Paintball in Wisconsin 2022 – Top 20 Fields for Paintballing

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Wisconsin is famous for some adventurous activities like fishing, snowmobiling, and hunting, and of course paintball as well. That is the reason the city has got numerous paintballing places for paintball lovers.

If you are in Wisconsin and willing to spend a wonderful day paintballing with your friends, then you need to reach the best-paintballing venues in Wisconsin. A place that has large and capacious paintball fields with state-of-the-art facilities for every level of paintballers.

paintball in wisconsin

Here we have covered some best paintball places in Wisconsin where paintballers of every level can enjoy themselves freely.

20 Paintball Places in Wisconsin 2022

Paintball VenuesAddresses
Battlefield paintballW12151 Vold Rd, Osseo, WI 54758, United States
Apocalypse paintballW9496 County Rd CS, Poynette, WI 53955, United States
Boneyard paintballN7333 Highview Rd, Plymouth, WI 53073, United States
The siege paintballW224S10030 Big Bend Dr, Big Bend, WI 53103, United States
Splat tag paintball835 County Rd E, Hudson, WI 54016, United States
Commando paintball2055 W Frontier Rd, Little Suamico, WI 54141, United States
Promise land sports park 29039 Wilmot Rd, Trevor, WI 53179, United States
The edge paintball experience   5946 US-51, Janesville, WI 53546, United States
Twin cities paintball2261 130th Ave, Emerald, WI 54013, United States
Wildman outdoor adventures  N22200 Bomber Rd, Niagara, WI 54151, United States
Stalker gamesW1923 Bass Lake Ln, Lyndon Station, WI 53944, United States
Milton Paintball park 8006 N John Paul Rd, Milton, WI 53563, United States
Action sports WisconsinN6090 County Rd G, Mauston, WI 53948, United States
Jungle cat paintballN3469 WI-26, Juneau, WI 53039, United States
Superior paintball 4105 S Schallermeir Rd, Superior, WI 54880, United States
Grand Valley adventures327 E Kent St, Wausau, WI 54403, United States
Tactics paintball and laser tag   8061 S F St, Sparta, WI 54656, United States
Hidden Valley paintball centerN24125 Wayside Ln, Ettrick, WI 54627, United States
Vintage paintball park N8645 1160th St, River Falls, WI 54022, United States
Patriot paintball1166 30th St, Chetek, WI 54728, United States

1. Battlefield Paintball

Located in the countryside of Osseo, the battlefield is the right place for paintballing with your friends and family. The staff of battlefield paintball is friendly and helpful and gives you all safety instructions before getting you onto the field. it has many different courses for speedball and an especially dedicated course for woodsball players.


2. Apocalypse Paintball

If you are looking for a really big paintball field with unique and diverse obstacles then apocalypse paintball place is the best venue for you. Above all, if you have any event like a birthday party or any other event then the staff of apocalypse can serve you in the best possible way. The prices are fair, not too expensive like other paintball fields.


3. Boneyard Paintball

Boneyard paintball field was established somewhere in 2003 but it started serving paintballers in 2009. It is the place that assures unlimited fun to the paintballers. Boneyard paintball field is pretty popular amongst paintballers because of its staff, facilities, and capacious fields. You can’t resist it visiting again and again.


4. The Siege Paintball

If you want to enjoy other shooting games along with paintball then the siege paintball arena is the perfect place for you. It does not only facilitate paintball players but laser tag and airsoft players also enjoy a great time at the siege paintball field. The siege paintball has been serving thrill-seekers players since 2002. Interestingly, you will find some indoor paintball fields too at the siege paintball. The best part is, their pricing is pretty much affordable.


5. Spalt Tag Paintball

Splat tag paintball is a chain of paintball fields which are located in different states of the USA. Wisconsin also owns a stag tag paintball arena which is one of the giant outdoor paintball fields in the city of Wisconsin. You can call it a heaven for paintballers because of its well-maintained and clean outdoor paintball fields. It features more than 20 different paintball courses which include wooded settings, natural settings, and many others.

Besides this, if you are playing paintball for the very first time then the well-trained staff of splat tag will give you complete training about paintball. Not only this, they will guide you properly about the rules and regulations of the game that you are going to play.


6. Commando Paintball

Commando paintball field always ensures you to have a good time with your friends and family. It’s a great place for corporate and birthday events. Commando paintball offers fields of various terrains so that you can choose according to your game. Besides paintball, it offers many other adventurous games like low impact paintballing, bazooka ball, and airsoft.


7. Promised Land Sports Park

Promise land Sports Park offers many other adventurous sports besides paintball. Its paintball fields are open for players aged 11 and above. They have cool rental equipment at affordable prices. Interestingly, they offer 200 paintballs for free, and after using that you need to purchase paintballs from their pro shop. It’s the best place for school get-togethers, birthdays, and other events.


8. The Edge Paintball Experience

Like its name, it gives your paintballing experience an extra edge. It has been serving paintballers since 1994. The edge paintball arena has got five different recreational levels of fields for woodsball, whereas, for speedball, tournament-level paintball fields are there. It is not only a paintball field rather it’s an airsoft field too.


9. Twin Cities Paintball

Twin cities paintball is spread on an area of 80 acres with 12 different courses. The best thing about twin cities paintball is its fields are equipped with unique types of bunkers and obstacles. You will see a damaged and broken car or truck, in which you can hide and target your enemy. Every field has got different terrains, like forests, meadows, hills and even lakes. The crew members of twin cities paintball fields are cooperative and responsive to answer all your queries.


10. Wildman Outdoor Adventures

Wildman outdoor adventure is a resort where you can enjoy a great time with your family. Like every other resort, it offers some adventurous games like horse riding. However, Wildman outdoor adventure resort is the number one resort that offers paintballing facilities too. It provides a complete package to paintballers which includes a Tippmann gun with 400 ammo, a safety mask, and a chest protector.

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11. Stalker Games

Stalker games are the house of many other thrilling sports like airsoft, paintball, and tactical laser tag. It is around 6 miles away from the Wisconsin dells and spread over an area of 40 acres. For woodsball, stalker games have a dedicated wooden field that gives you a mind-blowing woodsball experience.


12. Milton Paintball Park

Milton Paintball Park has got 4 fields for paintball and airsoft where you can enjoy every bit of your game. Like other fields, it is not only for adults but for kids too. The crew members are well trained and guides you properly about the rules of game. The paintball and airsoft field of Milton park are well cleaned and equipped with unique bunkers and obstacles.

Website: Milton Paintball Park

13. Action Sports Wisconsin

Action sports is the only paintball field in Wisconsin that is built using 40 containers. Instead of inflatable or other types of bunkers, there are containers that are closely placed together so that players can easily hide behind them. Apart from this, it is equipped with multiple fields for different paintball variations.


14. Jungle Cat Paintball

A perfect spot for corporate events, group parties, and birthday parties. Jungle cat paintball comprises of numerous courses for paintball and other shooting games. The fields are nicely maintained and you have the freedom to access the entire field during the game. Talking about the staff members, they are nice and friendly and eager to cater to every moment.

Contact: Facebook

15. Superior Paintball

It is located at such an ideal place that anyone can easily access it from any area of Wisconsin. Superior paintball is an outdoor paintball center with a wide variety of terrains to enjoy. Besides this, it has many playing fields that include wooded fields, speedball fields, and airfields. Every field is designed in such a way that players can take the most out of them. The wooded fields have trees, woods, and additional bunkers around so that players can have a real-life gaming experience.


16. Grand Valley Adventures

Grand valley adventures is an adventurous park only for paintball. It has three different fields for different types of paintballers. The Rec ball Trench and pellet field is to test your tactical skills in form of a group.

On the other hand, the old west village field is great for family and friends who want to have short and repeat rounds of play. Whereas, the woodsball field is the largest field and great for challenging battles. Grand valley adventures also have an open grill area where players can have fun after the game. The prices are reasonable and affordable.


17. Tactics Paintball and Laser Tag

It’s a great place but it is not only a paintball center rather a laser tag arena too. So those players who are not willing to play paintball can enjoy laser tag. Crew members of tactics paintball and laser tag center have sound knowledge about the rule and regulations of games. They make sure that your marker is set on a required shooting range. Tactic paintball and laser tag center also offer rental equipment and gear of high quality at low prices.

Contact: Facebook, (608-388-3517)

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18. Hidden Valley Paintball

Hidden valley is a mediocre-level paintball park. Like other parks, it has got all the necessary facilities. The fields are nice and clean and assure long-lasting fun.


19. Vintage Paintball Park

Well, if you need a vast paintball field with a pro shop, then Vintage Paintball Park is the perfect spot. It is equipped with a huge field with small quarters and bunkers around to simulate a close-quarter combat battle. You will find every paintball gear and equipment in the pro shop of a vintage paintball park. If you are hosting any paintball birthday party or event, then you must consider vintage paintball park.


20. Patriot Paintball

Patriot paintball is a family-owned business which is serving the public since 2004. It has covered a huge area for paintball fields that gives you an amazing paintballing experience. It’s an outdoor paintball center with cooperative and responsive staff members that are ready to help you out on the field.

Contact: Facebook, (715-651-0882)

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Final Words:

The city of Wisconsin has got numerous adventurous and thrilling sites for adventure-loving people. That’s why it is packed with many paintball centers in and around the city. We have discussed some best paintball shooting places in Wisconsin that are well equipped and have great facilities and give you an unforgettable paintballing experience.