Does Paintball Paint Wash Out? Is It Washable?

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Who does not love paintballing? It’s a game that is full of colorful mess. Paintballing without paint stain is a clear example of a dull and deadly game. If at the end of a heated paintball game you find your clothes full of paint stains, it means you had a great time at paintballing. Don’t worry about the paint stain. Like you, Many new player wonders that does paintball paint comes out of clothes.

Does paintball Paint Wash Out

Yes, it can be washed off easily. Not only clothes but if the stain is on car, tree or on the wall. It can be removed easily. Paintballs are filled with environmental friendly dye, which is water-soluble and non-toxic. That’s the reason it can be removed easily. But How? Here, at this platform, we will bring to light some useful tips that you can use to remove paintball stains. Stick to the article if you want to know is paintball paint washable?

Does Paintball Stain?

Paintballs are spherical which have a thick outer coating made up of gelatin which is water-soluble too. Whereas, paintballs are filled with polyethylene glycol which is also water-soluble. Besides this, it is hypoallergic which means it doesn’t cause any reaction when comes in contact with skin. This is the major difference between cheap paintball and expensive paintball. Cheap paintballs are not filled with water-soluble and hypoallergic dyes that may leave paint stains. Just because of different paintball quality, in the majority of paintball grounds, only field paintballs are allowed. You don’t have to bring your paintball from outside.

Paintball paint is easily washable. Since the dye is water-soluble. So just soak your clothing in water, the water-soluble dye will instantly be dissolved in water. No need to use Detergent or kerosene oil to remove paint stains.

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Paint Stains that are Tough to Wash:

Because Polyethylene glycol paint stains are pretty easy to remove. But yes, there do exist some paintballs whose paint stains are tough to remove.

  • Paintball that contains Propylene glycol and sorbitol instead of polyethylene glycol.
  • Paintball that is filled with wax pellets. Wax is quite hard to wash off especially from clothes. As it dries out quickly. Such type of paintball when chopped in a barrel becomes a headache to clean therefore, avoid using such paintball ammo.
  • Oil-based paintballs. Removing such type of paint stains are a tough row to hoe. But with certain tips, you can those stains easily. Paintballs that have pink or red dye. Yes, they give the worst paint stain that takes time to remove. This is the reason; red or pink paintball dyes are prohibited at almost every paintball field.
  • Other than this, using low-quality paintballs or old paintballs might give you a tough time in cleaning. The older paintballs are, the stickier and less soluble they would be.
  • If paintballs are not stored properly, they may become sticky and less soluble. Therefore, washing off stains of such paint would be a tough job.

How to Wash Off Paintball Stains from Clothes:

Washing off paint stain from clothes is a pretty easy task especially if you are using a paintball with polyethylene glycol dye. Before dumping your paint messy clothes into the washing machine, soak them in plain water with no detergent in it. Let the water dissolves all the paint from the shirt. Leave it for 1-2 hours. Take the clothes out of the water and rinse them well. You will hardly find a place with paint stain.

Now they are ready to wash with detergent to remove dirt and other tough stains. Make it your practice to wash the paint-stained clothes instantly, right after returning from the paintball field. Leaving them for days can reduce the chances of paint removal.

A lot of clean freak moms are following a hack of using laundry detergent pre-treater. Just spray some amount of it on the clothes and leave it for few hours. The stains will vanish as if they were there. You can keep this pre-treater with you on the playing field. Right after getting free from the game, spray the pre-treater on your clothes before leaving for home. This way nobody will even get a hint that you went for paintballing.

How to Remove Waxed Pallet Paintball Stains:

Paintball with wax pellets is pretty hard to remove, as they have a high wax ratio that dries out when comes in contact with water. Therefore, soak your clothes in medium hot water. This will melt the wax and the stain will come out easily. Some fabrics with synthetic fibers can shrink away or be damaged with hot water. Also, hot water may cause fading of bright colors. In short, Hot water may damage the fabric of your shirt.

Therefore, never ever use paintball with wax pellets. And if you have used it mistakenly, then we have a trick to save your day.

  • Before throwing your clothes into the laundry basket, scrape off the paint with the help of a butter knife or the backside of a spoon. Make sure not to damage the fabric.
  • Now place the cloth on a flat surface with a brown paper bag on it. You can place the cloth on the ironing board too.
  • Keep another brown paper or butter paper on the cloth right at the stain. In other words, make a sandwich of your stain cloth between butter papers or brown paper.
  • With the help of warm iron remove the stain by moving it slowly over the wax. This way wax will instantly remove from your clothes. Now they are reading for normal laundering.
does paintball stains come out

Stains from other than Waxed Pellet:

Sometimes paintball Ammos consist of some other components except waxed and polyethylene glycol. Like propylene glycol and sorbitol. Usually, cheap paintball Ammos comprises of such contents. They are pretty difficult to wash off. 

Other than this, paintball Ammos containing dyes gives a very tough time in cleaning. Once you are done with the game then you must clean your clothes. Don’t leave the dye stain as it is. Soak it in warm water and if it’s still difficult to wash off then use a mixture of ammonia and baking soda to get rid of stubborn dye stain.

Tips & Tricks to get ride of Paintball Paint:

Paintball stains can be washed off but sometimes it gives a tough time. Therefore, by using the following tips and tricks you can easily get rid of stubborn paintball paint without any extra effort.

Dedicate some clothes especially for Paintball:

It’s the best one. Keep few clothes designated for paintball. Whenever you want a thrilling weekend, take those particular clothes and wear them for paintballing. Due to constant paintballing, the shine of the fabric will fade away and you will see dullness in the stained area.

Choose dark colors for paintballing:

Dark colors when stained don’t look awkward as compared to light colors. Also, light colors are difficult to clean as compare to dark colors. Dark colors can be easily washed off and bring back to the normal stage easily.

Don’t leave stained clothes as it is:

With time paintball stain soaks inside the fabric and in some cases sticks firmly to the cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Not at all. Paintball paints are non-toxic and biodegradable in nature. There is no or less risk of damaging your car. They can be easily removed as they are water-soluble. Just wash the body of the car using car washing soap and warm water.

Yes, likewise your clothes and gadgets. Your shoes are also susceptible to getting stains with paintballs. But don’t worry, these stains can be easily washed away. Just scrub the paint off from the shoes using a soft bristle brush and warm water.

It’s as simple as ABC. Just scrub the paint stain using liquid dish detergent and water. Then wipe it off using a damp cloth. There won’t be a single stain of paint.

Final Words:

Paint in paintball is designed in such a way that it can be easily washed off without leaving any nagging stain. It doesn’t cause any harm even to your skin and hair. Since it is made up of water-soluble material, so paintball stains come out easily without any struggle. Instead of stressing and fearing about paintball stain, stay relax, follow our tips and enjoy your game.