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What is Thepaintballhub.com?

The Paintball Hub is a brand that solely discusses paintball sport. Actually, we are trying to help players with our guides that which gadget is best for them and what is the purpose of it. Beginners guide could help the newbies who want to start this game as a career.

Jezus Fischer

My name is Jezus Fischer and I am Orlando Florida. Currently I am full time working on an paintball store in Florida, where we share tips and tricks with newbies and help them to get desired weapons to play smartly. I have completed my college in Florida. Thepaintballhub.com was my dream which comes to launch a website where everything related to paintball must be available, because when I start this game in my backyard, no one else helped and now newbies will not suffer and this website will help them in all aspects.

I saw most of the articles are lacking information and real facts that is the main reason to start this website.

People think that paintball starts from Gun and ends at paintballs which is totally wrong. This is a competitive shooting sport and it required certain safety gear along with accessories that help the player a lot.

Safety comes first when you start any game so we have written that how to play safely while playing paintball efficiently.

We discuss each and every aspect of this from buying guide to learning guide for newbies and professionals as well.

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Enjoy Paintball with Us.