Best Paintball Gun Under 200 – Budget Friendly and Powerful

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Best Paintball Gun Under 200

People say paintball is an expensive hobby. You need to take rental space, markers, and other equipment. This fear of extra cost prevents the new player from getting into the game. So the trick is, cut the extra cost of the game. Instead of renting out a paintball gun, it’s better to buy an affordable paintball gun that you can buy easily even if you have 200 bucks in your pocket.

Many top-notch manufacturers have launched paintball guns under $200 for novice and entry-level players. Ironically, these low-priced markers offer the same pitch of exhilaration as the other expensive markers without costing you an arm or leg. But where the shoe pinch is, how and where to find the best budget paintball gun under $200. We have searched and picked out the 10 best paintballs under $200 and reviewed them on a fair and neutral basis. These guns are not only affordable but deliver reliable and consistent performance. Tippmann Cronus is the solid example of a good cheap paintball gun with accurate and reliable performance.

So sit back, relax and read about the best paintball guns under $200.

Best Paintball Gun for the Money 2022

Top Pick
Kingman - 200 dollar gun
Action Village Kingman – Best Paintball Gun under 200
  • Semi-automatic marker
  • With ASA on/off lever
  • Comes with a paintball package
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Cheap Gun
Tippmann Cronus Gun
Tippmann – Good Cheap Paintball Gun
  • Semi-automatic marker
  • Lightweight
  • 8 balls per second
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Valken Budgeted Gun
Valken – Paintball Guns under 200
  • Semi-automatic marker
  • With ASA on/off lever
  • Comes with a paintball package
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280 FPS
Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun
Tippmann – Good Paintball Gun under 200
  • Semi-automatic marker
  • 6 position collapsible stock
  • 280 FPS
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Azodin affordable Gun
Azodin – Best Paintball Gun for the money
  • With reversible Hitman plate
  • 275-285 FPS
  • Best for entry-level player
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Easy to Clean
Mercury Venom Gun
Mercury – Best Budget Paintball Gun
  • Semi-automatic marker
  • Dustproof cocking design
  • Easy to clean
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Tactical Style
Maddog Gun
Maddog – Paintball Marker under 200
  • Compact lightweight marker
  • Tactical style gun
  • Comes with a paintball package
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Empire BT-4 Gun
Empire – Combat Marker
  • Customizable
  • Lightweight
  • 150+ FPS
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ENMEY 2013 GOG Paintball Gun
GoG – Under $180
  • Low recoil
  • Pneumatic design
  • Easy to maintain
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Easy to Maintain
Oriion Cheap Paintball Gun
Oriion-best paintball gun under $150
  • Electro pneumatic marker
  • Comes with a paintball bundle
  • 300 FPS
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1. Action Village Kingman – Best Paintball Gun under 200

Action Village - Best Paintball Gun under 200

Breaking the ice with one of the most economical and budget friendly paintball markers, Action Village Kingman Spyder Victor. It is equipped with all the amazing features that you may find in any high-end paintball marker. Interestingly, Spyder victor comes in a complete paintball gun package that includes everything which you may want in your paintball game like hopper, x-rays mask, co2 bottle, etc.

Spyder Victor is a semi-automatic marker that utilizes CO2 and compressed air to shoots paintballs. It is a very basic type of gun which is best for beginners who just started playing paintball. It features a standard ASA, along with a vertical feed tube and double trigger. One thing that we observed while testing, its trigger pull is somewhat stiffy, so if you are expecting a crazy firing rate from Spyder victor, you will be highly disappointed.

But what I like most about Spyder victor is, it has got endless possibilities for customization. Though it’s a very inexpensive gun but you can easily upgrade it. You can get an electronic trigger frame or a barrel kit with it.

While shooting with Spyder victor we found few chop paintballs, like one paintball for every 100-200 shots. The design and built quality are parallel to its price. When it comes to performance, it is amazing as per the price tag. It hits the target with great accuracy and consistency. Overall, it’s one of the best paintball guns under $200.

Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun
  • Endless customization
  • Best for starters
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • A complete paintball bundle
  • The range is not so impressive
  • Chops paintball
  • Stiffy trigger pull

2. Tippmann – Good Cheap Paintball Gun

Tippmann - Good Cheap Paintball Gun

Tippmann is a brand that every paintballer is well aware of. They offer the gun with exceptional performance and obviously with a high price tag. Tippmann Cronus is one of the best budget paintball guns that deliver consistent shots with mind-blowing accuracy.

Besides being an economical paintball marker, Tippmann Cronus is an ideal gun for entry-level players. Though it’s comparatively heavier than the other expensive models of Tippmann but it gives you peace of mind that it won’t break. It weighs around 3.7 lbs.

Let me tell you, Cronus is available in three versions, basic, tactical, and elite. In this bundle, you will get Cronus basic which has a professional-looking design. Whatever version you are buying, stay relax, Tippmann’s markers are of high quality indeed.

Well, Cronus is a semi-automatic gun that is compatible with .68 caliber paintballs. It features a mechanical trigger along with an internal gas line and in-line bolt system. This way players can have a better grip over the gun. With its mechanical trigger players can fire up to 8 balls per second with a range of 150 feet.

One thing that doesn’t make me happy is its front handle and stock barrel which is made up of plastic that gives it a cheap feel. Tippmann should improve the quality of material used in the front handle and stock.

Tippmann Cronus Basic

No matter you are buying a cheap paintball gun. It should have options for customization. Tippmann Cronus features multiple Picatinny rails for mounting different accessories. This is how you can upgrade your Tippmann Cronus. So under $200, you will be going to get a bundle of Tippmann Cronus with hopper, mask, and co2 cylinder.

  • Durable gun
  • Easy to operate
  • Shots 8 balls per second
  • Impressive shooting range
  • With 4 Picatinny rails
  • The front handle and stock barrel are made up of poor quality plastic

3. Valken – Paintball Guns under 200

Valken - Paintball Guns under 200

The next one on our list of best budget paintball guns is the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun. The gun features awesome durability and reliability and it’s a great marker for novice paintballers. The entire body of the gun is made up of aluminum and polymer which are 110% corrosion resistant. For further durability, its powder-coated to avoid rust and corrosion.

Besides this, you will see a stainless steel bottom-line hose along with a ported barrel which can be removed easily. Since it’s a semi-automatic gun so it features an open bolt blowback that is compatible with .68 calibers of paintballers. You will need Co2, compressed air, or nitrogen to play with the Valken BlackHawk paintball gun.

Its 8.5” barrel can be replaced with other barrels that have the same barrel thread adapter. So if you want more accurate shots you can switch to different barrel sizes. Valken Blackhawk paintball marker is pretty easy to set up and shoots very fast and straight with great accuracy. The shooting range of Valken Blackhawk is about 150 + which is super amazing.

Like other budgeted guns, it has a mounting rail for installing different accessories just to upgrade your marker. But mind you it has got limited updates. Like you can’t install an electronic trigger on it.

It is one of the tactical designs of Valken Blackhawk that you may get at such an affordable rate. One of the worth appreciating features of the Valken Blackhawk SW-1 marker is it meets or exceeds all the ASTM standards that means it is super safe to use. All in All, it’s the best affordable paintball gun with amazing features and outstanding performance.

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  • With Tactical LE stock barrel
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Nice and sleek design
  • Rarely chops paintball
  • Updates are limited

4. Tippmann – Good Paintball Gun under 200

Tippmann - Good Paintball Gun under 200

Do you know Tippmann Stormer is the most rented paintball gun? The reason is its outstanding performance. Stormer is available in three versions, basic, tactical, and elite. Luckily in $200 range, you will get Stormer tactical isn’t that amazing. We personally tested Tippmann Stormer tactical and in terms of performance, it’s one of the top paintball guns under $200.

Let’s talk about its build quality first. It is made up of rugged and robust composite material with great details on the designing part. Not only me but other users also felt that it’s quite big in size which could be because of its material. 10 pounds is the net weight of a gun which will definitely be tough to carry for any new paintballers. But yes if you are passionate paintballers then 10 pounds would be nothing for you.

Since it’s a tactical version so it features a front and rear flip-up sight. With this players can easily target and shoot the opponent. It’s a semi-automatic gun which is best for scenario gameplay with friends.

It has an impressive shooting range of about 280fps which is completely adjustable via velocity adjuster which is located on the gun. To protect the barrel of the gun from unwanted paintball it has a shroud around the barrel. Besides this to give a real military effect it has a 6 position collapsible stock which you can adjust according to your comfort level.

The gun uses HPA or Co2 tank very efficiently and all credit goes to its internal stainless steel gas linings. This gas lining offers no gas leakage so that you can shot perfectly with great accuracy.

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Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun
  • High-performance barrel of 9.75”
  • Strong composite construction
  • Efficiently uses gas
  • Trouble-free disassembling and reassembling
  • Real military-style firearm
  • The marker is pretty big in size

5. Azodin – Best Paintball Gun for the money

Azodin - Best Paintball Gun for the money

Azodin KPC is a pump-style paintball marker that is way too economical. Talking about its looks and appearance, it features a real military-like style. No one believes that it is a gun meant for playing games it looks so real. The gun comes in two pieces that are the body of the gun and a barrel. Interestingly, it has a single-piece barrel of .685 bore size which is about 14” long. The frame of the gun is majorly made up of aluminum but few parts are made up of composite material. It has a half-block design that allows players to smoothly pump the marker. The stainless steel braided hose line assures no leakage of gas.

Azodin KPC features a feather regulator which is already set to certain specifications. This way you won’t need to set a perfect mix of velocity and pressure. The marker operates at a pressure of 250psi and is compatible with HPA or CO2 tank. One of our colleagues states that with HPA Azodin KPC can fire between 275-285FPS that is right out of the box. This is super impressive especially when you know that it’s a paintball gun under $200.

When it comes to the hopper, the Azodin KPC features a screw lock style feed neck which is immensely adjustable. Within seconds you can attach any suitable hopper on the Azodin KPC pump paintball marker.

For ease of use, it comes with a reversible Hitman Plate that can be quickly and easily attached to the gun. With Hitman plate you can conveniently pump your marker and shoot your target. The interesting aspect of Azodin KPC is, it is available in five attractive colors where the frame color remains the same that is black. Azodin KPC is a pretty pocket-friendly marker and is best for beginner and intermediate-level players.

  • Low maintenance and inexpensive marker
  • Made up of durable material
  • Sleek pump style for better performance
  • With pre-set feather regulators
  • Feed neck may jam sometimes

6. Mercury – Best Budget Paintball Gun

Mercury - Best Budget Paintball Gun

Now, this is the gun that is my most favorite one. Mercury Rise venom is a semi-automatic .68 caliber paintball gun that delivers shot with perfection. If you have mercury-rise venom in your hand, I promise you won’t miss your target.

We have thoroughly used mercury rise venom and after which we conclude that it’s one of the good paintball guns under $200. Let’s check out what else does this marker features.

Starting with the appearance first, it looks like the Spyder Victor and it comes in two pieces the barrel and the body. The mercury rise venom uses rugged and robust material for its constructions. The entire gun is made up of aluminum with few pieces of high-impact polymer. Not only the body but its ASA adapter and feed neck are also made up of aluminum. So no matter how many times you drop Mercury rise on the battlefield, it won’t break.

Mercury rise venom is pretty comfortable to hold and the reason is its foregrip which is molded. This way you can easily hold the gun in a firm position. Talking about its barrel, it’s an 11” ported barrel with a bore size of 0.685mm and it supports a paintball of .68 calibers. Interestingly, the barrel of mercury rise venom is very demanding as it happily welcomes high-quality paintballs. Using cheap and low-quality paintball is pretty annoying for the barrel. Avoid using them especially with mercury rise venom.

What I really like about mercury rise venom is, it is super easy to clean, and it’s all because of its tool-free plug design that makes maintenance a duck soup for anyone. Dustproof cocking design is just like the cherry on the top when it comes to gun cleaning. On the whole mercury rise venom is a pretty amazing and cheap paintball marker.

  • Strong and tough paintball marker
  • Supports high-end paintballs
  • Hassle free to clean and maintain
  • Sometimes gas leaks from the ASA adapter
  • Not compatible with every brand of paintball

7. Maddog – Paintball Marker under 200

Maddog - Paintball Marker under 200

What if I tell you that in $200 you will not only get a reliable marker but also other accessories too?

Impressive, right!

JT stealth is a paintball marker which is a semi-automatic .68 caliber gun. It is a compact and lightweight marker with a double trigger. So for the fastest firing rate JT Stealth is your perfect mate in the speedball ground.

Since the gun is made up of polymer so that’s why it is pretty light in weight. One thing that really aspire me is, JT stealth does not have a gas hose. This is not a con but the biggest pro of JT stealth. Instead of an external visible hose, it has an internal gas line. This means you don’t have to worry about gas leakage and all. The internal gas line is so simple and easy to use.

JT stealth paintball marker looks like a tactical-style gun. The presence of an ergonomically design vertical grip not only makes it comfortable for you to hold the gun but also gives a real army soldier-like feel.

The barrel is a single-piece ported barrel, which is a good thing but what I observe while using JT stealth is that it chops paintball. Like 2 out of 100 paintballs, not only this sometimes gun jams. The manufacturer should consider these problems.

Performance-wise, it’s a good marker. Not a bad choice for beginner-level players.

Along with JT Stealth, you will get few more accessories into the Maddog bundle. Such as an anti-fog paintball mask that gives complete protection to your face against paintballs. Along with 20, oz compressed air paintball tanks and a padded paintball harness. However, 4 pods are also there in the package in which you can keep paintballs with you. With all these accessories, a barrel squeegee and 200 rounds hopper is also part of the package. So indeed it’s a great deal at such a pocket-friendly price.

  • Hoseless design
  • Convenient and easy handling
  • Tactical style firearm
  • With other useful accessories
  • Hassle free to clean and maintain
  • Best choice of bundle for beginner players

8. Empire – Best Affordable Paintball Gun

Empire - Combat Marker

If you are a demanding player who needs a rugged and solid gun that is cost-effective too. Then Empire BT-4 combat marker is the perfect choice for you. It features customizations up to an infinite level.

On the top of the marker, there are dual Picatinny rails that allow you to mount multiple accessories like laser light, red dot light, and whatnot. It is equipped with a removable grip frame which lets you chose different upgrades easily. The presence of an external velocity adjuster makes it an ideal marker to be used in any paintball tournament.

Mind you it looks like an electronic marker but in actual it’s a semi-automatic marker and like other guns on my list it supports 0.68 caliber paintballs. The gun weighs only 3 pounds and credit goes to its aluminum body. Empire BT4 combat is powered using CO2 and compressed air.

Empire BT-4 combat is a customizable marker. This means you can get it customized according to your choice whenever you want. Like you can adjust its vertical front grip according to your comfort level as it can be adjusted easily. Also, the Selecta barrel adapter that is compatible with many different barrels. So you can use Empire Combat BT-4 according to your desire.

Talking about the performance of marker, some user states that while using with HPA it inconsistently shoots but when using with CO2 it accurately hit the target with the range of 150 plus feet. Like its performance, its maintenance is pretty easy & features a slide-away feed port that is very easy to clean and maintain. Also, the barrels are removable so you can easily access the internal parts of guns. Empire BT-4 is one of the top-rated speedball guns under 200$ but its upgrades cost you more.

  • You can customize it according to your will
  • Lots of upgrades can be installed
  • Removable barrel system allows different barrels for different games
  • Modular trigger system for fast and quick-firing rate
  • Upgrades are expensive
  • Inconsistent gun

9. Gog – Paintball Marker under $180

GoG - Under 180

A solid and simple paintball marker, which is really a good choice of markers for beginner players. Enmey GoG is pretty different from the other mechanical markers. It features a true pneumatic design which means it does not have any hammer or sear rather it has a spool valve which normally you don’t find in mechanical markers.

Its blow-forward mechanism ensures a fast and smooth firing rate so that you can shoot confidently on the field. Since it’s a marker that is specifically designed for beginner players, therefore it is easy to clean and maintain. The entire gun has 4 o-rings that can be quickly changed even during the battle.

When it comes to performances, Enmey GoG is pretty easy to handle and shoots smoothly. Unlike other markers it has low recoil, therefore it is easier to aim and hit your target.

It’s a semi-automatic gun that can be operated on any air source be it CO2 or compressed air tanks. A single 20 oz CO2 tank is sufficient to play 1500 rounds of paintball. Let me tell you an interesting feature, Enmey GoG is a .68 caliber paintball marker but you know what you can convert it to a .50 caliber marker by changing the barrel.

As it lacks hammers and spring so it is regulated mostly by gases, this, in turn, improves the speed and accuracy of the gun. Not only this, its pneumatic design increases the life of the marker as there are fewer chances of break down.

Moreover, the gun is equipped with an anti-chop mechanism which guarantees players that they will get the perfect paintball shot from the GoG Enmey paintball marker. So if you are an entry-level player and on a strict budget then you must grab your hands on the Enmey GoG paintball marker as it is one of the best affordable paintball guns.

  • Can be converted from.68 to .50 caliber gun
  • Smooth and consistent firing
  • Low recoil
  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • Silent firing with spool valve design
  • It doesn’t have ASA on/off switch so depressurizing the tank is quite hard

10. Oriion – Best Paintball Gun under $150

Orion - Best Paintball Gun under 150

Oriion paintball marker is the next gun on our list of best paintball guns under $200. Oriion is an electro-pneumatic gun that features multiple firing modes like burst, auto, ramp, and semi-auto. It is made up of lightweight aluminum with few parts of polymer. The gun is immensely rugged and robust.

It is equipped with a two-piece barrel which makes gun cleaning an easy task. Apart from this, with its double finger trigger, you can have a crazy firing rate. The gun does not have a front foregrip which I think would be a drawback as players would not feel comfortable while holding the gun.

Oriion paintball gun comes in a complete package that includes all the essentials of paintball. So that you can buy the kit and jump straight into the ground. You will get an anti-fog paintball mask, which is made up of or breathable and durable material. A pair of gloves is also the part of the bundle. Like the Oriion paintball gun, the gloves are of top-notch quality as they are made up of breathable and durable material with padded knuckles to avoid any injury.

Besides this, a premium quality 900D high-density nylon paintball vest is also in the bundle which is completely adjustable and you can carry different items in it. Apart from protective gear, a 20 oz CO2 tank, 4 pods, barrel squeegee, and a hopper are also included in the package.

All in all, Oriion paintball marker is a pocket-friendly marker that comes with all the required protective gears.

  • Offers crazy firing rate
  • Electropneumatic marker
  • Shoot up to 300feets easily
  • With multiple firing rates
  • Uncomfortable handling

Factors to Consider When Buying A Paintball Gun Under $200

You will find many different types of paintball guns, that leave you confused and perplexed. Each varies from the other in terms of specifications and price tag. Features and specifications of gun increases with the increase in the price range. Like the $500 gun would have those features which you will hardly find in a $200 gun. Here we have compiled a brief guide about features that you must look into a paintball gun under $200.

Mind you, there are $100 paintball guns too in the market but that would be just a piece of toy. So follow our buying guide religiously you will get the best out of your hard-earned $200.

Type of Gun:

Categorizing broadly, there are three types of paintball guns that are pump paintball guns, mechanical paintball markers, and electro-pneumatic guns.

Electro-pneumatic guns are the faster gun that operated using batteries. Whereas the mechanical paintball markers use CO2 or compressed gas and offer a high firing rate. However, pump paintball guns offer a slow firing rate and are manually operated. If you want to know in detail about the type of paintball gun jump onto the best beginner paintball gun buyers guide.

Paintball guns under $200 are the mechanical type of marker which we called semi-automatic. You may get an electro-pneumatic marker as well, but that’s too rare. Buying a pump paintball marker under $200 is totally a game of loss.

Durability of Marker:

When buying the best budget paintball gun make sure to choose a gun that is made up of durable and rugged material. Be it $200 or $500, it’s a fool act to buy a flimsy and delicate marker that breaks just with a light impact. Paintball is a game where you would have to army crawl holding your marker in your hand which might hit against the ground. So a good cheap paintball gun should be ultra durable. For this, try to look for markers made up of aluminum.

Weight of Marker:

Professional paintballers keep themselves as weightless as possible. Using a heavy paintball gun on the field will give a big badge of LOOSER. Therefore if you want to win the game, reduce the unnecessary weight. So when you are buying a paintball gun under $200, do look at its weight. It should be light to carry. Aluminum-made markers are the best choice, they are not only durable but lightweight too.

Upgrades and Customizations:

Using the same gun every time will definitely make you bore. Upgrades are the best options. Whatever gun you purchase just to make sure that it supports the latest upgrades like electronic grip frame. This way you won’t have to buy a new marker every now and then. Just buy and install the latest upgrades.

Your $200 marker should be such that you can customize it according to your choice. Like you could install different accessories on its Picatinny rail or you can adjust the firing velocity or its foregrip position. It would be fun using a customizable marker.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

$200 paintball guns are usually entry-level guns that are mostly used by beginner players. Therefore such guns should be pretty effortless to clean and maintain. Make sure to choose such guns which are easy to disassemble and reassemble.

FAQs – Paintball Marker Under $200

Many options come under the category of a good inexpensive paintball gun. But we like Tippmann Cronus Basic version. With no doubt, it is a good cheap paintball gun. It fires up to 8 balls per second with a range of 150 feet.

You will find many markers in the market with as low as $100 and as high as $2000 price tag. It’s up to your need and your budget which one you choose.

Paintball is played in form of a team with at least four members in each team. The number of team members man increase up to 1000 for big tournaments.

It all depends upon your stamina. Usually, a paintball game may last between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the size of the team and the size of the field.

Wearing glasses under a paintball mask is a quite cumbersome task. Luckily there are paintball masks available in marker that are OTG-Goggles. Such paintball masks are specifically designed for players that use contact glasses, as they fit over glasses. This way glasses won’t squeeze against the player’s head.


Your paintball game greatly depends upon your marker. Buying a marker that does not perform well on the field is like a scary nightmare. Not only you waste your time, but your hard-earned money too. Therefore we have recommended some best paintball guns that you can easily buy under $200 with great accuracy. Here you go!

Our Top Recommendations: Tippmann – Good Cheap Paintball Gun

  • It has a mechanical trigger
  • Can be customized easily
  • Shoots accurately and consistently
  • Best for beginners

Our Runner Up: Maddog – Paintball Gun Under $200

  • It’s a semi-automatic pistol that accepts .68 caliber of ammo
  • Hoseless design
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Comes with hopper, mask, CO2 cylinder, and other essential accessories


We have now ended up best paintball gun under $200. Indeed buying a cheap gun with amazing features is a daunting job. Our reviews and buyers’ guide will definitely help you in selecting the best affordable paintball gun. Still, if you find it scary, then go check out our recommended paintball guns. Remember, paintball is a game played with full enthusiasm, using low-quality and old-style guns will lower your spirit, and eventually, you will lose the battle.