Paintball in Houston 2022 – 10 Amazing Field to Play

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Houston is a city that is packed with big malls, zoos, museums, and numerous other tourist attractions. It is the place that is best for thrill-seekers. With so many thrilling places, there are many paintballing fields in the city of Texas, Houston that quench your thirst for an adventurous day out.

paintballing in Houston

Paintball is a game jam-packed with fun which becomes more adventurous when you have huge paintball fields. Paintball fields in Houston are spread over huge areas with natural obstacles to give you an unforgettable paintballing experience. Here we have dug out some best paintballing places in Houston. Here they are;

10 Paintball Fields in Houston Texas

Paintball Places in HoustonAddress
Urban War Zone2315 Telephone road, Houston, Texas 77023, US
Paintball Bonanza6500 Gold Moss Dr, Houston, TX 77085, United States
TXR Paintball15550 Grant Rd, Cypress, TX 77429, United States
Survival Games of Texas2309, Aldene Meadows Rd, Houston TX 77032, United States
5J Extreme Sports22340 Interstate 45 Spring, TX 77373, United States
H-Town Paintball1500 Elton street Houston, TX 77034, US
Glory Paintball2600 Calder Dr, League City, TX 77573, United States
Houston Indoor PaintballCypress TX 77429, United States
Tanks Paintball Park22011 Southwest Fwy, Richmond, TX 77469, United States
Paintball Zone14100 Beamer Rd, Friendswood, TX 77546, United States

Urban War Zone:

The urban war zone is located in downtown Houston and it is one of the bestest paintballing fields. They have put great efforts to make your paintballing day at the urban war zone, an amazing one. If you want private paintball play for an entire day with your friends and family, then the urban war zone is the best park. It let you enjoy your game privately without any fear of sharing it with anyone else.

Apart from this, the urban war zone provides unlimited paintball ammo supply to its customers, which rarely anyone does. The staff members are well trained and always ready to go the extra mile to serve you in the best possible manner.


Paintball Bonanza:

If you are in search of a well-decorated paintball field, then paintball bonanza is the right place for you. Decorated in the sense that it has cartoon shape bunkers and funky painting designs that attracts young players. Also, numerous hiding places call many paintballers to paintball bonanza. It is located near jersey village and easily accessible from all places in Houston.

Paintball bonanza is run by old paintballers that’s why they are well aware of each and every need of paintballers. To make your kid’s birthday an unforgettable event, the paintball bonanza is the best outdoor field that exposes you to different terrains and courses of fields.

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TXR Paintball:

Be it a club meeting, team building meeting, or family gathering, TXR paintball is the paintball park that caters to your every need. It has got 10 fields for paintball enthusiasts and each one is 75 acres in area. Located in Cypress Texas, TXR paintball has fields for every type of gameplay like speedball and woodsball. Not only this, but it also caters to airsoft players.

The team members are well equipped with all the significant and appropriate information about the game. As far as pricing are concerned, they have got different affordable packages that you can your friend can enjoy all year round.


Survival Game of Texas:

In the hot summers of Texas, outdoor paintballing can sometimes become difficult to play, that’s why the survival game of Texas has got some indoor fields too. Not only indoor but if you want to enjoy nice and warm Houston weather, then outdoor fields are there in the Survival game of Texas Park. It is one of the oldest paintball parks that is serving customers since 1984.

No matter you are a beginner or a pro paintballer, you will have long-lasting fun for sure in the survival Paintball Park. The outdoor fields are spread over an area of 47 acres that gives you a huge area to have fun with your friends. You will find rental equipment at affordable prices and the best thing is, you don’t need to take masks, goggles, and paintballs on rent, you will get them free with the semi-automatic marker.


5j Extreme Sports:

Out of many amazing paintballing fields in Houston, 5J extreme sports is one of them. Packed with thrilling paintball and airsoft fields it gives a mind-blowing experience to its customers. It is a safe and family-friendly paintball park that is operational on Saturdays and Sundays.

5J extreme sports covered a huge area for paintballing with many different courses like Fuel Depot, Abandoned the city, and many others. When you are at 5J extreme sports you stay relaxed from a security and safety point of view. In case you haven’t brought your equipment, 5J extreme sports will rent out renowned paintball markers. It is an ideal place for private parties.


H Town Paintball:

The H-town paintball field is best known for its nuke town field that is equipped with test dummies, authentic vehicles, small quarters so that you can enjoy a real-life close quarter combat style war. If you are in Houston and haven’t visited the H-town paintball arena, your trip is still incomplete.

H-town Paintball Park not only offers daytime paintballing but a unique glow-in-the-dark paintballing session is also available for thrill-seeker players. And the best part is, they offer their services at pretty affordable prices. Not only this, even paintball games are available at a pretty affordable price.


Glory Paintball:

Glory Paintball Park is known For amazing team-building activities, of Us military standards. You can visit them any day of the week for private play. It is the best place for beginners as they provide different paintball courses which refine paintballing skills of beginners.

Not only this, they have special training sessions for beginners to make them perfect at team play, communication. The well-trained staff also improves the shooting accuracy of players. They have different fields for different gameplays and staff members are always ready to assist players about rules and safety of the game.

We have seen many professionals team building events being held there at glory Paintball Park since it is famous for its team-building training and activities.


Houston Indoor Paintball:

Indoor paintballing is fun indeed. Unlike outdoor paintball, you won’t have to burn your complexion in the scorching sun rays. For such players, Houston offers an indoor paintball arena that has got well-equipped and well-decorated climate control paintball fields. Let me tell you it is the biggest indoor paintball field in Houston.

With an indoor facility specially designed for paintballers, temperature and humidity are completely controlled there. It is equipped with many different indoor fields for playing different variations of the game. Each field has got turf that gives a firm grip to your feet without hurting you. Besides this, the crew members are eager to answer your queries and to guide you properly about the game. Unlike other indoor paintball fields, Houston indoor paintball arena is well cleaned and well maintained.


Tanks Paintball Park:

Located in Richmond, Texas, Tanks Paintball Park is one of the oldest paintballing places in Houston, Texas. It is equipped with different recreational fields and open fields for different players. For woodsball, they have got one of the best fields, spread on a wide area and surrounded by tall trees. They have a dirt mount field which is best for experienced paintballers who want to have challenging gameplay.

When it comes to pricing, tanks paintball have beaten all their competitors by giving amazing services at incredibly low prices. Also, they offer different discounts to different groups of players. For private gameplay, you can approach any time of day whereas, for parties and events, prior bookings are preferable.

Contact: (281) 342-5885

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Paintball Zone:

Paintball zone is serving north and south of Texas simultaneously. With both locations equipped with huge fields, they offer an amazing paintballing experience to their players. The north locations of the paintball zone are spread on an area of 25 acres. It has woods with trails along with forts and hills so that you can have a real warfare-like paintballing experience.

On the other hand, the paintball zone in the south of Texas is not only a paintball park but an airsoft field too. It is comparatively smaller than the north location that is 20 acres of land with different maps to enjoy the different games. Talking about the crew members of both locations, they have sound knowledge of all the rules and regulations of the game and are ready to assist you in the best possible manner.



Your trip to Houston is incomplete if you haven’t visited any of the paintball parks in Houston. They promise to give you an unforgettable paintballing experience full of thrill. However, you will find all types of equipment and gear at the above-mentioned paintballing fields at pretty affordable prices.

Choices of paintball parks are vast in Houston but if you want to play a close-quarter combat style game, then the H-Town paintball arena that simulates Nuke town is the best choice. Otherwise, urban war zone paintball is our most favorite as you will get unlimited ammo supply and that’s without any cost.