Best Paintball Barrel 2022 – Enhances Accuracy and Velocity

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

One of the best and quickest ways to enhance the accuracy of your paintball gun is to upgrade a new paintball barrel. This will instantly increase your markers’ accuracy and you will get an edge over your enemy.

Sounds interesting? But the worst part is, not every barrel is designed to boost your performance. That’s why detailed research is mandatory before you decide to buy the best barrel for paintball. Choosing a paintball barrel is not an easy job especially when you don’t have a clear picture in your mind.

paintball gun barrel has gone some extra miles and dug out some best paintball barrels that are durable and give you immense accuracy with greater velocities. Before writing unbiased reviews about them, we have thoroughly tested and checked our selected barrels so that you will have genuine feedback about the paintball barrels. A comprehensive barrel buying guide is also there to help you in your decision-making process.

8 Best Paintball Barrels 2022

GOG – Best Paintball Barrel 2022
GOG Paintball Freak Jr Barrel Kit with Soft Case
  • A highly efficient and accurate barrel that offers noise-free firing ability, comes in a kit in a convenient case
Smart Parts – Best Paintball Barrel for Accuracy
Smart Parts Freak XL Carbon Fiber Barrel
  • 14” inch long barrel with spiral porting all over the body to give more reliable and consistent shots
DeadlyWind – Paintball Gun Barrel
Deadlywind Null Autococker Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel
  • One of the lightweight barrels features a three-layered design with a self-cleaning feature

1. GOG – Best Paintball Barrel 2022

GOG - Best Paintball Barrel

The Freak barrel system is one of the versatile barrels from the banner of GOG which is specially designed for tournament level players. Unlike other barrels, it comes in one piece construction which is made up of high-quality carbon fiber along with solid aluminum threads and that’s the reason it bears a high price tag. 

GOG paintball freak Jr. Barrel kit is the must-have kit for every paintballer as it improves the overall performance of players and gives more consistent shots.

Basically, it’s a 14-inch barrel that makes it suitable for paintball sniper. The bore size is about 0.689 inches which means it is compatible with only 0.68 caliber paintballs. Luckily the barrel is companionable with all the paintball markers. Thanks to its auto-cocker thread that makes it one of the most versatile barrels on the market.

GOG Paintball barrel kit

We have used a GOG freak Jr paintball barrel with multiple paintball markers and it delivers excellent performance. Installing GOG freak jr. was not a hassle like other barrels. Also, we found it pretty easy to clean and maintain.

One of the worth mentioning features of the GOG freak Jr paintball barrel is its noise-free firing ability. It’s all because of the large porting that minimizes the firing sound.

What makes it an outstanding barrel?

  • Made up of aluminum
  • Available in 0.689 and 0.691 bore size
  • Linear porting
  • With auto cocker thread

2. Smart Parts – Best Paintball Barrel for Accuracy

Smart Parts - Best Paintball Barrel for Accuracy

When players want to buy a barrel for their paintball marker, Smart parts is the only brand that experts recommend to them. Mind you, GOG is the new name for Smart Parts. Freak series of paintball barrels is one of the most loved and highly demanded series amongst paintballers. So if you are looking for high-quality and durable barrels that deliver shots with accuracy along with different bore sizes then the Freak XL barrel kit is the ultimate choice for you.

This kit includes 8 inserts of different bore sizes ranging from 0.679 to 0.695 along with an auto cocker threaded back. The overall length of the barrel is around 14 inches hence making it one of the best paintball barrels for accuracy. Since it’s a two-piece barrel so cleaning and maintenance are pretty easier with it.

Another feature that would definitely grab your attention is its porting system. Freak XL barrel kits feature two different porting options that are linear porting and American spiral porting. Both of these portions are best for quieter shooting and increasing efficiency.

Just because of all these amazing features we have tested it multiple times on different paintball games and it delivers an exceptional performance with less recoil and low sound. Freak XL paintball barrels are also available in Tippmann A5, Tippmann 98C, and Ion thread.

Smart Parts barrel

What makes it an outstanding barrel?

  • Its aluminum construction.
  • Available in multiple bore size that is 679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, and .695.
  • 4 different threaded options are Auto cocker, Tippmann A5, Tippmann 98C, and Ion thread.
  • Available in Liner XL porting and American Spiral porting.

3. DeadlyWind – Paintball Gun Barrel

DeadlyWind - Paintball Gun Barrel

If someday in your paintballing career you want a lightweight and handy paintball barrel then don’t forget DeadlyWind Null paintball barrel. It’s genuinely as light as a feather and its weight second my statement is only 50 grams. You won’t even feel as if there is something in your hand.

DeadlyWind null paintball barrel is constructed using high-quality carbon fiber which is the main material of high-end sporting equipment. Interestingly it utilizes three different layers of carbon fiber material that I would say, none of the barrel brands has ever thought about it. According to DeadlyWind, a null paintball barrel is made with 2X2” satin twill with uni-directional fibers that are set up in a strong multi-vector pattern with an inside of silk fiber.

After GGO, DeadlyWind is the barrel brand that players usually prefer and the reason is its high level of customization. When it comes to thread, null has barrel threads of all types including Ion, Tippmann A5, auto cocker, and many others. Similarly, DeadlyWind null offers porting of different styles including normal, double, spiral, and even no ported. You can choose barrel length as per your choice as it ranges from 8.5 to 24 inches. In short, with DeadlyWind null you can choose the barrel of your own choice and style.

What makes it an outstanding barrel?

  • One-piece construction
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Three-layer carbon fiber construction
  • Customization

4. J&J – Most Accurate Paintball Barrel

J&J - Most Accurate Paintball Barrel

Whenever we are planning to play a heated paintball battle we always choose the J&J performance barrel as it gives accurate and straight shots without any doubt. Passionate paintballers must know the J&J paintball bear brand as it is one of the most popular brands and the reason is its high-end and durable products that won’t disappoint you at all.

J&J 16” inch barrel is no doubt a high-tech barrel that has good porting and in terms of prices, it doesn’t cost you an arm or leg.

J&J barrel is available in various lengths ranging from 12” to 16” inch if you want to convert your marker into a long-range one then J&J is the best choice. Indeed it’s one of the best long-range paintball barrels.

The external part of the barrel is made up of 6061 T6 Aluminum which not only makes it durable but also keeps it lightweight. Moreso, ceramic coating along with infused Teflon on the body enhances the overall quality of the barrel. This combination of ceramic coating with Teflon reduces the friction so that you will experience smooth shooting every time you are on the paintball field.

J&J Performance barrel

Besides this, the J&J barrel features special porting which is crucial for reducing the shooting noise. Not only this, these porting or in other words events maintain the right speed for your paint. Since it’s a single-piece barrel that’s why cleaning is a bit tricky with it. Therefore, you will always observe J&J barrels with experienced players only.

What makes it an outstanding barrel?

  • Slick and smooth appearance
  • Features Teflon ceramic coating for a smooth shooting experience
  • Best one piece paintball barrel
  • Compatible with the majority of the paintball markers

5. Tippmann – Best Tippmann 98 Barrel

Tippmann - Best Tippmann 98 Barrel

Finding a Tippmann 98C threaded barrel is a bit tricky especially if you want accuracy and high-end performance. There are lots of barrels in the market that are compatible with Tippmann 98 customs as they have the same thread but they do not prove to be the high-quality barrel.

In such a situation, J&J saves the day by launching a barrel that has Tippmann 98C threading. This way such barrels would be compatible with all the major paintball markers in the market such as A5, Phenom, Crossover, and much more.

Tippmann 98 Custom barrel is made up of aluminum with a special coating of Ceramic and Teflon that makes the surface so smooth and slick that it almost reduces the friction to zero. Ceramic along with aluminum is known for making the product rough and tough. So no matter how harshly you handle it, it won’t damage at all.

One of the worth noticing features of the J&J paintball barrel is its self-cleaning technology. Yes, the barrel can clean itself. Just in case if the paintball breaks in the barrel, you don’t need to stop your game, just keep firing and it will clean the barrel ultimately. It’s all because of the ceramic and Teflon coating.

We have noted feedback from our teammates who have used Tippmann 98 Custom J&J barrel. The self-cleaning feature is just a overhype. It’s helpful only if you are in the mid of the game and don’t have enough time to run the squeegee but once you get a break, you will have to clean the barrel by yourself otherwise it will affect your performance.

What makes it an outstanding barrel?

  • The smooth and frictionless inner surface
  • Features Teflon and ceramic coating for a great experience
  • Self-cleaning features
  • Best Tippmann 98C barrel

6. Tippmann – Best Paintball Sniper Barrel

Tippmann - Best Paintball Sniper Barrel

Accuracy is the most needed feature for any paintball barrel. A barrel that is not accurate and yet durable is simply a waste of money. Tippmann has launched a barrel that is termed as one of the best paintball barrels for accuracy. It’s a sniper paintball barrel that promises to deliver exceptional performance in every case.

Two different lengths are available in the Tippmann barrel which is 14” and 16”. It’s a single-piece barrel that is sophisticatedly designed to meet the accuracy level of all types of paintballers.

Tippmann sniper barrel is made up of high-quality carbon fiber which is confined with an anodized black surface. You know carbon fiber makes your tool lightweight and durable and so the Tippmann Sniper barrel is. 

We have tested the Tippmann sniper barrel with many different paintball markers on different fields and the best thing that we love about it is its ability to shoot silently. Due to its silent shooting, your enemies won’t find out where you are shooting from.

Tippmann has designed a sniper barrel keeping in mind the snipers. Unlike other barrels that have a longer length, the Tippmann sniper barrel never fails to give accurate shots even at high range. The manufacturer has perfectly maintained the equilibrium between velocity and paintball aerodynamics this means paintball will never miss the assigned target. One of the reasons for accurate shots is its micro-honed and polished surfaces.

Besides this, it’s a single-piece barrel so cleaning and maintenance are a bit tricky for a beginner that’s why it is always recommended for professional paintballers.

What makes it an outstanding barrel?

  • Noise-free barrel
  • Micro-honed and polished surface
  • Tippmann 98C threaded
  • Available in different lengths

7. Tippmann Pathfinder – Quite Paintball Barrel

Tippmann Pathfinder - Quite Paintball Barrel

Tippmann pathfinder is amongst the top paintball barrel in the market which is second by Umarex too for Tippmann A5. Without a single doubt in our hearts, we can say that it is one of the best paintball barrels for long-range paintball markers.

Pathfinder 14” barrel is pretty famous among professional paintballers and the major reason behind it is the fact that it meets all the criteria that are required by professional paintballers. That’s why not only do they use it but also highly recommend using the Tippmann pathfinder barrel for paintball tournaments.

Talking about its construction it is made up of aluminum and everyone knows aluminum not only gives strength to your product but also makes it light in weight. Therefore, you can expect the Tippmann pathfinder a lightweight barrel.

It’s a single-piece barrel so using it is pretty easy but cleaning it would be tricky for beginner and novice paintballers. Tippmann pathfinder is available at 14 inches in length which is pretty reasonable for increased accuracy during the game. The cherry on the top, it is honed as well which further boosts the accuracy of the paintball marker.

As far as its compatibility is concerned pathfinder is compatible with Tippmann A5, X7, and other brands of markers but unfortunately it is incompatible with Tippmann 98 custom.

What makes it an outstanding barrel?

  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Micro-honed and polished surface
  • Approved by Umarex for professional use
  • Best for increased shooting range

8. DYE – Best Autococker Barrel

DYE - Best Autococker Barrel

Dye precision boomstick is a barrel that is made up of three different materials that are glass fiber aluminum and stainless steel. Since its major part is made up of glass fiber so it delivers outclass durability with immense dimensional stability. It features 303 stainless steel inserts which enhance the overall performance of the barrel. Since stainless steel is a rust-free and corrosion-resistant material, therefore it gives a smooth and sleek look to the barrel by not corroding it. Also, due to the low coefficient of friction stainless steel offers a scratch-resistant surface. So in a nutshell, stainless steel inserts will increase your overall performance.

Dye precision GF boomstick is available in two bore sizes that are 0.684 and 0.688. The barrel length is 15” which is pretty suitable for peeps who want to convert their paintball gun into a long-range marker.

One cannot deny the fact that Dye precision boomstick is by far the most accurate paintball barrel on my list. Its glass fiber construction makes it one of the innovative paintball barrels. Dye boomstick is compatible with the majority of the paintball markers because it has auto cocker thread.

One amazing feature of the Dye precision boomstick is that it is available in carbon fiber construction too. Let’s suppose if you don’t like the performance of the glass fiber-constructed boomstick, which is impossible practically, then you can try the Dye precision carbon fiber constructed boomstick.

What makes it an outstanding barrel?

  • Steady port pressure porting
  • Auto cocker threaded
  • Glass fiber and carbon fiber constructed
  • Stainless steel inserts

Paintball Barrel Buying Guide


Well, like other parts of the gun, barrels also vary material-wise. Since the material of the barrel determines the overall quality of the barrel, so that is why they are the most important factor to keep in mind while buying a barrel for a paintball gun. Besides affecting the accuracy of shots, the material of the barrel greatly affects the weight of your paintball gun. Here are a few types of barrels concerning the material.

Barrel made up of Aluminum:

Aluminum is known as a lightweight metal. So barrels that are made up of aluminum are pretty light in weight when compare with other types of barrels. Therefore, such barrels provide immense durability with an impressive balance of weight. Surprisingly, the balance feature of aluminum-made barrels is simply only one of its kind.

Barrel made up of stainless steel:

Stainless steel-made barrels are very close to the aluminum barrel but they are not as lightweight as aluminum barrels. Instead, they are sturdy, tough, and can withstand rough handling. No matter how roughly you use your paintball gun; such barrels won’t disappoint you at all. Due to their sturdiness, these barrels are the most favorite type of barrels for professional paintballers.

Barrels made up of ceramic:

In terms of weight, ceramic barrels are very similar to aluminum barrels as they are also light in weight. But they cannot beat stainless steel or aluminum barrel in terms of durability and sturdiness. They are pretty flimsy and might break down when used roughly.

Barrel made up of carbon fiber:

Carbon fiber barrels are the latest addition to the market. They are immensely lightweight and super durable. The major advantage of carbon fiber barrels is that they offer zero friction on the inside of the barrel which means paintball will cover the fastest and farthest distance. But the drawback here is, they are really very expensive. Usually, professional players opt to buy carbon fiber barrels.

Barrel Threading

Barrel threading is the most crucial thing that you need to highly consider while buying a paintball barrel. Usually, there are five common and most used barrels threading available in the market, these are:

  • Auto cocker
  • Tippmann A5
  • Tippmann 98 Custom
  • Smart parts(Ion)
  • Spyder

Each barrel thread has compatibility with some specific paintball markers. Choosing the wrong barrel thread will do nothing major harm except the fact that you will have to buy an adapter to convert the barrel thread.

Paintball maverick has done a great job by publishing a useful chart that shows the compatibility of different barrel threads with different guns. Here it is.

AutocockerSmart Parts (Ion)SpyderTippmann A-5Tippman 98
AutocockerImpulse32 DegreesBoltBT-4
AxeIonAriakonBT CombatCrossover
Bob LongIon XEArmotechBT DeltaPhenom
BT TM7NerveBrass EagleBT SliceX7
BT TMI5ShockerDiabloChronus 
BushmasterShocker NXTDragun PMIHurricane 
CyborgShocker SFTGT CommandosMaxtac 
DYE DamSPIInfernoMK5 
Eteks MongooseMKP- 
Freestyles OdysseyMKP-II 
Fusions PCS US5Phenom 
Gen E-matrix PiranahTGR 
Intimidators PMITiPX 
Invert Mini Rebel ExtremeTornado 
Legends Silver BulletsVortex 
Mac Dev SpyderX7 
Minions Spyder MR1/MR2/MR3  
NME Sten  
Omen T68  
ONYX Viewloader  

Barrel Length

Length of barrel is the most important factor that one should keep in mind. People switch towards buying barrels because they want to increase the barrel length. It not only helps to maintain the consistency of shots but also delivers shots with great accuracy. Usually, barrels are available in lengths ranging from 8″ to 20″ but barrels with lengths of 12″-16” are considered as ideal length as they are shot with great accuracy.

It is the perception of the majority of paintballers that the accuracy of your shots is greatly affected by barrel length. Well, I second it to some extent. Barrel length does affect the accuracy but up to a limited extent. However, it depends more upon the quality of paint you are using.

talking about gas efficiency long barrels are less gas efficient in contrast to short barrels which require less air to shoot the paintball. Short barrels are best suited for such players who love to stay on the frontline and are habitual of jumping and crawling on the field as short barrels are easier to maneuver. Whereas, long barrels are best for those players who love to play like a sniper.

Bore Diameter

Bore diameter is the inner diameter of the barrel. Usually, paintball markers come with an average bore size of 0.68 inches. The bore size should perfectly match the caliber of the paintball. If the bore size is larger than the caliber of the paintball it will result in less precision and trajectory.

On the other hand, if the bore size is smaller than the caliber of the paintball, then the paintball will stuck inside the barrel. Therefore, barrel bore diameter is also one of the important factors. Always look for a barrel bore size that is the same as the caliber of paintball.


Vents are small holes on the entire body of the barrel. The basic purpose of these vents is to eliminate the extra pressure that is there inside the barrel tube. This is the reason your paintball marker becomes less noisy. The position of vents plays a really important role. If these vents are close to the gun you will experience almost noiseless shots. Whereas if these vents are far away from the marker, the gun will make a loud noise and shoots fast shots. Keep in mind that you cannot enjoy quiet and louder shots from the same barrel. That is why you need to have multiple barrels with you so that you can use one as per your desire in the game.

Single Piece or Two Pieces

Most people think that barrels are available only in one piece as they were commonly used in old days, but with advancement, some barrels come in two-piece and that offers great accuracy. One-piece barrels are best for beginners they are simple and easy to use above all, and they are affordable.

Whereas, two pieces of barrels come in front pieces and back pieces. The back piece of the barrel remains attached to the gun whereas the front piece can be replaced with a long piece when you want a longer barrel.

Paintball Barrel FAQs

Well, you will find multiple barrels in the market that claims to be the most accurate barrel on earth. Might be possible they could be. But as per our analysis and testing of J&J barrel and Smart parts, Freak XL barrels are the most accurate paintball barrels.

Of course, they do, improving or installing a new barrel in your gun makes a huge difference in your performance. First of all, your accuracy will be improved especially if you are using a long barrel. Secondly, upgrading the paintball barrel improves the velocity of your gun as there will be more time for the propellant to work on the ammo.

Barrel kits are pretty useful for those players who are more into tournaments and paintball leagues. Because in tournaments you are playing with different paintballs. So if you have a barrel kit with you on the field, you can fearlessly play with any caliber of paintball. This will improve your efficiency and gives you better consistency.

Yes, barrel length greatly matters in paintball. A long length of the barrel means more accurate shots with high velocity. However, a longer barrel tends to decrease the gas efficiency of your marker.

Barrel cleaning is a very easy job especially when you have two-piece barrels. Whatever, you will need a squeegee for cleaning the barrel. Simply uninstall the barrel from your paintball marker and insert one end of your squeegee into the barrel. Now push the squeegee all the way through the barrel until the one end of the squeegee comes outside the barrel. Pull that ends. Repeat it multiple times until you get a clean squeegee.


Improving accuracy is just a matter of a few seconds. Just insert the barrel of your desired length and you are good to go with enhanced accuracy. Selecting a barrel is not at all a tricky thing all you have to do is to keep in mind the material, bore size, length, and thread compatibility. In our opinion, GOG Freak Jr. Barrel kit is a great barrel kit especially when you need an aluminum build barrel. Whereas if you want glass fiber or carbon fiber barrel then Dye precision Boomstick is the best option.