paintball mask, one paintball harness,6 paintball pods, and one barrel squeegee.

  • Comes in form of a complete kit
  • With internal airline system
  • Lightweight and compact gun
  • Fast shooting with double finger trigger
  • The foregrip is pretty thick that is somewhat uncomfortable to hold

Maddog JT stealth is a good piece of the gun with all the necessary features that have to be there in an ideal paintball gun. It’s a great gun for beginners and entry-level players, plus it is pocket-friendly too. Overall, when you want something appropriately priced with above-average features, then JT stealth is the best choice.

10. Empire Mini GS – .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Empire Mini GS - 68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Empire is a young company but it has so many different types of amazing markers to purchase from. One such example is Empire Mini GS. No doubt it is one of the best speedball markers with its price.

It’s an electronic gun that gives you immense firing rate to rule over the battlefield. It has got different firing modes such as semi-automatic, burst, ramping, and full automatic including all the modes that you might require in a tournament. 180-200psi operating pressure is required by the Empire Mini Gs. We called it one of the best long-range paintball gun because of its ability to shoot accurately at the range of 150 feets. You can even upgrade its barrel from 12″ to 14″ or 16″ whatever you want.

Empire Mini GS features a slim body with no extra bulk or weight on it. It’s pretty light in weight that is around 1 pound and 14 ounces. Interestingly, you will find a rubber grip which is not an ordinary plastic rather it’s a thick rubber that makes you hold the gun comfortably.

Another worth mentioning feature is the presence of a micro switch trigger that offers some resistance. It’s a great addition indeed. 

Talking about the velocity, it has an impressive velocity of about 275 FPS which can be increased up to 293FPS. Velocity can be regulated by using the Allen wrench. Empire GS understands the needs of players and that’s the reason you will find integrated break-beams anti-chop eyes. This feature won’t let you experience any chopped paintball. We have tested Empire Mini Gs on multiple paintball matches and found it accurate gun that delivers smooth and consistent shots. However, cleaning and maintaining Empire GS is a fairly difficult task. As it comes with so many small parts that need to be cleaned and maintained separately.

  • Velocity can be adjusted
  • Rubber grip for comfortable handling
  • Responsive micro switch trigger
  • Small and compact in size with the long barrel
  • Not suitable for players with larger hands
  • Routine cleaning is a bit difficult
  • No user manual

Empire GS is one of the best 0.68 caliber paintball markers which is electro-pneumatic. It is perfect for intermediate-level players who don’t want to spend lots of money on high-end gear but wants to play the game with full capabilities. It comes in 12” and 14” barrels but we would prefer 14” for a consistent and accurate shot. Overall, it’s a great marker with an exhilarating performance.

Paintball Gun Buying Guide 2022

Buying a high-end paintball gun could be a cumbersome task especially when you are at beginner level and buying it for the first time. So for your ease, we have compiled a brief and concise buyers guide that will help you to decide on your own. The buyer’s guide comprises of few factors and features that you must consider before making your final decision.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Paintball Gun:

Types of Gameplay:

Style of gameplay matters a lot when you are buying a paintball gun. If speedball is your preference then choosing a gun that fires multiple shots at a time accurately would go best. Here accuracy is not as much important as firing speed as your opponent would be 20-25 yards away from you. Also, the speedball battlefield is not extra-ordinarily huge. Here you need to have a gun with multiple shots at a time.

On the flip side, if your preference is playing woodsball most of the time, then the choice of gun would be different. Here you need a gun with high accuracy for high range shots. Also, the marker should have a more tactical look. Woodsball battlefield is pretty huge therefore, here a gun that fires accurately for longer range would go best. Also, consider guns with Picatinny rail so that woodsball players may add other optics and accessories to their guns.

Frequency of Your Gameplay:

The frequency of gameplay will also help you in choosing the best paintball gun. Based on your gameplay frequency you can decide either to buy a high-end marker or an average marker would be right.

If you are a crazy and passionate paintballer who plans to play every weekend, then buying a high-end and durable marker would be the right decision. Such guns are made up of aluminum and need few maintenance rounds. Your marker needs to have advanced features so that you can compete with other players on the ground.

In contrast to this, if you are a very occasional player who will plan gameplay in their backyard, then there is no need to buy a highly expensive gun. Just buy a gun that can easily play the game. A high-grade polymer gun will give you the required durability for your game. Also, advanced features would be an extra addition.

Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Paintball Gun:


The paintball guns are available in different materials such as metal, high-grade polymer, aluminum, and plastic. Metallic guns are considered as the most durable one whereas the plastic guns look more like a toy and are less durable. Aluminum is also a good material that is lightweight and economical. But mind you, not all types of aluminum are durable. Aircraft-grade aluminum is a better option indeed since they are lightweight and durable.


It is the most important feature while buying a paintball gun. A quality paintball gun should be lightweight that can be carried easily around the battlefield. A lightweight gun will keep you active throughout the game so that you can easily maneuver around the field.


Who doesn’t love upgrades or customization? Like every other player, paintballers are also into new upgrades. Instead of buying a new gun every year, it’s a good idea to upgrade your previous marker. Tippmann markers offer high upgradeability and customization. Look for such kind of marker which you can upgrade easily with the latest features and attachments.

Easy to Clean and Maintain:

An ideal paintball marker should be easy to clean and maintain. Usually, professional players look for such markers that are easy to disassemble. So that you can clean and reassemble it without wasting further time. 

Types of Paintball Guns

Paintball is a fun-filled game and to double this fun you need to have a perfect marker for the right game. Paintball guns are referred to as paintball markers. There are many different types of guns that are available in the market. But choosing the right type becomes a tricky task especially when you don’t have complete information about each type.

Generally speaking, three types of paintball guns are; Pump paintball gun, mechanically operated paintball gun, and electro-pneumatic paintball gun. Mind you, these three types differ from each other in terms of firing rate and price tag.

Pump Paintball Gun:

You can call a pump paintball gun as one of the most basic types of marker. They are also known as manual markers because they require manual operation to work. You have to pump it like a shotgun every time before you shoot. 

Pump guns are not as popular as the other types of guns, because young people find them hard to operate. In comparison with other types of guns, pump guns are slower and require more strategy. So they put you at high risk of losing the game. The worth mentioning fact about pump guns is, they are durable, sturdy, and can withstand the highest and toughest drops.

Pump paintball guns are comparatively cheaper than the other two types of guns and it has slowest firing rate.

Ideal for: Scenario or Stock class game.

Mechanically Operated Paintball Gun:

Mechanically operated guns are also called semi-automatic guns. They have a higher firing rate than pump markers and lower than electro-pneumatic guns. Also, they are expensive than pump markers but they are affordable. Mechanically operated guns are the most commonly used paintball marker. Luckily, it doesn’t require any difficult maintenance; you can repair it easily at your home.

Operating mechanical paintball is just like cracking a snapper. Simple and easy. All you have to do is just pull the trigger whenever your target is in position and shoot. The operation required compressed gas and CO2. Such types of guns have a small gas tank filled with compressed gas or CO2.

Ideal for:

Woodsball and less intense speedball. As in an intense speedball game, your firing rate can decrease and you may lose because of trigger draw, as you have to pull the trigger all the way back before shooting.

Electro Pneumatic Paintball Gun:

Such guns are specially designed for those peeps who love to play speedball where a high firing rate is required. Electro-pneumatic guns lack trigger which is an indication that it has highest firing rate. Instead of a trigger, it has a circuit board that is linked with an electronic switch which tells the circuit board to fire whenever the switch is hit. It is a battery-operated gun.

Electro-pneumatic guns have got different firing rates such as burst firing, full auto, and ramping. You can take advantage of these firing rates and win your speedball league. Such guns are expensive than the other two types and their maintenance is quite tricky. You need to spend few bucks on its maintenance. As far as its firing rate is concerned, it’s amazing. You can simply fire 30 rounds in a single second.

Ideal for:

Speedball is the game for which electro-pneumatic guns are perfect. Electronic markers may hurt you because of it’s over speed. So do operate them carefully.

Variations of Electro Pneumatic Guns:

3 Shot Burst Paintball Guns:

Here comes the first variation of an electro-pneumatic gun. It features a mind-blowing technology that let you shoot three times simultaneously per trigger pull. It has two firing modes that are three-shot burst mode and semi-automatic mode.

Ramping Guns:

Ramping guns are best for speedball as it is known for continuous firing. Its firing rate increase with the pulling of the trigger. Firing rate is directly proportional to the trigger pull, which means rate will increase with the increase in the trigger pull. The highest firing rate of the ramping gun is 20 rounds per second. Ramping guns are prohibited in some tournaments because of their highest firing rate.

Fully Automatic Paintball Gun:

Their working is similar to ramping guns but there is one difference, in fully automatic guns you need to pull the trigger once and the gun will keep on firing. Whereas in ramping guns you have to keep pulling the trigger. Fully automatic guns will stop firing automatically as soon as you release the trigger.

Types of Paintball Guns Comparison Table

Pump MarkersMechanical MarkersElectro Pneumatic
Firing RateSlowest – Depends on the person pumpingModerate5-6 shots per secondFastest – 30 rounds per secons
CostCheapReasonably PricedQuite expesive
Mode of OperationPush and PullCompressed air or CO2Battery Operated

FAQs – Best Paintball Gun

Markers of different ranges are available in the market. Generally, you can find a marker as cheap as $100 and as high as $2000.

Yes, pepper ball can be used in a paintball gun. They are of the same size as paintballs(0.68 calibers) so they can be easily supported by the guns.

Pump paintball guns are not accurate but they are really helpful in improving your accuracy. You take shots with more precision so they hit accurately. They are lightweight and easy to use markers and have fewer moving parts that improve your accuracy.

Definitely, you can, especially when the crime is happening at your home. You can use a powder-like irritant instead of paintball for your self-defense.

The standard paintball gun can shoot between 163-190mph. The average velocity of the gun required in gameplay should be less than 200mph. So we would say that 190mph would be the highest velocity of a paintball gun in mph.

Tippmann and planet Eclipse are the best paintball companies. They are offering high-tech and high-end paintball markers that are accurate and consistent. Besides this, Empire and Spyder Paintball Company is also the best brand.

Empire Mini GS is one of the fastest shooting paintball guns. It’s able to shoot around 275fps on initial use. After few shots, it can be able to shoot around 293 fps.

Generally, paintball markers use air tanks that store compressed nitrogen or CO2 at different pressure ranging from 3000-4500PSI. Paintball guns use this high pressure to hit the target.

The life of a paintball gun depends upon the level of care. They can easily last for more than 5 years if you do proper cleanliness and lubrication.



  • It has the dual-feed option
  • Looks similar to AR-15 steel firearm
  • Endless possibilities for customization
  • One of the most precise paintball gun


  • It’s a semi-automatic gun that accepts .68 caliber of ammo
  • Unique technology of gamma core bolt system
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Real assault rifles look


  • Electro-pneumatic marker
  • With adjustable velocity
  • With anti-slip rubber grip cover
  • Best for indoor play and speedball


So in the end, if you ask us about the best paintball gun in the world, we would say, it all depends on your preferences and requirements. Your preference for the best paintball gun will vary from other players. Since your style of gameplay, budget and requirement would be different from other players. So you can’t label any particular gun as one of the best paintball marker 2022.

We do hope that by now you must have chosen a high-end paintball gun or at least have been shortlisted. If it’s difficult for you, check out our recommended paintball markers. 

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