Best Paintball Gun for Home Security 2022 – Rapid Firing Rates

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According to FBI, a new burglary occurs every 26 seconds in the US. So it makes a total of 3300 per day. Unluckily, less than 30% of the homes in the US have an effective and functional security system as per Whereas the rest of the population doesn’t own any security systems and is at high risk of break-inns. For such people using a paintball gun for home security purpose is a great idea.

Best Paintball Gun for Home Defense

Besides dominating the speedball field, paintball guns can also be used for protecting your house against trespassers, burglars, and home intruders. Any type of paintball marker be it semi-automatic or fully automatic can be used for home security purposes. Here we have sorted out some best paintball gun for home security that uses different rounds to distract the attacker. All these guns feature impressive velocities with high ranges that can hit the intruder with great accuracy.

5 Best Paintball Guns for home Defense

1. Maddog Cronus – Best Paintball Gun for Home Security

Semi-automatic marker with a gravity-feed system that fires 15 rounds per second with an impressive range of 150 FPS.

2. T4E Umarex .43cal – Paintball Pistol Gun for Home Defense

Sleek and magazine feed pistol with 8 round capacity magazine. Accurately hits the target at an inspiring range of 350 feet.

3. Tippmann – Most Powerful Paintball Gun

A gun whose MilSim style look is enough to scare the intruders. With velocity adjuster and proven inline bolt system for consistent shots.

4. T4E Umarex – .50 Cal Paintball Revolver

A sturdy revolver with an awe-inspiring range of 200 yards and 60 rounds per CO2 cartridge. Give no time to escape.

5. Valken M17 – Paintball Marker for Home Security

Pneumatic/mechanical mag-fed marker with semi and full auto firing mode offers great accuracy with range. Best to target group of robbers.

Paintball Gun for Home Security Buying Guide

Whether you are buying a paintball gun for home defense or for playing paintball, you need to give proper attention to some of the factors. Like material, weight, customization, and ease of cleaning; that has to be there in the best paintball gun of course. Keeping in mind that you are buying it for self-defense purposes, there are some more factors that you must look into:

Trustworthy and reliable:

The best paintball marker for home security and self-defense should be durable and reliable enough that it never fails to shoot. Obviously, you don’t want to give a clear way to a burglar. So it’s better to choose a gun that is manufactured by a high-end brand that uses top-quality parts and material. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands of bucks on a gun. There are mediocre brands too, that manufacture reliable guns that exhibit trustworthy performance.

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Extreme Accuracy:

While attacking an intruder or burglar, your first shoot should be accurate enough that it won’t give chance to an intruder to retaliate. This means you hit the target whenever you fire. So my advice would be to go for such guns that have lots of accuracies. Accurate shots will leave the invader scared and he would definitely run away to save his life.

Can we use it for home defense?

Paintball guns are less-than-lethal guns that can be used for home defense and self-defense. Paintball guns use pepper ball rounds which contained a powdered chemical that irritates the nose and eyes of intruders. This way you will get enough time to call the police or protect your family. Apart from pepper ball rounds, rubber rounds are also used in paintball guns to give a shut-up call to home intruders. Rubber round can cause a bruise or intense pain to the invader.

Using a paintball gun for home defense is a great approach especially when you hit sensitive and unprotected spots. This will induce a sensation of intense pain and either he would run away or give you enough time to call for help.

Home defense means when someone trespassing through your property/ house with criminal intent and you try to protect and defend your house by using firearms. Paintball markers are absolutely legal to use for home defense because of the fact that they do not kill intruders. According to Second Amendment, when a burglar or trespasser puts you in a threatening situation, you can use paintball markers to defend yourself, provided the user must be over the age of 18 years.

1. Maddog Cronus – Best Paintball Gun for Home Security

Maddog Cronus - Best Paintball Gun for Home Security

Tippmann is one of the most popular paintball marker companies ever. Maddog Cronus of Tippmann is the least expensive gun which is available in two options that are the basic version and the tactical version.

For home security and self-defense purpose, Tippmann Cronus basic is the best choice.

Cronus is a semi-automatic marker that can fire up to 150 feet per second. The Tippmann Cronus can shoot any 0.68 calibers of ammo be it pepper balls, paintballs, rubber rounds or nylon wrapped copper balls. It can accommodate any type of rounds that can be used for self-defense purposes and can shoot 15 balls per second. Tippmann Cronus will definitely give a tough time to home intruders.

Like other semi-automatic guns, it uses 12 grams of CO2 cartridges or HPA. Unlike other guns of Tippmann Cronus basic is primarily made up of nylon with aluminum sleeves and that’s the reason it is comparatively bulky in weight. It weighs around 3.7 pounds.

The gun features an in-line bolt system and smooth spring system that assures no-ball jamming especially when you are making someone’s blood cold.

As a less-than-lethal weapon, it has no drawback but if you use it for playing paintball, then keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of upgrades available for it. That means you can’t install cyclone hopper, response trigger, or e-grip to Tippmann Cronus basic version.

Maddog Tippmann Cronus
  • Impressive range of 150 FPS
  • Firing rate of 15 rounds per second
  • With Picatinny rail for adding accessories
  • No upgrades available

2. T4E Umarex .43cal – Paintball Pistol Gun for Home Defense

T4E Umarex .43cal - Paintball Pistol Gun for Home Defense

If you are looking for a handy and compact paintball marker, then T4E Walther PPQ is the perfect pistol for home security purposes. 

T4E Walther PPQ is a semi-automatic pistol that uses .43 caliber balls be it peppers balls, paintballs, or powder balls. The pistol is sleek and looks so real that the infiltrator thinks you might have a real pistol in your hand. This is a magazine feed pistol that has a capacity of 8 rounds so that you can shoot the intruder with great accuracy.

Apart from this, the T4E Walther PPQ has got an impressive range of about 350-360 feet. This means you can hit your target the moment he stepped into your house. 

The gun is made up of metal and polymer which makes its build quality super amazing. It’s all because of the build quality that it gives a real gun-like feel. It is powered by economical CO2 which is economical to use.

T4E lacks any safety lock but it does have a double trigger option. Double trigger keeps you safe from unwanted accidents. Because of the double trigger, the trigger pull is quite heavy. People often feel difficulty in pulling the trigger for the first time.

Anyhow, when it comes to a handy paintball gun, T4E Walther PPQ strikes the mind first. Its real look is enough to dodge the intruder.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Firing-rate 8 rounds per magazine
  • Double trigger option
  • Trigger pull is heavy, which makes quick shooting a challenge, especially under stress

3. Tippmann – Most Powerful Paintball Gun

Tippmann - Most Powerful Paintball Gun

When intruders invade your home, you need to have a reliable marker in your hand. Tippmann Stormer Basic is one such marker that shoots with accuracy on high ranges. That’s why it’s on our list of best paintball guns for home defense.

Tippmann Stormer belongs to the same basics as Cronus TMC. It is a semi-automatic gun that requires HPA or CO2 cartridges to operate. Luckily, both of these are easily available and you can stock CO2 cartridges at home for emergency purposes.

Tippmann Stormer features a high-impact composite body that assures the durability and longevity of markers. Besides this, it uses .68 calibers of rounds. You can use pepper balls, powder balls, rubber balls, and even paintballs to scare the intruder.

There are multiple Picatinny rails on the gun that allow you to upgrade the marker according to your need. Like you can attach laser light and other accessories. The 9.75-inch high-performance barrel hits the shots with more accuracy and consistency. Proven- inline bolt system also contributes to the consistency of shot.

Tippmann Stormer comes with the feature of a velocity adjuster. The gun can shoot with accuracy in the range of 250-325 Feet and that too per second. It won’t give second chance to trespassers.

  • Give tough time to intruders
  • Durable gun with high impact body
  • Multiple Picatinny rails for upgrades
  • Amazing accuracy on a high range
  • The foregrip is somewhat clumsy

4. T4E Umarex – .50 Cal Paintball Revolver

T4E Umarex - .50 Cal Paintball Revolver

HDR 50 revolver is from the house of Umarex and believes me; it is one of the easy and straightforward guns for home defense. The build construction is simply impressive; it’s sturdy and it looks nice and heavy.

A big shout-out to the black plastic finish with metallic parts.

Like other home defense markers, it is a semi-automatic .50 cal paintball marker that is powered by CO2. A single 12 g cartridge gives you more than 60 rounds. Indeed that’s enough to scare a home intruder.

T4E TR50 uses 50 cals of rounds which are loaded in a 6-rd magazine. These cals can hit the target with the velocity of 360FPS and at the danger range of 220yards. T4E TR50 is enough to give goosebumps to intruders.

Not only this, with its quick pierce CO2 system, you can give no time to a home intruder. Just quickly insert the CO2 cartridge into the CO2 compartment and push it on. The Cartridge will get punctured and activate automatically without wasting any second of yours.

Umarex TR50 revolver

I would say T4E TR50 is indeed the best paintball gun for home security but on testing deeply, I found that it does not have any external safety functions. Except for the little pivot on the trigger that works like a double-action trigger.

  • With upper and lower Picatinny rails for mounting multiple devices
  • Comes with 5 magazines of 6-rds
  • Solid real arm like feel
  • Outstanding shooting range
  • Sights are not adjustable therefore, aiming target is a bit tricky
  • Popping the CO2 canister requires hard force which seems difficult in an emergency

5. Valken M17 – Paintball Market for Home Security

Valken M17 - Paintball Market for Home Security

The last one on my list of best paintball guns for home security is Valken M17. I would say it is a unique and extravagant paintball marker.

Valken M-17 is a Magazine-Fed paintball marker that offers shots with immense accuracy. It has both semi-auto and full-auto mode that is pretty useful when you need to defend your home from the troop of invaders.

In my opinion, I feel like M-17 looks more like a tactical rifle and it’s all because of its MilSim style advanced aesthetics. The looks are enough to scare the home intruders. The gun is powered by compressed air tanks only. It is not meant to be used with CO2. Unlike other guns, the compressed air tank doesn’t fit at the bottom of the gun rather it fits at the back of the gun. You can take another advantage of a compressed air tank by using it as a shoulder stock.

Valken M-17 is one of the most powerful paintball guns. Its magazine has got a capacity of 18 rounds. The magazines support .68 caliber paintball and first strike rounds. Using FSR you can aim your target with great accuracy.

Moreover, it features a unique blow-forward operating system that is very reliable to use. Not only this, because of the blow forward system, it is easier to maintain consistent firing velocity. Valken M-17 mag-fed gun gives you an immense feeling of security. Its real firearm-like look can easily threaten any cat burglar.

  • 18 rounds of a large-capacity magazine
  • Can easily threaten home invaders by its looks
  • No need of any battery
  • Compressed tank can be used as a shoulder stock
  • Awe-inspiring firepower
  • The AK style Mag release jams sometimes which could give enough time to trespassers to enter the house


A paintball gun is the best non-lethal self-defense weapon and luckily they are legal to use as well. The best paintball gun for home defense must be reliable and should have high accuracy like the ones we have reviewed above. Rubber balls, pepper balls, iron dust balls, and PVC nylons are used as ammo in paintball guns for home security. 

These ammos will not cause any serious injuries rather they distract the attacker and give you an opportunity to call the police. Make sure that your target should be any unprotected and sensitive area of the attacker. Only then you can dominate the intruder.