Best Paintball Mask 2022 – Exceptionally Breathable and Comfortable

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Getting injured while playing a heated paintball game is a common scenario especially when you are not using proper protective gears. You dive, crawls, and bump your head to any object- that’s totally normal. Luckily, paintball masks are the biggest survivors. They not only protect you from injuries but give you the confidence to play with full passion.

Best Paintball Mask

A good paintball mask must offer an exceptional level of breathability and comfort so that paintballers can only focus on the game. Well, there are many top paintball masks available in the market but finding the one that is reliable, genuine, and durable to use is a tedious job. Many sub-standard paintball masks are being sold as the best paintball mask. Therefore, it’s an essential task to deeply check out the paintball mask reviews before purchasing. Here we have compiled some best paintball mask of 2022 that are not only genuine but also reliable and offers exceptional performance.

10 Best Anti Fog Paintball Masks

Dye i5 paintball mask
Dye i5 Paintball Mask
  • eVOKE air sync system
  • 290 degree field of vision
  • POV mount camera
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For Pros
Empire EVS Pro Paintball Masks
Empire EVS Pro Paintball Masks
  • 270 degree field of vision
  • Tool less lens replacement
  • Triple density foam padding
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Virtue VIO thermal paintball mask
Virtue VIO Thermal Paintball Mask
  • Enhanced visibility with VIO lens technology
  • 3D molded foam ProPad
  • Highly breathable mask
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Outgeek M50 mask with fan
Outgeek M50 Mask with Fan
  • Dual filters around mouth
  • With fans to reduce fogging
  • Made up of hard plastic
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HK Army Paintball Masks
HK Army Paintball Masks
  • PVT lock quick change lens system
  • Compressed EVA foam ear piece
  • With three different foam layers
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Dye Precision I4 cool looking paintball mask
Dye Precision I4 cool Looking Paintball Mask
  • Low profile mask
  • Patented multi directional scream venting
  • Compressed ear pads
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Dye Precision I4 breathable paintball mask
Dye I4 Breathable Paintball Mask
  • Bounce flex zones
  • Virtue VIO lens technology
  • Best breathable mask
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Virtue VIO contour fog proof mask
Virtue VIO Contour Fog Proof Mask
  • Virtue VIO lens technology
  • ProPaddding
  • Glass friendly mask
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Valken MI-7 Cheap Paintball Mask
Valken MI-7 Cheap Paintball Mask
  • 260 degree horizontal and 160-degree vertical visibility
  • Optimized sculpted visor
  • Best for beginners
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LEJUNJIE PJ mask for large heads
LEJUNJIE PJ mask for large heads
  • Paintball mask with helmet
  • Military-style mask
  • Best for big head players
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1. Dye i5 – Best Paintball Mask 2022


If you are a type of paintballer that is more into technology then Dye i5 would be one of the best paintball helmets/masks. It is equipped with unique features and the latest technology that you will love for sure.

The first and foremost thing that you will feel about Dyei5 is the soft and multi-layer inner foam padding. It is highly absorbent and quickly absorbs sweat. And this is the reason it is hard to be fogged up. The foam is replaceable, after a few matches you can replace it with new snap-on foam paddings.

The GSR Pro strap is a great addition to the Dye i5 which gives a comfortable and secure fit. It even holds your face without any disturbance so that you can focus on your game. Above all, players can easily adjust their ratchet-type straps with a single hand. I have personally experienced the comfort level of GSR Pro Strap, it’s something out of this world.

Passionate players call Dye i5 one of the best masks for paintball and the reason is its compatibility with technology. It features eVOKE wireless air sync system that gives you automated audio alerts to keep you active in the game. Besides this, its upgraded GSR pro strap is the biggest reason people prefer the Dye i5 paintball mask.

Apart from this, you can capture your every move on the game via its POV mount, where you can mount a camera and record your thrilling paintball game.

Dye i5 is outfitted with one of the best lenses in town. It comes with an anti-fog dyetanium lens that can be replaced quickly without any effort. Since it’s a dyetanium lens, so it is going to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The lens gives an amazing peripheral vision of about 290 degrees with high optical clarity. It has got about 30% larger peripheral visions than its previous model.

It gives complete face coverage to paintballers along with ear padding. Dye i5 is one of the ASTM certified paintball masks. Well reviewing Dye i5 is a pretty difficult task as there is so much good and positive to talk about it with no cons, except its price. We won’t consider it as a con; because the features and specifications, you will get in Dye i5 completely justify its price.

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Dye i5 pb mask
  • Anatomically designed to fit the paintballers
  • Best for big heads
  • It dissipates heat and moisture
  • No voice muffing
  • With ear padding
  • eVOKE and POV mount system
  • Dye i5 is one of the flawless paintball masks which gives superior comfort and breathability. It is almost impossible for anyone to lodge any bad review about dye i5 as it is so perfect. But I think it’s too pricey.

2. Empire EVS – Good Paintball Mask

Empire EVS - Good Paintball Mask

Empire is a trustworthy name that is popular because of its quality and high-end features. The roomy interior of the Empire EVS paintball mask compelled us to add it to our list of best paintball masks. Empire EVS is a newly launched mask that has grabbed the attention of many enthusiastic paintballers.

Keeping in mind the safety and comfort level of players, Empire has designed EVS using high-quality material that fits perfectly with every paintballer. The lower bottom of EVS is made up of extremely flexible and soft rubber that makes it super comfortable to wear. Also, because of the flexibility of the material, it can bounce the hail of paintballs.

The Empire EVS paintball mask is equipped with a dual-pane thermal lens that reduces the internal fog to almost nil. The lens has UV protective coating which protects your eyes against harmful UV radiations. It is a spherical lens that is ASTM certified and completely scratch resistant. When it comes to peripheral vision, EVS offers 270 degrees of peripheral vision which is lower than its competitors like Dye i5 and i4. But in terms of ventilation and comfort, it can defeat any high-end brand.

evs mask

EVS has got amazing ventilation system. It has got bigger ventilation holes around the mouth area so that heat can easily dissipate. Apart from this, its interior is pretty wide and has triple density foam padding, which absorbs moisture. This way you can target your opponent without being disturbed by the fog on the lens.

A moving helmet or mask is one of the annoying things while paintballing but the Empire EVS paintball mask, won’t let you experience this annoying thing. Thanks to its silicon-backed head strap that gives a perfect fit to the mask on the face of paintballers.

Moreover, Empire EVS is a lightweight and comfortable paintball mask that can be worn by any player. But players, who have a big head and big nose, face difficulty in wearing an EVS paintball mask. It is not the best choice for such players otherwise it’s a great pro paintball mask.

  • The lens is pretty easy to change- almost toolless
  • It gives full coverage to face
  • Made up of soft and lightweight material
  • You will get comfy ear protection along with it
  • With highly absorbent triple density foam padding
  • It’s a great paintball mask but it’s not a good choice for people with a big nose and big head. Plus, you will not get its smoky and mirror lens along with the mask; you will have to purchase it on your own.

3. Virtue VIO – Best Thermal Paintball Mask

Virtue VIO Ascend- Best Thermal Paintball Mask

Virtue VIO Ascend is the perfect blend of safety, flexibility, comfort, design, and price tag. Virtue VIO is the 4th paintball mask from the banner of Virtue. The other three were a great hit but virtue has got some upgrades. First of all, the design is highly customizable, you can either change the lens or internal foam padding. Even head straps can be changed. When it comes to lens replacement, you have got 18 amazing options for the lens. So you don’t need to buy a new mask for every type of paintball game, just customize it according to the game and you are ready to dominate.

Virtue VIO is equipped with a dual-pane thermal lens that is scratch-resistant and anti-fog just like its predecessors. It gives you an amazing peripheral field of vision just like a high-end paintball mask. Another advantage of using the Virtue VIO ascent thermal mask is its distortion-free optical clarity that gives you perfect and clear vision.

When it comes to ventilation, just by holding in hand, you can guess the amount of ventilation and breathability it offers. It has got tons of holes in the front and sides so that hot air can dissipate easily. This way you can communicate with your teammate easily.

VIO Ascend paintball is a single-piece mask. From this I mean to say that you will not get soft foam ears separately. The internal foam padding gives superior protection to ears while giving enough room that one can listen to its partners easily.

Virtue VIO Ascend Mask

Besides this, Virtue VIO is pretty comfortable to wear. It is around 3” or 4” wider than its previous models. That’s why it fits perfectly on paintballers with a big head. But I feel like players who have small heads will have a tough time fitting it. Overall, Virtue VIO ascend paintball is a great choice for players who sweat a lot. It is a premium paintball mask that is light on the pocket. So if you want the best thermal paintball mask, Virtue VIO is a big thumb up.

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  • Highly breathable paintball mask
  • With easy to change lens system
  • It gives complete coverage to your face, jawline, and ears
  • With multi-layer inner foam padding to absorb sweat
  • An affordable paintball mask
  • Virtue VIO is equipped with all the necessary features that paintballers want. It is a pretty wider paintball mask that doesn’t fit properly on small heads

4. Outgeek M50 – Paintball Mask with Fan

Outgeek M50 - Paintball Mask with Fan

Outgeek M50 hits the list of best paintball masks with the title of paintball mask with a fan. Yes, you read it right. If you sweat a lot or you are an enthusiastic and passionate player who plays for hours and hours, Outgeek M50 is the perfect choice of mask for you. It features two fans right around the mouth which keeps the interior of the mask well ventilated.

The Outgeek M50 is designed keeping in mind the military looks. It is made up of hard plastic that is Chlorobutyl rubber silicone which makes it pretty durable. We tested its durability and were deliberately hit by a 350fps semi-automatic gun from a distance of 6 meters and there wasn’t any single crack on the mask. So in terms of durability, it got full marks.

Talking about the comfort level of the mask, it has got thick inner padded foam that absorbs sweat. Not only this, its head harness system is pretty versatile and sturdy which keeps you well concentrated on your game using Velcro straps just fit it according to your comfort level on your face.

Outgeek M50 dominates its competitors with the addition of dual filters. These filters are around the mouth because of which it is easier to breathe and communicate. Filters are pretty easy to change and M50 will let you know when it’s time to change filters. The white tab on the filter will turn blue, indicating it’s time to change them. Along with filters, there are fan canisters that require two AA-size batteries. It is operated by a simple push on/off button that is there outside the mask. Outgeek doesn’t leave any part of your face and jawline exposed, it gives you full coverage and protection. You will get two pieces of visors with it, tinted and clear. Tinted one gives somewhat protection against UV rays. Outgeek M50 is a great paintball mask.

  • The build quality is awesome
  • It gives full face protection
  • Fully ventilated and breathable facemask
  • One of the best paintball masks with a fan
  • Its peripheral vision is a question mark, which is not so impressive. Also, it gives zero ear protection. This is not a big problem, but ideally, a paintball mask should give protection to ears as well. Upon using it we realize that its fan works on a 5-minute timer after which you will have to restart it.

5. HK Army – Badass Paintball Mask

HK Army - Badass Paintball Mask

Now if you want a badass paintball mask for badass paintballers then the HK army has something very interesting for you. Yes HK Army’s KLR paintball mask is the ultimate choice for any paintballers because of its designs, build quality, and comfort are super amazing.

KLR paintball mask is made up of rugged material that is a thermoplastic elastomer. The goggle is designed in such a way that it protects the sensitive and critical facial areas of the user. However, maintaining breathability and freedom of movement.

Talking about the most important part is the lens. HK Army has won the heart of its users by incorporating Pure Lens which is available in 9 different options which include, clear, smoke, Cobalt blue, and many others. I have used HK KLR paintball mask with mirrored lens and this is just perfect- outclass optical clarity and visibility it offers. All lenses of KLR are thermal and UV coated so no need to worry about fogging.

I have personally tested the HK Army KLR paintball mask and I became its fan just because of its PVT lock quick-change lens retention system. This system lets me change the lens in just a snap without using any tools.

The comfort level of the HK Army is superb as its interior is bonded with three different layers of foam that give matchless comfort. Also, it absorbs sweat and paintball impacts. Besides this, you will get a compressed EVA foam earpiece that protects the inner and outer parts of the ears from impact and shocks. Honestly speaking I found these earpieces pretty hard and stiff to use.

We should not forget the fact that the HK Army KLR paintball mask is well-ventilated as there are lots of big and small holes around the mouth that dissipates the heat and prevent fogging.

  • It offers great comfort
  • Design and build quality is impressive
  • Available in many colors
  • Lens retention system is quick
  • Breathable and doesn’t fog up
  • The earpieces are not as comfy as they should be. It literally hurt ears. Apart from this fact, it’s a nice paintball mask.

6. Dye Precision I4 – Coolest Paintball Mask

Dye Precision I4 - Coolest Paintball Mask

Now comes one of the most demanding and highest sold paintball masks that is Dye precision i4 which is the predecessor of dye i5. If you can’t afford dye i5 then you can choose dye precision i4 it’s a low-profile paintball mask with all necessary features.

Let me tell you, the Dye precision i4 is one of the lightest paintball masks ever as it weighs around 1.2lbs which is very light. You won’t even feel that you are wearing something. The dye i4 is designed in such a way that it gives the best comfortable fit to all faces. It is an ASTM F1776 and CE-certified paintball mask.

Like Dye i5, precision i4 gives awesome comfort during the game. It has 1 1/2 inch straps that can be adjusted easily via a tiger teeth locking mechanism. This strap system firmly holds down the mask no matter how heated the game is. This means if you have to crawl or creep during the game, you can do so, your mask won’t move at all.

It comes with a scratch-resistant and UV-coated wide lens that gives an excellent peripheral vision of 290 degrees both horizontally and vertically. The optical clarity is very amazing you won’t even feel that you are looking through the lens. The lens is of superior quality means no glare. Changing the lens is just a matter of a few seconds, just push the tabs on both sides of the mask and the lens will pop out.

The interior of the Dye precision i4 is pretty roomy, you can easily ear it over your glasses without any difficulty. Inside it is dual-stage foam which is very comfortable. It absorbs moisture, sweat and prevents fogging. You can change the foam when you feel it’s enough smelly. With its patented multi-directional scream venting communication during the game becomes easier.

While testing it, we found its compressed ear pads are pretty soft and easier to use. Dye precision i4 is indeed one of the coolest paintball masks. That’s the reason they are the official paintball mask of the Los Angeles ironman professional paintball team.

  • It gives an excellent field of view
  • Awesome ventilation for breathing and communication
  • Low profile paintball mask
  • Lightest paintball mask
  • Available in 25 attractive colors
  • While using Dye precision i4 I found some genuine flaws. Like it doesn’t give you full coverage, if you yawn or shout or open your mouth wide, your jawline will be exposed. Moreover, its fits perfectly to the majority of players but some of our team members who have large heads faced difficulty in wearing it.

7. Bunkerkings CMD – Best Paintball Mask for Breathing

Bunkerkings CMD - Best Paintball Mask for Breathing

Bunkerkings is the newcomer in the paintball mask industry that’s why it has incorporated the already developed lens system of Virtue VIO. You will find many similarities between the paintball mask of Bunkerkings and Virtue like the lens hinge lock system, lens, temple, and goggle frame foam. But at the same time when you wear it, you will get a different kind of feel and that’s because of its ventilation system.

Bunkerkings has focused on making its paintball mask breathable and well ventilated. Fog elimination is the main aim of Bunkerkings and it has made it. I would say, it is the best breathable mask ever. There are multi-directional air vents all around the mask that keep it well ventilated. Also, near the ear, you will see some tiny holes that are totally meant for enhanced communication. This way players won’t face any difficulty while communicating with team members.

One interesting feature that will be loved by paintballers is its bounce flex zone. Yes certain parts of Bunkerkings CMD are made up of flexible material that bounces paintball without being burst. So if communication and ventilation are your utmost concerns then a Bunkering CMD paintball mask would be the best choice for you.

  • The bounce flex zone is a new addition
  • Comfortable and changeable inner padding
  • Lots of vents around the mask
  • Fits perfectly to players with glasses
  • As such there isn’t any worth mentioning technical flaw, but what I feel that they should introduce some more colors of CMD paintball mask. Currently, they have got limited colors and almost all are dull and boring colors.

8. Virtue VIO Contour II – Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask 2022

Virtue VIO Contour 2 – Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask

Virtue paintball masks are enough to make your paintballing experience a thrilling and exciting one. This time we have Virtue VIO contour II on our list which is one of the best anti-fog paintball masks. Virtue VIO lens technology is awesome to give you crystal clear visibility and amazing peripheral vision.

It has almost the same features as Virtue VIO ascend but what makes it different from others is its new ProPad goggle strap system. It is actually 3D foam that is added on an extra-wide back strap. This system adds more and more support and gives more grips to mask to stay in position. So no matter how much you drag on the ground, it won’t gonna move away an inch.

Virtue VIO contour 2 has upgraded its earpieces with new and improved acoustics. Contour 2 has got lightweight and durable high-grade foam that protect your ears from painful paint shots. Everyone knows that earshot hurts and it’s quite challenging to secure ears without adding extra padding. Virtue did it very nicely. This way players can listen to each other easily.

When it comes to the lens, VIO lens technology beats everyone. Contour 2 has got dual-pane, UV-coated, thermal lens that is completely anti-fog. The lens offers excellent peripheral vision with no distortion.

We called it one of the best anti-fog paintball masks as it uses a thermal lens that prevents fogging. Also, the inner foam absorbs sweat and moisture. So there are almost zero chances of fogging up.

Like Ascend, contour 2 is pretty roomy from the inside. You can easily wear it on your glasses. It’s quite comfortable to wear. Virtue Contour 2 is one of the most demanding anti-fog paintball masks that people love to use.

  • It is ASTM and CE certified
  • It dissipates heat and keeps away fog
  • You can customize it according to your choice
  • ProPadding is a great addition
  • Glass friendly paintball mask
  • Designing of the mask is good but it doesn’t give full coverage. Often time many people complain of hitting right at the forehead that spoils the entire game of players. It doesn’t protect the forehead. Those players, who have a wide forehead, may have difficulty in covering it with Contour 2.

9. Valken MI-7 – Best Paintball Mask for Beginners

Valken MI-7 - Best Paintball Mask for Beginners

Valken MI-7 is one of the finest paintball masks that we often recommend to beginners level players. Like other Valken’s paintball masks, MI-7 offers great features but it’s a low-profile paintball mask.

Equipped with a dual-pane lens which is not a thermal lens but due to double hard coating, it exhibits many features of a thermal lens like scratch and wind resistance. It offers great protection against fog. Therefore, you can play for an entire day without any condensation problems.

The build quality and durability are worth mentioning, it’s made up of polycarbonate which ensures that it won’t crack no matter how hard you fall on the ground. Due to its material, we recommend it for woodsball as it’s quite sturdy.

The mask features a quick release lens system that lets you change the broken lens quickly on the field, it takes hardly 20 seconds to do so. Talking about the visibility Valken MI-7 offers pretty impressive visibility those us 260 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical visibility. Since it’s a beginner-level mask, you can upgrade to another paintball mask for enhanced visibility, after becoming a pro player.

When you take Valken Mi-7 in hand you can clearly see the coverage it would provide. It is designed in such a shape that gives complete coverage to your face and jawline and even the upper part of your neck. In fact, it comes with an optimized sculpted visor that protects you when the sun glares at you.

  • Comfortable and breathable paintball mask
  • Double layer foam inside the frame and around ears
  • Scratch and wind-resistant lens
  • Lens is easy to change
  • With sculpted visor
  • Affordable and easy to maintain
  • Well, we found out that its straps are not comfortable as they are advertised. Some people find it very tight especially those with large heads.

10. LEJUNJIE PJ – Best Paintball Mask for Big Face

LEJUNJIE PJ - Best Paintball Mask for Big Face

If you have a large head or you need complete protection to your head and face, then grab your hands on the Lejunjie PJ paintball mask. It is specially designed for players who have large heads. It is constructed using different materials for different parts. As for the helmet that covers your head, ABS engineering plastic is used, whereas the face mask part is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane. However, the lens is made up of polycarbonate.

So in terms of durability, its highly rugged and robust won’t get damaged even in the toughest gaming conditions. Lejunjie is a well-designed helmet that weighs around 1.23 lbs, the build quality is such that it absorbs shocks and impacts during the game.

Lejunjie paintball mask gives complete protection and coverage. The breathable mesh mask area covers the lower part of the face whereas the helmet covers the head. The helmet and mask area give full protection to the ears. The helmet part is removable. You can even use the face mask alone if you don’t want heavy gears on your head.

  • Available in eight camo colors and shade
  • Military-style paintball mask
  • Best for players with a big head
  • Gives full coverage to the head face and jawline
  • The inner foams are not comfortable, they irritate a lot. Some people also complain about its build quality it’s not as amazing as it is advertised.

Paintball Mask Buying Guide 2022

Rental paintball masks are pretty unhygienic to use. You never know the last person who wore this helmet might have some contagious disease. They say, instead of investing in a personal paintball marker, it’s better to invest in a personal paintball mask. This way you will have a single-handed used paintball mask which will be of course hygienic to use. But where the shoe pinch is, where to start from, especially when you are buying it for the very first time. Fret not! We are here to help you.

After consulting many professional paintballers we have compiled a brief buying guide that will help you choose the coolest paintball mask on the planet. Mind you, numerous factors have to be kept in mind while you are purchasing a paintball mask. Below are the enlisted factors that will surely help you in decision-making.

Comfort of Mask:

Whether you are choosing a paintball attire or paintball mask, comfort is the topmost factor that you should consider. A constantly moving mask disturbs the performance of the player. It spoils the entire thrill of the game. Therefore you should always look for a mask that fits perfectly on your head and doesn’t move with your head.

The comfort of the mask itself depends upon its strap system and foam padding. Basically, the strap system holds the mask perfectly on your face. You can adjust it as per your comfort level in the middle of the game. Ideally, a good strap system should be easy to adjust and should not disturb the user while he is aiming his target.

Also, foam padding is another factor that determines the comfort level of the mask. The basic purpose of foam padding is to give padding between the mask shell and your sensitive parts of the face like ears, nose, and jawline. This way it protects your face from different injuries by absorbing the shock. Apart from this, foam padding absorbs the moisture developed from sweating and keeps the interior of the mask arid and dry. So no chances of fogging!

Technically speaking, you will find foam padding in almost every paintball mask. But what keeps the high-end paintball mask different from the cheap one is the quality of foam padding. Some paintball masks are equipped with such types of foam paddings that can be changed easily and quickly. This way you can change the foam padding whenever you are about to play. Cheap paintball masks are equipped with itchy and rough foam padding.

So the bottom line is, always look for a paintball mask that has an adjustable and comfortable strap system along with a soft foam padding system inside. Remember, paintball is a game that is played for long hours, so you have to be as comfy as possible to win the game.

Ear Padding:

Besides the bursting of paintball inside the marker, one more frustrating incident that paintballers face is the bursting of paintball right on the ear of the player. Though it hurts but it’s pretty hard to clean. So a good paintball mask must provide appropriate ear protection via ear padding. But make sure that it does not influence your communication with your team members.

The best trick for checking the earpad is to communicate with your team while wearing a mask with earpads. If you have to shout its means you have to look for some high-end paintball mask with improved ear padding.

Paintball masks such as Dye precision i4 and Virtue VIO ascend offers enhanced ear padding with great comfort. You must try this.

Quality of Lens:

No doubt lens is the most important part of a paintball mask because the paintball game is all about visibility. If your enemies and their field are not clearly visible, you will be out from the game soon. Low-grade paintball masks are usually equipped with a lens of poor quality that makes lots of distortion like glare and reflection. Such lenses disturb your visibility and you got hit before you hit your enemy. Therefore, it’s better not to compromise on lens quality. The high-grade paintball masks use spherical-shaped thermal lenses that won’t fog up and give you crystal clear vision up to 260 or 270 or 290 degrees.

Since paintball is an outdoor game that is mostly played in sunlight, so in order to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, we prefer to use paintball masks that has UV protective coating on the lens. This way it keeps your eyes protected from harmful sun rays.

Apart from this, the lens should have a scratch-resistant coating as it increases the life span of the lens. However, a lens with so many scratches affects the visibility and performance of players. In short when shopping for a paintball mask,

  • Do check the quality of the lens
  • It should be a thermal lens of a spherical shape that is not too close to the eyes.
  • Also, the lens must have a UV protection coating because UV rays would harm your eyes.
  • The lens should be scratch-resistant.

Types of Lens (Dual or Single Pane):

There are two types of lenses for paintball masks. One is a single pane and the other one is a dual pane. The basic purpose of both types of lens is the same that is to provide clear visibility with protection. But the dual-pane lens is far more superior to a single pane especially when it comes to fogging up.

  • A dual-pane lens is made up of two panes that are separated via a foam barrier. This foam barrier is quite helpful in preventing the fog build up inside the lens. The dual-pane lens is also called thermal lens and trust me, they are best to reduce fog build-up. Dual-pane lenses require more care and maintenance. You have to frequently clean the inner part of the lens. They require very high maintenance, as leaving them dirty may damage the lens.
  • But in contrast to this, a single pane lens is very easy to clean. They require low maintenance and the best part is they are durable too. If in case they got scratches, you can get it replaced easily, as they are not much expensive, unlike dual-pane lenses. The best thing is, single pane lens is thin and lightweight. This way it doesn’t make the paintball mask heavy.

Luckily, there are some brands like V-force, that manufacture single pane thermal lenses. The lens would be a single pane but it has a thermal coating or anti-fog coating for fog prevention. But you have to be very cautious while cleaning them, as its anti-fog coating may come out.

So the bottom line is, the choice is yours depending upon our budget and your preference.


A paintball mask is like a one-time investment. Nobody wants to buy a new paintball mask for every game. And obviously, it’s a frugal approach to buy one time that serves your purpose for the lifetime. Therefore always choose paintball masks that are made up of sturdy, rugged, and durable material, such as hard plastic. They can easily bear all the rough and tough handling.

When it comes to durability, dual pane lenses are the most recommended option, since they are more durable.


Wearing a heavy and bulky paintball mask will feel as if you are holding a big watermelon on your head. Weight is the most under-rated factor that majority of the people ignore while buying a paintball mask. Paintball games last for hours and wearing a heavy goggle or mask is just like putting extra pressure on your head. That’s why we always recommend choosing a lightweight paintball mask that keeps you fresh and active all day. The best paintball mask should weigh somewhere between 1-2bs.

Venting System:

A high-end paintball mask that improves your paintball game must have a good ventilation system. The reason is heat, that is generated by our mouth and nose will result in the buildup of fog on the lens. That’s why a proper air vent must be there in the paintball mask.

These air vents will circulate the hot air and mix it with fresh cooler air. This will result in no fog or moisture inside the helmet. Above all, air vents allow proper communication with the teammates. This is indeed the biggest advantage of air vents. Therefore, we always recommend choosing a paintball mask that has efficient air vents for proper communication and airflow.


The basic purpose of paintball masks is to provide coverage to your face so that it remains protected from paintball. But how much coverage a players need, it’s totally his choice.

Usually, beginner players look for full coverage paintball masks that are just like helmets. They not only cover your face and jawline but also covers your neck and head too. Whereas, expert players always choose the streamlined design. Such paintball masks only cover the sensitive part of your face like ears, eyes, mouth, and nose.


Paintball games involve lots of dynamic and challenging movements. Sometimes you have to crawl like a soldier on the ground. That’s why a paintball mask with good straps gives you a good fit. Make sure that the paintball mask should have double straps that provide fix adjustment. Apart from this, the chin strap is also very important for the perfect adjustment of the mask. In the end, the most important point is to make sure that these straps are not naggy or itchy.

Paintball Mask FAQs

Yes, you can. Any mask that is designed to protect your face and eyes can be easily used for paintball, even an airsoft mask can be used for paintball. Avoid using a gas mask for paintball as it is designed to protect against harmful gases.

Yes. Any game that uses weapons involves the use of facemasks to protect eyes and face. Therefore you can freely wear a paintball mask for playing airsoft.

Many different brands are manufacturing different paintball masks, so the market is huge. That’s why you can get a paintball mask starting from 10$ to as high as 200$.

While choosing the paintball mask ventilation, breathability and comfort are the prime factors that one should highly focus on. A mask that lacks any of these factors is simply a waste of money.

The major difference between these two most demanding paintball masks is, i4 is a low-profile paintball mask that lacks eVOKE wireless sync system, POV mount, and GSR pro strap. Other than these, i5 is more spacious than i4 and it gives better voice clarity.

A thermal lens is also known as a dual-pane lens. Instead of glass, it is made up of crystal and they are two instead of one. So they offer superior protection and last longer than single pane lenses.

There are so many paintball masks that prevent fogging but our vote goes to the Dye i5 and i4 and virtue VIO ascend and Contour 2. With no doubt, these are considered the best anti-fog paintball mask.

Fogging up is a genuine and common issue that paintballers face. To cope with it, it’s better to use a high-quality thermal face mask that is equipped with a reliable anti-fog lens. 


A paintball mask is one of the most important pieces of protective gear that you must wear while playing paintball. In fact, it is that important part of the game, that without a paintball mask you can’t play any league. If you are fond of paintball, speedball, and woodsball then investing in a fog-proof paintball mask is no doubt a great idea. Remember, rental paintball mask risks your health and hygiene.

In short, a paintball mask that is light in weight, glasses friendly, well ventilated, breathable, fog-free, and glare-free visibility, along with amazing communications, compiles the best paintball masks. And here are our recommendations from the list;

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