What to Wear for Paintball – Clothing Tips 2022

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Paintball markers, air tanks, and hoppers are not the only stuff that you need to prepare before paintballing. There are clothes and safety gear as well that you have to gather before the game. For beginner players, What to Wear When Paintballing is the biggest concern. Even veteran players are always in search of advanced protective gears and clothings to keep them comfy during the game.

what to wear for paintball

Every sport has its dedicated attire and the same goes with paintball. Interestingly, it has got dedicated clothes to wear. Paintballing attire should expose less part of your skin and it should be comfortable and relaxing. If you haven’t decided what to wear, then this article will guide you on how to prepare for your first paintball battle.

What to Wear When Paintballing

Are you in rush? Check out our brief overview about paintballing attire: 

  • Wear a long sleeves, light-colored and loosely fitted shirt pair it with lightweight trousers (cargo/jogging pants)
  • Wear hiking boots, running shoes, or trail runners for woodsball. For speedball wear cleats.
  • For gloves, weight lifting finger-less gloves with pads on the backside of the palm.
  • To give protection to the head, wear a baseball hat, beanie, and bandana.
  • Pod packs to carry extra paintball pods on the field.
  • Padded vest to protect the chest from impacts and shocks.
  • Wear a neck protector and groin cup to protect the neck and groin area, respectively.

Basic Paintballing Attire

1. Clothing (Shirts & Pants):

Clothing - Shirts and Pants

When choosing clothes for paintballing always try to avoid less revealing clothes such as shorts, tank tops, and T-shirts. The reason is the paintball might cause any injury to your exposed skin. Also, it might be possible that you have to crawl, kneel or even slide on the battle which may harm your skin. Therefore, avoid wearing such clothes.

Instead of this wear a thin-long sleeve shirt and paired it with cargo pants and jogging pants. While choosing the shirt for paintballing always look for a dry-fit or soft cotton material as it doesn’t absorb any moisture. Make sure the shirt is not tightly fitted as it will prohibit your movement in the field. Usually, players wear long sleeve t-shirt with a jersey or sweatshirt over them.

Talking about the bottoms, lightweight and loosely fitted cargo/jogging pants will go best. Avoid wearing Bermuda and shorts for paintballing. If you are going for paintballing in summers then choosing light color clothing will keep you cool in the ground as light-colored dresses won’t absorb heat.

2. Shoes:

Paintballing Shoes

The type of paintball you are going to play determines the type of shoes that you have to wear. For woodsball, you need to wear shoes that have proper ankle support. Ankle injuries and foot sprains are the most common injuries during paintballing. Shoes that have a good amount of tread are ideal for woodsball. This includes hiking boots, running joggers, and trail runners. Since woodsball is a game that is played on uneven terrain so players need to have comfortable shoes that give proper support to the ankle.

In contrast to this, when speedball is your priority then wearing cleats is a great idea. Speedball game is played on smooth and soft terrain where players want to have additional traction. In this case, you can go for football cleats, baseball, and soccer cleats. 

Do not wear open-toe shoes such as sandals as there will be more chances for feet injuries. Whatever shoes you wear, make sure that it’s comfortable to wear and gives proper support to your feet muscles.

3. Gloves:

Paintballing Gloves

Hand injuries are the second most common injuries in paintball. So wearing gloves will not only protect your hands from bruises but also provides a firm grip on the marker. And obviously, you won’t face painful cuts, thorns, and splinters on your hands.

From gloves, we don’t mean to wear bulky garden or winter gloves. That’s a bad choice as it will be somewhat uncomfortable when shooting. You can choose football, golf and bikers gloves. There are paintball-specific gloves too that are more like weight lifting fingerless gloves. The only difference is the presence of padding on the backside of the palm in paintballing gloves which protect your hands from shots.

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4. Paintball Masks:

Headwear -Paintballing Masks

Paintball travels with the fastest speed of 200mph. Imagine being hit by such a fast-moving paintball at the temple bone. Pretty terrible. So to keep yourself especially your head and face protected from such painful injuries, it is advisable to invest in a good paintball mask. If you don’t have a facemask right now, you can protect your head and face by wearing a backward-fitted baseball cap. Even a thick winter hat would be enough to protect your head. 

When paintballing in summers, it’s a good idea to wear thin beanies and bandanas made up of soft cotton. Beanies and headwraps would also give equal protection. Whatever headgear you prefer to wear, just make sure it should be made up of anti-slip material and should fit comfortably on your head.

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5. Pod Packs:

Pod Packs

Pod packs are also called harnesses but they have pockets to carry pods. Though they are not the essential paintballing gear, if you are regular paintballers, you need to have a pod pack in your paintballing attire list.

It eliminates the need of carrying extra pods in hands. Pod pack harness makes it easy to carry numerous pods with you on the field. So that you can instantly feed the paintballs into the gun during the game.

6. Padded Vest:

Padded Vest

A vest is not a part of mandatory paintball attire but if you are a die heart fan of playing woodsball, then you need to have one. Paintball vests feature front padding that will keep you protected from shocks and impacts during the game. Since it’s a vest so it has multiple pockets where you can keep your essentials with you such as Allen key, pods, squeegee, and others. If you are using a vest then you don’t need to wear pod packs, as pods can be kept in the vest’s pocket.

7. Knee and Elbow Pads:

Paintballing Knee and Elbow Pads

Investing in high-quality knee and elbow pads is a great idea especially when you are playing on rough terrain. Since there are more chances of injuries on rough terrain so wearing a knee and elbow pad will protect you from abrasions and impacts.

Knee and elbow pads are pretty useful in summer paintballing. You can keep your elbows and knees protected even by wearing short clothes with knee and elbow pads.

Paintball Clothing Tips

You are now well aware of what to wear for paintballing. Here we are sharing some pearls of wisdom or you can say paintball clothing tips that may help you to dress properly.

Wear Clothes As per the weather:

Some people advise wearing thick clothes or wear more layers for paintballing as they will feel less pain. That’s totally a wrong concept. Wearing thick clothes in summers is no doubt a foolish idea, especially when you are paintballing in the scorching sun. The best is to wear thin, dry-fit, baggy style light-colored clothing to keep you cool on the field. In contrast to this, people love to wear warm clothes such as a hoodie, jackets in winters while paintballing.

Wear rejected and old clothes:

Paintballing is not a fashion show where everyone will notice the quality of clothing you are wearing. Here people will notice the stains of paint on your shirts. So it’s preferable to wear old and rejected clothes that are no more worn anywhere. The reason is, you need to crawl or kneel on the terrain which might cause your clothes dirty. So wearing old clothes will give you peace of mind when they got stained.

Give extra protection to the neck and groin area:

The neck and groin areas are the most sensitive areas that have to be protected in any case. For the neck, neck protectors are available that protect the muscles of the neck. Whereas for the groin area, wearing a groin cup may be helpful. Though it’s a bit uncomfortable but it will give you peace of mind that your sensitive part will remain safe and sound.

Do not expose any part of your body:

Though paintballs are small but they injure your skin when they hit. That’s why we are insisting not to wear revealing clothes as paintball leaves welt on the skin. So to make your game less pain-free, do not expose any part of your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Keep a general rule in mind for paintball dressing- you have to cover your body as much as you can. Do not leave any area exposed. For this, wear full sleeves shirt with cargo pants, wear gloves, and hiking boots. Followed by masks and goggles.

Any clothes that make you easier to maneuver are perfect for paintballing. People wear tracksuits, thick trousers, cargo pants, and even jeans as they find it easy to bounce on the battlefield.

The best thing to wear is padding as it will neutralize the impact of paintball hitting. Other than this, you can wear multiple layers which automatically make a cushion between paintball and skin and it won’t hurt badly.

Yes, you can. Leggings or gym pants are great for providing added layer especially when the weather is cold outside.

As many layers as the weather permits. In summers you can wear one to two layers of loosely fitted and thin clothes whereas in winters wearing 2-3 layers of thick clothes would be enough.

Groin cups are easily available at any sports shop and they are pretty helpful in protecting your balls. For further protection, you can wear heavy gym shorts under the pants.

Bruises on the skin look very disgusting but they fall under the category of minor injuries. Luckily paintball bruises fade away by following basic first aid tips.


You can enjoy your first-time paintballing experience only if you are fully aware of what to wear during paintball. Wearing proper paintball attire will give you immense maneuverability and flexibility to move around the field. Not only clothing, wearing appropriate protective gear will give you a pain-free paintballing experience. Remember, protection is the top-tier concern of any paintballer be it a beginner or a veteran. So dress properly for a paintball league and enjoy your game.