Best Paintball Tank 2022 – Reviews for Every Level Paintballers

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If you wish to be a professional paintballer then stop using rental equipment and buy your own paintball gears and equipment that make you a successful paintballer. After paintball marker, paintball tanks are the most mandatory gear without which you are useless on a paintball field. Investing in the best paintball tank would be one of your momentous decisions that you won’t regret at all.

Professional players are well aware of the best paintball tank. Veteran paintballers stuck while choosing a paintball tank. Many budgeted paintball tanks are available in the market but not every tank is worth buying. The best paintball air tank must provide airflow with consistent pressure so that paintballers can smoothly fire without any disruption.

best paintball tank

Choosing the best paintball tank is not an easy job especially when all options are more or less similar. After months of research and testing, we have reviewed some paintball tanks which we think are best in town. The reviews are then backed by a short buying guide to help you decide the best paintball tank brand.

Types of Tanks:

Whatever paintball marker you are using you will need propellant to shoot the paintball out from the barrel of the gun. Based on propellant, we have got two types of tanks that are widely used around the globe to power the paintball gun. CO2 tank – which is most commonly used by paintballers. Whereas the other option is compressed air tanks which are normally used in high-end paintball markers. Let’s have a detailed look at both types.

CO2 Tank:

Co2 tanks are the most commonly used tank type among paintballers. Affordability and easy to refill are the main reasons for using CO2 tanks. Above all, co2 tank refills are widely available even on the paintball field. So if you are a veteran paintballer who just stepped into the world of paintball with a few bucks in the pocket, chances are quite high that a co2 tank would be your preference.

No doubt, they are great and simple to use but there is a major downside due to which professional players don’t give it high preference. Co2 tanks are weather and temperature-sensitive. Therefore, in cold weather, the internal pressure may drop and result in the freezing of gas inside the tank. This also happens when you fire with a crazy firing rate. The temperature sensitivity of the co2 tank results in pressure fluctuation which directly affects your performance in the game.

HPA Tank:

The next option of paintball tank is of HPA which is the acronym of high-Pressure Air. It is also known as a compressed air tank. They are comparatively less popular than CO2. Usually, paintballers who are more into paintball leagues and competition uses HPA tanks just because of the unreliability of CO2 tanks, they are the popular choice amongst professional players.

The biggest advantage of using an HPA tank or compressed air is that it doesn’t freeze up no matter how cold the temperature outside is. Above all, HPA tanks offer a consistent rate of firing without a pressure drop. Therefore, your performance would be outclassed with an HPA tank.

Many players have switched to HPA tanks because of their benefits and that’s the reason many paintball fields provides refills for HPA tank without charging a single penny. That’s a benefit as well as it cut down our tank refilling cost. HPA tank uses a special regulator which makes it easier to use effectively. Mind you, the regulator is pretty pricey which increases the cost of using an HPA tank.

10 Best Paintball Air Tanks 2022

Top Pick
Tippmann Basic paintball tank
Tippmann Basic paintball tank
  • HPA tank – 48/3000
  • With pre-fit regulator
  • Gives 500-700 shots
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Biggest Tank
empire carbon fiber tanks
Empire Carbon Fiber Tanks
  • Carbon fiber HPA tank
  • 48/4500
  • With pressure gauge
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Refillable Aluminum Tank
Maddog 20 Oz CO2 Paintball Tank
Maddog 20 Oz CO2 Paintball Tank
  • Aluminum co2 tanks
  • 800-100 shots
  • 20 oz of CO2
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Editor’s Choice
HK Army Aluminum HPA Tank - 48/3000
HK Army Aluminum HPA Tank
  • 48/3000
  • Aluminum made HPA tank
  • Shots 250
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3000psi Air Tank
Hawki High Pressure Air Tank
Hawki High Pressure Air Tank
  • 13/3000
  • Aluminum compressed air tank
  • Lightweight
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Flat Bottom Cylinder
First Strike 13/3000 Tank
First Strike 13/3000 Tank
  • 13/3000
  • HPA tank
  • Lightest paintball tank
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20oz Tank
Action Village 20oz CO2 Paintball Tank
Action Village CO2 Paintball Tank
  • Aluminum CO2 tank
  • 20 oz capacity
  • More than 1000 shots
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Dot Certified
Valken 48ci/3000psi Tank
Valken 48ci/3000psi Tank
  • Aluminum HPA tank
  • 48/3000
  • DOT and TC approved
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Compressed HPA Tank
Ninja Compressed Air Paintball Tank
Ninja Compressed Air Paintball Tank
  • Carbon fiber HPA tank
  • 68/4500
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48ci / 4500psi
HK Army Aerolite tank
HK Army Aerolite Tank
  • Aluminum HPA tank
  • 48/4500
  • With aeroLite pro regulator
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1. Tippmann – Best Paintball Tank

Tippmann - Best Paintball Tank

Those peeps who want a budget-friendly high-pressure air tank for paintball, Tippmann is the best choice for them.

Tippmann empire Basics 48/3000 HPA tank is the favorite of the majority of beginner level players and the reason is its lightweight nature. Constructed out of aluminum, it is capable of holding up to 48 cubic inches of HPA with an internal pressure of 3000 psi. A pre-fit regulator is already attached to the tank; therefore you don’t need to buy a regulator with it separately.

While using Tippmann Empire basic on a speedball tournament we found out that it can easily deliver 500-700 shots and if you are using a gas efficient marker like poppet-valve-based electro-pneumatic markers then you will enjoy more shots. Personally speaking, I found it a little bit on the heavier side. Though it’s light in weight but its weight ranges towards the higher side, which is not an impressive feature. 

All in all Tippmann empire basic is the best paintball tank for money. A great option for those players who want to switch towards HPA tanks.

Tippmann Paintball tank
  • Affordable
  • Gives an impressive number of shots
  • Comes with a pre-fit regulator
  • When compared to carbon fiber HPA tanks, its weight is relatively on the higher side

2. Empire – Biggest Paintball Air Tank

Empire - Biggest Paintball Air Tank

Fine, so you are upgrading from CO2 to a compressed air tank and want a carbon fiber HPA tank, then the Empire carbon fiber air system is a nice option for you. Being affordable it is light in weight as it is constructed out of carbon fiber.

Apart from this, it comes with an already fit regulator that is made out of aluminum. With aluminum, I meant to say aircraft-grade aluminum. While testing, I found out that its regulator has got pretty impressive quality. It is durable and sturdy. Though the tank itself is made out of durable material but the sturdiness of the regulator is something very impressive. Of course, it’s a pure energy technology regulator that is known for delivering stable output pressure with great flow.

The pressure gauge is of flimsy quality its stops functioning after a few fills. Empire should notice it. Meanwhile, you can replace it with any other gauge easily.

The internal pressure is about 4500 psi and the volume is 48 cubic inches.  The output pressure it delivers is about 800psi which you can adjust. The Empire carbon fiber air system is DOT certified which has to be re-test after every five years.

Empire tanks

My experience with the Empire carbon fiber air tank is pretty amazing. With its consistent pressure, you can shoot without any interruption. And it’s light on the shoulders and on the pocket too. So it’s one of the most recommended paintball tanks from our banner after Tippmann Tank.

  • Sturdy and lightweight construction
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum regulator
  • Provides consistent pressure
  • Gauge is of poor quality

3. Maddog – Best CO2 Tank for Paintball

Maddog - Best CO2 Tank for Paintball

Next on my list of best paintball tanks is from the house of Maddog. It’s an aluminum tank which is one of the best co2 tanks for paintball guns. As far as its durability is concerned, it’s super impressive. Everyone knows that aluminum is a lightweight metal therefore Maddog CO2 tanks weigh around 1.75 lbs when empty. It can hold 20 ounces of CO2 and when it is filled it weighs around 3 lbs, which is not so heavy to carry.

As far as the number of shots is concerned, according to our experts Maddog 20 oz. paintball tank can deliver up as low as 800 and as high as 1000 shots in one single fill. This is pretty cool, and I think it’s more than enough for one single round of paintball.

One interesting fact about the Maddog paintball tank is, stamping of the current manufacturing date on the tank. Many people misunderstood it as the expiration date but in actual it’s the manufacturing date. This way players can know how old paintball tank they are using,

From the manufacturing date till 5 years the tanks can be freely used for filling co2 but after 5 years you need to hydro test it. Maddog 20 oz paintball tank meets and exceeds all the safety certifications like DOT, ASTM, TC.

  • Sturdy and lightweight tank
  • Refillable tank
  • Can be used for up to 5 years
  • With consistent use, pin valves may leak

4. HK Army – Best HPA Tank for Paintball

HK Army - Best HPA Tank for Paintball

HK Army is one of the best paintball tank brands. Besides being affordable, tanks of the HK army are also durable and have immense robustness. HK Army is the HPA tank that our team has thoroughly tested. This is a small size HPA tank but doesn’t go to its size, it is full of power and performance. You can use it with a mag-fed marker and the difference will be visible.

The tank is made up of aluminum so it’s light in weight. The internal pressure s 3000 and the capacity is 48 cubic inches. The HK army HPA tank delivers an output pressure of 800 psi with which you can shots up to 250 ammo in one single fill.

One thing that is missing in the HK HPA tank is the pressure regulator. You can adjust its output pressure as it lacks one. For this, you need to buy a regulator. Overall, it’s a nice HPA tank as it delivers gas with consistent pressure. So that you can accurately shoot your target.

HK Army tanks
  • Budgeted HPA tank
  • Great for beginner players
  • Easy to carry and durable
  • DOT and TC approved
  • Lacks regulator. So it’s difficult to adjust the output pressure

5. Hawki – High Pressure Tank

Hawki - High Pressure Tank

Be it your paintball marker or airsoft gun, Hawki aluminum compressed air tank would be your best companion to win the game.

Constructed using lightweight aluminum, the Hawki HPA tank has got awesome sturdiness. It can hold 13 cubic inches of HPA with a pressure of 3000psi. The output pressure it delivers is 800 psi. Players have the freedom to adjust the output pressure using the pressure regulator that is pre-fit on the tank. It is equipped with a pressure gauge that notifies you from time to time gas pressure.

Hawki HPA paintball tanks are not only easy to use but also safe to use. The nipples of the tank are covered with a rubber cover to prevent any accidental leakage. It is the overall length of the tank is around 10 inches including the regulator. Hawki HPA tank is not as light in weight as compared to carbon fiber paintball tank but it is reasonably sized and priced. Great for beginner layers who want to experience HPA tanks.

  • Well maintained pressure
  • With pressure regulator
  • Light and compact tank
  • Not lightly weight as it should be when compared with carbon fiber tank

6. First Strike – Best HPA Tank for Paintball

First Strike - Best HPA Tank for Paintball

First strike paintball tank is not very popular but when you need a high-performance HPA tank in an affordable price then First strike is the best option. The reason we have added the First strike on our list is its lightweight construction. Out of all the paintball tanks that we have tested and reviewed, First strike is one of the lightweight paintball tanks. It weighs around 0.9lbs which is comparatively less than the other paintball tanks on the market.

Another worth mentioning feature of the First strike paintball tank is its brass threads. These threads look like ordinary threads but they can rotate 360 degrees. This allows you to fit the tank in any direction either vertical or horizontal or whatever position you like.

The standard output pressure is 800psi which is being followed by First strike tank but in case you want a low-pressure paintball tank, you can adjust its output pressure from 275-1100psi. Due to its pressure adjustment first strike paintball tank can be attached with any paintball marker.

First Strike Tanks

Talking about the recharge rate, it is pretty quick. You don’t need to wait and yawn for the tank to refill. According to our experts, First strike paintball tanks recharge within minutes without any hassle. That’s the impressive part about it.

  • A tank cover is already included in it
  • Best for beginner players
  • Readily refill
  • Immensely lightweight
  • Though it’s an HPA tank but it fluctuates FPS when compared to other models

7. Action Village – High Pressure Paintball Tank

Action Village - High Pressure Paintball Tank

Every paintballer must be aware of the brand Action Village. It is the brand that has been serving paintballers for ages. Here we have added an action village aluminum co2 tank which is a true example of durability and sturdiness.

It is a 20 oz tank that can hold enough co2 that you can shoot more than 1000 shots which is not a bad deal for beginner and intermediate level players. 20 oz capacity of Action village tank will guarantee you that you won’t run out of air even during the middle of the match. 

Since it is made up of aluminum so you can expect that it would be light in weight and it is. Action village focuses on the safety of players and that’s why their tanks are DOT and TC certified. Action village co2 tanks are compatible with all brands of paintball markers that use CO2 as a source of power.

  • Built with durable material
  • Lightweight and safe to use
  • Gives more than 1000 shots
  • You will have to buy pressure regulator separately with it

8. Valken – Best Paintball Tank for the Money

Valken - Best Paintball Tank for the Money

Valken compressed air tank for paintball has got all the bells and whistles that you want for a successful paintball game. It is amongst the best paintball tank and it’s all because of its durable material and high-end performance.

Valken HPA tank has got 3000 psi of internal pressure and a consistent output pressure of about 800 psi. This combination of internal and output pressure gives exceptional airflow to your weapon and that’s why it Valken paintball tank boosted your performance.

The tank comes with a pressure regulator therefore you don’t need to invest some extra bucks in buying a regulator.

Valken paintball tank is made up of aluminum and meets and exceeds all the regulatory requirements. It is a DOT and TC-certified paintball tank. It offers you 5 years hydro test warranty, which makes you use the tank for 5 years without being worried.

  • Perfect tank for entry-level players
  • The stainless steel fill nipple
  • Meets TC and DOT standards
  • With time it leaks

9. Ninja – Carbon Fiber Tank

Ninja - Carbon Fiber Tank

Now, this is something that is out of this world. Robustness and resilience are the prime features of the Ninja carbon tank. We have deeply tested the Ninja carbon fiber tank and used it on various paintball fields and didn’t find any flaw in the performance. Ninja carbon fiber tanks are specifically designed for professional players. It is available in many attractive colors out of which black, snakeskin, translucent red are the most popular.

Let me reveal how it performs.

Made out of carbon fiber which is pretty a lightweight material and suitable for HPA. It delivers the airflow to the gun with the same consistency without any fluctuation in pressure. So your performance would be amazing especially when you are using a Mag-fed or electro-pneumatic marker.

Its sturdiness and light nature are the reason why it is the favorite tank of professional paintballers. But one noticeable thing is its outside body is prone to dents even with a minor fall. I think that’s not a big issue as long as it’s performing fine. Ninja tank can hold 68 ci of gas with an internal pressure of 4500 psi. There is a pressure regulator on the top of the tank with the help of which you can adjust the output pressure according to the need of your marker.

Ninja tanks

To keep you updated with the amount of air inside the tank, there is a gauge on the top, so that you can refill it when you are out of gas. Ninja paintball tanks are compatible with all types of paintball markers. 

Overall, the Ninja carbon fiber paintball tank is one of the best high-pressure paintball tanks that are available in various volumes ranging from 35 – 77ci.

  • Best for paintball leagues and airsoft
  • Highly trusted brand by professional players
  • Easy to carry around
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • The body is prone to dents

10. Hk Army – Low Pressure Paintball Tank

Hk Army - Low Pressure Paintball Tank

HK Army AeroLite carbon fiber air tank system is the choice of the tank for professional players who don’t bother spending extra bucks on tanks. It features an AeroLite pro regulator which is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum. Whereas the tank itself is made up of carbon fiber. HK Army AeroLite is called as one of the lightweight paintball tanks that give strong and reliable performance in every paintball game.

The construction of HK Army AeroLite is such that it looks compact and small but inside it has got enough space to accommodate 48ci of HPA. The internal pressure is 4500 psi.

As far as the average number of shots is concerned, it is comparatively lower than its competitors that are 720 shots in a single fill. But don’t look towards the number, consider its performance and the consistent pressure output that smoothly flows air to your gun. So that you crazily fire your opponent.

HK Army AeroLite paintball tank is manufactured in the USA and has safety certifications like DOT and TC. All in all, it’s a nice carbon fiber paintball tank.

  • With adjustable pressure regulator
  • Compact in size but holds a great volume
  • Nice and sturdy system
  • TC and DOT approved
  • Gas may leak due to loose threading between the gun and tank

Paintball Tank Buying Guide

Choosing the best paintball tank for money could be an easy job if you are well aware of the factors or points that you have to deeply consider while buying a paintball tank. Here are some considerations that you must check into a tank for a paintball game.

Tank Type:

As discussed earlier, paintball tanks are of two types the one that comes with Co2 gas in it and the other that has HPA or compressed air in it. Both types of tanks have their own pros and cons. Also, every paintball has different preferences when it comes to tank type. Usually, professional and expert paintballers prefer to play with the HPA tank due to its consistency. However, CO2 tanks are the choice of tank for occasional and recreational paintballers.

Tank Size:

Tank size is the second most important factor that players should consider before buying. Usually, veteran players make the mistake of buying a large size paintball tank thinking that it will offer more shots. But they end up getting too tired as the large tank would be heavy to hold for too long. So here, “bigger the better” statements invalidate.

For CO2 tanks two types are available,  

  • Single-use cartridge- which can be used just one time. It weighs around 12 grams which is enough to fire 35 shots.
  • the refillable tanks that can be refilled anytime you want. Its size ranges from 9 oz to 36 oz. You can fire up to 1600 shots with a 36 oz refillable co2 tank.
Tank SizeTank WeightAverage Shots
12 oz1.8 lbs600
20 oz2.6 lbs1000
24 oz3.1 lbs1200

For HPA tanks the size rating is in PSI and cubic inches. The PSI indicates the pressure of the tank that comes in 3000Psi and 4500 psi. Whereas cubic inches indicates the volume of the tank that is the total capacity of the tank. It ranges from 13 cu to 90 cu.

We always recommend players to look tank size chart that they will get at the sports shop before buying a tank. Usually, our players prefer to play with 68/4500 of tank size. Whereas the 4500 indicates the internal pressure of the tank and 68 denotes the volume of the tank. There are other sizes as well like 50/4500 and 90/4500. 68/4500 size tank is a medium-size tank that is not too small or not too heavy to carry. This is the ideal size as it is light in weight and gives you enough shots to dominate your enemy.

Tank Size: 3000 PSI

SizeAverage Shots
13 cu. Inch130
22 cu. Inch230
35 cu. Inch370
48 cu. Inch500
62 cu. Inch640

Tank Size: 4500 PSI

SizeAverage Shots
48 cu. Inch720
68 cu. Inch1020
80 cu. Inch1200
90 cu. Inch1350

Tank Material:

Many low-end paintball tanks are made up of cheap quality material. Of course, you can’t expect high performance with such paintball tanks. That’s why the material of the paintball tank is one of the crucial aspects that one should consider. Generally, paintball tanks are made up of either aluminum or carbon fiber or steel. Let’s check out one by one.

Aluminum made paintball tanks:

Paintball tanks that are made up of aluminum are relatively easier to carry as they are light in weight. Aluminum-made tanks are by far the most used paintball tanks these days. Apart from this, they are less expensive.

Where the shoe pinch is, they are less durable when compare with other materials. Its body can be easily damaged with slight hits and impacts. Despite its durability, many people still use aluminum-made paintball tanks because they are pretty easy to carry especially in scenario paintball. Tippmann And Maddog are the most commonly used aluminum paintball tanks.

Carbon fiber made paintball tanks:

Ninja is a big name in the field of paintball and it has used carbon fiber in the manufacturing of tanks. The reason is it’s durable and immensely light in weight. From durability, you can expect no dent even when abused roughly. They can withstand tough and rough style playing without any damage. They are a bit costly but they last very long. A carbon fiber tank can accommodate up to 4500PSI of pressure. We have Empire and Ninja paintball tanks on our list which are carbon fiber-made tanks and hold up to 4500psi.

Steel made tanks:

Tanks that are made up of metal like steel offer exceptional sturdiness. This means it can bear abusive handling; even extreme abusive handling will not damage it. Such tanks are great if you want durability but mind you it adds unnecessary weight to your tank and marker. Steel is an outdated material now. You will hardly find any steel-made paintball tank. The reason is, they are heavy and their lifespan is pretty short as they are prone to rust.

Among these three materials, carbon fiber paintball tanks rank high because of their ability to hold high pressure and bear rough handling.

Tank Weight:

Weight is of utmost importance especially if you are a competitive player who plays for hours and hours. Carrying unnecessary weight around the field will make you tired before time. This in turn will affect your overall game performance.

Usually, 48/3000 and 68/4500 are the two most popular sizes in aluminum and carbon fiber tank respectively. As they are both ideal size-wise and weight-wise.

Never ever make the mistake of choosing a heavy tank for your game. Choose a tank that when attached to the paintball gun stops at the crease of your elbow. This is the tip to get the right size paintball tank.

Paintball Tank FAQs:

Usually Paintball tanks are filled at very high pressure with the help of expensive air compressors. If you are rich enough you can buy a high-end air compressor. This may cost you around $4500. Another way to fill paintball tanks at home is to buy an oxygen tank like a scuba diving tank and fill your paintball tank at home.

It all depends upon the gun you are using and the weather condition in which you are playing. It’s an estimate that a 20 oz CO2 tank can give 960-1100 shots in a single filling.

Yes, you can fill the paintball tank with air compressors. But for this, you need a high-pressure air compressor and heavy-duty equipment.

Usually high end paintball tanks expire after five years. After that paintball tanks needs to be re-hydro tested from a professional paintball gun shop.

Yes, compressed air is far better than co2 and the main reason is its consistency. If the pressure is consistent the performance would be great and smooth. Co2 is a temperature sensitive gas which affects the output pressure especially when you are playing in cold weather or firing rapidly.

Yes, 95% of the paintball tank comes with pressure gauge. This way you can determine the amount of gas left inside the paintball tank.

Yes, paintballs tanks have a lifespan of 15 years. During this period paintball tank should be hydro tested every three to five years.

Sporting stores are the ideal place to fill co2 tank. But in case you can’t find one, then head towards fire extinguisher station and local welding shop. They would fill up your CO2 tank.


Paintballing is impossible without a paintball tank. Be it speedball or woodsball or any scenario game, the importance of a paintball tank is inescapable. Remember, purchasing a paintball tank is a one-time decision that lasts for 5 years approximately. So whatever paintball tank you chose make sure that it should be light to carry around, should have durable and sturdy construction, and deliver smooth and reliable gas airflow.