Best Paintball Pants with Superior Breathability and Flexibility 2022

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

Paintballing is not about high-quality accessories and protective gear but you should also invest in some high-end paintball clothes that keep you comfortable and protected throughout the game. Scratched knees are the most common injury that paintballers face and the reason is the use of less protective and padded bottoms.

Best Paintball Pants

When it comes to bottoms, we have got some amazing paintball pants that are thick and padded enough to protect your knees and legs from scratches. Though there are numerous tactical paintball pants in the market but we have selected the 10 Best Paintball Pants, tested, and reviewed them. So that you can buy a perfect pair of padded paintball pants for your next paintball match.

10 Best Tactical Paintball Pants 2022

Survival Tactical Pants
Survival Tactical – Best Paintball Pants
  • Designed with 1000D layer technology
  • Superior knee protection system
  • Knee and butts padding
  • With 16 small and big pockets
HK Army TRK Jogger Pants
HK Army TRK – Jogger Paintball Pants
  • Paint/mud resistant fabric
  • Drawstring waist band for perfect fit
  • Stretchable pair of pants
  • Breathable and well-ventilated
IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants
IDOGEAR G3 – Multicam Paintball Pants
  • 4-way stretch technology
  • Anti-rip and tear material
  • Water resistant Teflon coating
  • With 10 spacious pockets

1. Survival Tactical – Best Paintball Pants 2022

Survival Tactical – Best Paintball Pants

Survival Tactical has designed some of the best camo paintball pants that offer superior protection with immense durability. These trousers of survival tactical are designed using 1000D layer technology with ripstop fabric. And the best part is, for the knee, butt, and leg area a highly durable material is used so that you can play without any fear of damage.

If you are fond of wearing cool and classy shades of paintball pants, then keep Survival tactical pants on your list. They are available in numerous colors like multi-cam and officer green. Apart from this, coyote brown and typhoon camo are also available. There are even tons of extraordinary sizes like ranging from small to extra-enormous.

Survival tactical pants have been used by our team members on different paintball fields. Surprisingly all of them appreciate the comfort level of these pants. There are almost 16 pockets which are quite useful for keeping your important stuff. The lightweight mesh that is there inside the pants makes it pretty breathable and you won’t sweat liberally.

  • 16 pockets of different sizes
  • Padded from knees and buts area
  • Knee protection system
  • Available in many colors
  • Not really for relaxed wearing

No doubt survival tactical is one of the best padded paintball pants that use unique technology like air circulation system and changeable knee protection system. It is durable and won’t tear even on rough use.

2. HK Army TRK – Jogger Paintball Pants

HK Army TRK – Jogger Paintball Pants

So, you want something that is affordable and built to last. Try HK army TRK paintball pants. HK Army is a brand that every paintballer knows due to its quality and durable product. Like other products, HK army paintball pants are of extreme quality and durability with an affordable price tag. They are made up of good material with great padding and stretch zone.

While we tested these pants we found a high-quality padding area in the fly area. And that’s the great thing indeed. It features a drawstring waistband that makes it comfortable to wear. Apart from this, if you see the inside of the pant, it’s all covered with a soft mesh material that makes the pant breathable and comfortable.

The best part about HK army jogger paintball pants is their material, which does not absorb any kind of paint or mud. This makes it cleaning an easy peasy job.

The ankle fit design of the pant gives a perfect fit on the legs and ankle area. One drawback that I felt it has, during speedball, when I had to carry lots of pods and other stuff; I found out that it has only 2 swab pockets. Paintballers have to carry different things with them so there should be more pockets in the pant.

  • Stretchable material
  • Zipper pockets are waterproof
  • Material is durable and easy to clean
  • Ventilated and breathable pant
  • It has only two pockets

HK army TRK jogger pants are the perfect jogger pants for paintballers. They are breathable and have enough padded to protect the groin area. Since it has only two pockets therefore you will have to use a harness with these pants to keep important stuff.

3. IDOGEAR G3 – Multicam Paintball Pants

IDOGEAR G3 – Multicam Paintball Pants

IDOGEAR is a professional tactical gear manufacturer is known for manufacturing awesome products. IDOGEAR generation 3 tactical paintball pants are made up of polyester and cotton, 50% each. So you can imagine the durability it has.

Also, they have incorporated ripstop technology that makes them anti-ripping and tearing. With 4-way stretch technology, you can move with great without any fear of tearing. For added durability, it has a YKK zipper and Teflon coating on the outside of the pant.

You will be staggered to know that it comes with adjustable knee pads. You can adjust the knee pad size according to your comfortable position. It comes with 10 pockets and IDOGEAR is available in different attractive colors such as ranger green multi camo in black and fawn.

  • Great tactical pants
  • The low-profile waistband gives a perfect fit
  • With adjustable knee pad
  • Stretchable and comfortable pant
  • No hips and crotch padding

No doubt, IDOGEAR offers the high-end quality of tactical gear and the same goes for their jogger pant. They are designed with high technology to make you most comfortable during the game. 

4. Bunker Kings – Paintball Protective Pants

Bunker Kings – Paintball Protective Pants

The next one on my list of best jogger paintball pants is from the banner of bunker king. These Featherlite fly paintball pants are pretty popular amongst paintballers because of their lightweight design. It weighs around 430 grams which are so light that even you will doubt in your heart whether you have worn something or not.

Bunkering kings Featherlite pants are one of the most stretchy pants and it’s berceuse of the Durstretch technology that not only make these pants stretchy but also resistant to water. 

Since paintballing is all about running and targeting, therefore you need to have a perfect fit and comfortable pants. Bunkering Featherlite features an amazing locking system that fixes your pant at one position without sliding up or down. Also, it has adjustable waist sizes for every size, this way you can get a perfect fit around your waist. Bunker king Featherlite paintball pants are available in all sizes.

  • Adjustable ankle straps look cool
  • Breathable and comfortable pant
  • Power stretch
  • Lightweight with no bulky detailing
  • Crotch seam splits after a few washes

Bunker king Featherlite paintball pants are a great choice for players who want to remain comfortable and stretchy on the field. But it’s not as durable as it should be. Anyways, it’s economical you can afford another one easily.

5. HK Army Hardline – Best Lightweight Paintball Pants

HK Army Hardline – Best Lightweight Paintball Pants

If you are in search of some cool and stylish paintball pants then grab your hands on HK army Hardline paintball pants. Its design and details are so amazing that you will fall in love with it at first glance. 

Let me tell you, HK army Hardline paintball pants are designed by professional tournament-level paintballers who are well aware of the slides, dives, and snake crawls at the field. That’s why there is thick padding in the hips, crotch, and knees area to keep you protected from injuries. 

Also, an adjustable waist and cuff strap makes you fit perfectly in the pant. We tested these pairs of pants at a brutal woodsball field and found them super stretchy. The material is so soft and breathable that you can wear it all day long without any trouble.

One thing that bothers me all day is the thick mesh inside that keeps sticking to my legs making them super warm. To cope with this, there are legs vents with a zipper to lower your body temperature.

HK Army Hardline paintball pants are designed by professionals, that’s why they are well aware of the importance of pocket. Besides all these features HK army hardline pants have some SIS pockets too for keeping barrel squeegee and pods. It is available in many different color combinations such as graphite, fire, stealth, and others but the base color remains the same that is black.

  • Great for all-day wearing
  • Gives great protection to knees and hips
  • Designed for professional players
  • With great designing
  • The inner mesh is pretty thick and sticks to the leg

HK Army Hardline paintball pants are indeed the best-padded paintball pants that keep your lower body protected from paintball hits. Indeed they are super comfortable and stretchy that you can easily wear them all day long.

6. YEVHEV G3 – Tactical Paintball Pants

YEVHEV G3 – Tactical Paintball Pants

YEVEHEV is a 16years old brand that is known for tactical and hunting clothes. They develop such clothes that keep you warm and cozy even in chilly winters. YEVHEC G3 pants are the fusion of style, comfort, and durability. It is made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. But the best thing is, it has a Teflon coating on top of pants which makes it water-resistant and tear-resistant. Besides this, Teflon coating increases the durability of pants as well.

YEVHEV has put great effort into designing these tactical paintball pants so that players may feel comfortable during the game. That’s why there is special tailoring on the hips and crotch area which first perfectly on the body so that you can easily make your tactical movements.

To make these pants more flexible, you will find the fabric from the knees and waist is somewhat different from the fabric of the entire pant. This is because YEVEHEV has added special elastic fabric to these areas.

Moreover, it features removable knee pads and the interesting thing is you can adjust these knee pads according to your height with the help of its elastic strap. YEVHEV is one of the best tactical paintball pants as it fit right because of its adjustable Velcro straps in the waist, knees and ankles.

  • Comfortable and flexible pants
  • Designed for professional paintballers
  • With enough padding on hips and crochet
  • Adjustable knee padding
  • The pants look too baggy

I would say YEVHEV paintball pants are the best paintball pants for big boys, because of their available sizes and it is too roomy that a big size man can easily fit into them.

7. Paintball Equipment – Combat Pants

Paintball Equipment – Combat Pants

Paintball equipment combat tactical pants are the perfect choice of pants for big guys because of the available size. Unlike the other tactical pants, it is not much heavy, it weighs around 0.8gm.

Gen2 is made up of mixed material that is cotton and polyester with high content of polyester. The Teflon coating on the top makes it water-resistant and anti-wear/tear. Therefore, you can freely wear it in any paintball league without any fear that it will tear. The water-resistant capability of the pant does not absorb paintball dyes. That’s why it can be washed easily after the paintball match.

We have tested Gen 2 combat paintball pants on various paintball tournaments and we found them super comfortable and breathable. The inner mesh is a great addition to keep the pant breathable. Also, in terms of protection, it leaves no loophole. The padded crotch and hip area protect you from any kind of injury. In fact, the knee area has removable knee pads that make it easier for you to crawl or creep on the ground.

The interesting thing about paintball equipment combat tactical paintball pant is, it has got numerous pockets with durable zipper and buttons. This way you can keep your important gears on the paintball field easily. These amazing pair of paintball pants are available in numerous sizes but make sure to buy big size pants as it shrinks after washing. Till then you can adjust the waist using Velcro straps.

  • Great for outdoor sports
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight and breathable pant
  • With a replaceable knee pad
  • It shrinks after washing

Paintball equipment gen 2 combat paintball pants are nice tactical pants that are not only comfortable to wear but also stylish and trendy too. It’s a must-have paintball pant.

8. Exalt – Paintball Pants

Exalt – Paintball Pants

Exalt paintball pants are one of the best tactical pants that I would love to recommend every time.

Exalt t4 is the perfect example of fine workmanship which can be evident by its elegant design. Exalt 4 has got all the features that should be there in tactical pants with padding on the top.

Well, it has got really nice padding on the knees, hips, and crotch area so that you can glide or slide on the field easily. On the knees, the padding area is quite big so that it wraps around your legs and gives you optimum protection.

Exalt t4 pant has got numerous pockets which are pretty wide and well designed so that you can keep your paintball accessories in them. The pant has got a drawstring at the bottom and at the top too, to make them fit on your body. To keep your legs cool and breathable, the inside of the pant has a mesh lining to keep your body cool during the game.

While we tried Exalt T4 pants on a woodsball field, we were amazed by their flexibility. Though it’s stretchable, but it has got more stretch at the hips and crotch area which usually are prone to damage. So unlike other pants, Exalt T4 pants are protective and durable to use.

  • Plenty of pockets
  • Baggy style pants
  • Made up of high-quality material
  • Fine and elegant designing
  • With wide knee pads
  • Pockets at the back of the thigh are tricky to use

Exalt T4 pants are one of the best paintball pants for summer because of their breathability. You can fearlessly wear it on any paintball field, neither will it tear nor will it spoil.

9. Bunker Kings V2 – Cheap Paintball Pants

Bunker Kings – Cheap Paintball Pants

Bunker King Supreme paintball joggers are comfortable pairs of paintball pants that are one of the best-reviewed pants on the internet. These pants are made up of high-quality ballistic nylon which is double stitched. To make it more durable, it features quadruple stitched seams at the areas that are susceptible to tear. So in terms of durability, stay relaxed, you can wear it on every paintball match.

Bunkerkings V2 supreme paintball pants are pretty flexible with hi-flow ventilation so that you can remain cool and freely move on the field. For better mobility, it features elastic flex zones.

Like every paintball pant, it has padding around the knees and crotch to give maximum protection. It features a few pockets but all have zippers so none of your stuff will fall out of your pocket.

Bunkerkings supreme V2 paintball pant is great pants in terms of material and functionality but their size is a big confusion. It is a bit slim in the style which is not liked by the majority of paintballers, so always choose one size greater than your actual size.

  • Highly durable and flexible pants
  • Offers great breathability
  • Elastic flex zone for comfortable mobility
  • Great padding
  • Some customers find it hard to select the perfect size

Bunker King V2 is a great pair of paintball pants, especially for beginners. They are no doubt one of the best cheap paintball pants with all those bells and whistles of costly paintball pants.

10. GI Sportz – Best Paintball Pants for Big Guys

GI Sportz – Best Paintball Pants for Big Guys

The last paintball pant that we have tried is GI sports Empire F7 paintball pant which I would say is one of the lightweight and breathable pant. It weighs only one pound, so if you wear it, you will remain comfortable in every sense.

In terms of breathability, no one can beat GI sports paintball pants. It features laser-cut vent holes at the back of the pant which allows a massive amount of air to move and absorbs perspiration.

It features power stretch mesh panels which also makes the pant breathable and soft. To have full degree flexibility it features a 4-way stretch groin panel. We have tested it on a scenario-based speedball game where we have to crawl to our base camp. During crawling, we felt how flexible these pants are.

GI Sportz paintball pant fits every player thanks to their elastic ankle cuffs and adjustable waist.

  • Super ventilated and breathable pants
  • With power stretch mesh panels
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Durable and rugged knee panel
  • No knee, hip, or crotch padding

GI sports Empire F7 is an extremely lightweight paintball pant that has got enough ventilation to make the pant breathable. We would recommend it for those players who are hard-core paintballers who play irrespective of hot temperatures.

Paintball Pants Buying Guide

So we have shared our views about some best paintball pants. Now it’s time for you to consider what characteristics should paintball pants have and why they are necessary. So that if you want to buy paintball pants that we haven’t reviewed, you can easily make a decision. Let’s check out our paintball pant buying points.

Look for thin pants:

You are not playing paintball in your drawing room where the floor is neatly clean. Paintball is a rough and tough game that will expose you to harsh conditions. You might dive, creep or crawl during the game which may injure your legs. Therefore, while choosing the best jogger paintball pant always look for a pant that is thick enough to protect you from thorns and twigs. Also, you won’t get any bump on your leg after getting hit by a paintball. Luckily, all the paintball pants that we have reviewed above are made up of thick material.

Look for padded pants:

Just like the thickness is important for paintball pants, padding is equally important. In fact, padded pants are the perfect definition of paintball pants. Usually pants have thick padding on the knees, crotch, and hips area so that you can freely move around the field without any injury. Most of the paintball tactical trousers have removable knee pads which is a great thing. You can even adjust the position of the knee pad according to your height. For instance, IDOGEAR and YEVHEV paintball pants have adjustable and removable knee pads.

Choose the right material:

What I believe is, a paintball pant should not be susceptible to tear. It should be strong and durable enough to withstand all harsh conditions. Therefore always select such paintball pant that is made up of strong and durable material that is wear-resistant. Besides this, flexibility is another important factor. The paintball pant should be made up of flexible material so that you can easily stretch and move around the field. All the pants that we have reviewed are made up of rugged, durable, and flexible material but our favorite is YEVHEV as it has used special elastic knitted fabric on the knees and waist area to have more flexibility.

Look for breathable pants:

You can’t deny the fact that paintball is a strenuous game that will make you sweat a lot during the game. That’s why to keep yourself cool, always look for breathable paintball pants. Pants are breathable when they are made up of breathable material or have mesh paneling or laser cuts.

Wearing constricted pants will make you discomfort which ultimately affects your performance. Therefore, the breathability of pants is another important factor that you should consider. HK army TRK and Hardline both have mesh paneling for breathability purposes. Whereas, GI sports empire F7 features laser perforations for breathability.

Look for plenty of pockets:

Yes, more pockets mean more space and this is better for you. You will have extra space to keep barrels, pods, magazines, and other accessories while paintballing. Make sure to look for zipper pockets that give extra protection to your belongings. Survival tactical paintball pants will win your heart if you want pockets, as it has got 16 pockets.

Best Paintball Pants FAQs

Yes, of course, they are. They keep you protected from thorns and rocks while you dive on the ground. Also, it protects you from paintball.

Any paintball pant that is light in weight, breathable, flexible, water-resistant, and has thick material with enough pockets will best choice.

Paintball pants are not much costly. Their prices may vary with respect t brand and features but on average high-end paintball pants will not cost you more than $200.

Usually, paintball pants are made up of cotton and polyester. But other paintballs pants are made up of 1000Denier fabric and Nylon. But polyester and cotton are the best material.

Usually, all paintball pants are unisex that is they can be used by both girls and boys. But IDOGER G3 paintball pant is said to be the best women’s paintball pants.


Paintballers can play with great tactics and tricks if they are comfortable both mentally and physically. Being comfortable mentally is not in our hands, but yes we can make you comfortable physically by reviewing some best paintball pants for you. These paintball pants will keep you cool also even if you play on hot summer days.

Though we have selected the top-rated paintball pants but if you are still perplexed to choose then go with our recommendations that are Exalt T4 paintball trousers as it has enough padding and is made up of thick material. Survival tactical pants are also a great option. Rest, the choice is yours, take help from our buying guide and choose the best pair of paintball pants for you.