Best Paintball Gun Packages 2022 – Complete Paintball Kit

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

Best Paintball Gun Packages

Stepping first time into the paintball field with only a paintball marker is not at all a safe approach. You need to have at least a paintball tank, hopper and mask with you. Buying them individually will be like an extra burden on your pocket. So a piece of wise advice, buy paintball gun packages.

Paintball gun set is a complete package in which you will get all your required stuff like mask, hopper, tank, squeegee, and harness along with your favorite marker. Paintball gun kits are usually bought by beginner players to save the extra cost. Different brands have compiled multiple paintball gun packages according to the level of players. Here we have gathered some best paintball gun packages which feature goods from high-end and popular brands.

Best Paintball Gun Kits

Action Village – Best Paintball Gun Package 2022

Includes: Paintball marker, paintball mask, paintball harness, pods, Paintball tank, hopper, and barrel squeegee.

Madddog – Paintball Gun Kit

Includes: Paintball marker, paintball mask, paintball tank, barrel squeegee, hopper, and Allen keys.

Kingman Spyder – Paintball Gun Packages

Includes: Paintball marker, paintball vest, pods, hopper, paintball mask, paintball tank.

1. Action Village – Best Paintball Gun Package

Action Village - Best Paintball Gun Package

Tippmann Stormer is one of the favorite paintball guns of all paintballers. What could be more fortunate than to have Action Village Tippmann Stormer in a complete package? It’s a .68 caliber paintball marker with a complete military-style look. You will get a tactical version of Tippmann Stormer which features a tactical fronts shroud that absorbs the impact of all intensity. Therefore, protecting the barrel from any damage.

The 6 positions collapsible stock gives a real military battle simulation. Along with Tippmann Stormer tactical marker, you will get numerous other things in the package that you will love.

Personally, I like the Empire’s X-ray mask that is there in the package. It’s an awesome goggle which is so comfortable to wear that you can wear them all day easily. Empire x-rays mask protects your face and eyes. All thanks to its visor that can be removed within a minute if you want to. 

Apart from this, a paintball harness is also there in the package that is from the house of Warrior. The harness is pretty comfortable in wearing. It can carry 4 pods along with one tank of HPA or CO2. Deluxe paintball harness is of universal size and can be easily fit players of any size. 4 Pods are already included in the package which can hold around 150 rounds of paintballs.

Last but the most important item is the CO2 holding bottle. It’s a 20oz bottle that is from the banner of Empire. It can hold up to 20 ounces of CO2, which can deliver around 800-1000 shots per fill. Don’t discard this bottle after use, it’s a reusable bottle.

One lacking that I felt Action Village should take into consideration, the package doesn’t include Allen keys. Other than this, it has a hopper and barrel squeegee to clean the gun’s barrel.

OUR VERDICT: For a beginner, Action Village offers one of the best paintball gun packages. Everything that you will need on the field is included in the package. In fact, it’s a great starter package.

2. Maddog – Paintball Gun Kit

Maddog - Paintball Gun Kit

Maddog paintball gun kit includes all the necessary items that are required by the very first-time player. No need to spend your high earned money on individual buying. Maddog offers an impressive paintball gun kit that meets all your needs.

It has a Tippmann Cronus tactical gun which is one of the most popular paintball markers. It is a real MilSim style semi-automatic marker that is extremely light in weight. Paintballers love to use Tippmann Cronus because of its accurate and consistent shots. Modification possibilities are endless with Cronus as it has 4 Picatinny rails for mounting multiple useful accessories.

Now comes the paintball package that you will get with Cronus.

Before stepping into the battlefield, you need to have your complete safety equipment with you. The paintball mask is the most crucial item as it protects your face and eyes. You will get a single lens stealth Goggle system which is made up of durable and hard plastic shells. The inside of the mask has closed-cell Eva padded face foam, which protects your face from impact and shocks. It features a single pane anti-fog lens that is pretty easy to change. The best part is, it exceeds ASTM standards for paintball masks.

A refillable CO2 paintball tank is also included in the bundle. It may be of Tippmann, Valken, Empire or Maddog. It’s your luck which brand’s paintball tank you get as it depends upon the availability. Whatever the brand is, Maddog guarantees a fresh tank. You can check the manufacturing date stamped on the tank. The paintball tank that is in the package can hold about 20 oz of CO2. It is pretty lightweight that is less than 1.7 pounds. Like Maddog paintball mask, it meets ASTM, U.S, DOT, and European PI standards. Therefore, it is highly safe to use. We personally tested the Maddog paintball tank and the capacity of the tank quite amazed us. A single fully filled tank can deliver up to 800-1100 shots. Isn’t it impressive?

Lastly, a Maddog hopper or loader to feed the balls to your Tippmann Cronus on the ground. You can fill up to 200 rounds via its spring-loaded flip top. The durable and split-shell construction of the hopper can withstand bangs, slams, and crashes. The bundle also includes a set of Allen keys and barrel squeegee for proper maintenances of gun

OUR VERDICT: Maddog paintball gun set includes all stuff from high-end brands. The worth appreciating point is, all the stuff meets certain standards that are super amazing.

3. Kingman Spyder – Paintball Gun Packages

Kingman Spyder - Paintball Gun Packages

The last one on my list of best paintball gun packages is from the banner of Kingman Spyder. Package includes all the mind-blowing stuff but the marker is extraordinarily amazing. Spyder Xtra is the main attraction of the package. It’s an entry-level marker that features all-aluminum construction. It features air efficient Eko valve system that efficiently consumes the CO2 on the field. One of our teammates used Spyder Xtra in the woodsball field and states that it can shoot up to 1600 shots from a single 20 oz CO2 tank. This is what he said and we verified from customer feedback.

Kingman Spyder compiled this package especially for the woodsball player that’s why a paintball vest is also included in it. The vest is from Warriors and has lots of padding to protect against shocks and jerks. It features lots of pockets where you can keep your essentials like grenades, paintball pods, and magazines. The vest can be fitted to any size of the player and it’s all because of its adjustable Velcro Shoulder straps.

Other than the vest, Empire’s X-ray anti-fog single pane paintball mask is also the part of paintball kit. It features a chin strap that securely tights the mask and protects the players from paintball hits. It can be easily worn by all levels of players.

Moreover, a 20 oz paintball tank is a must-have for any battlefield. And that’s why it’s a part of the package. Kingman has added an Empire paintball tank that offers a rugged and durable aluminum tank. These tanks can be filled multiple times. Warrior’s squeegee, hopper, and pods are also part of Kingman paintball gun packages.

OUR VERDICT: Kingman Spyder paintball gun set is a great starter-level package where players are quite afraid of paintball shots. Therefore padded paintball vest will give more protection to players. In my opinion, it’s an amazing paintball gun package.


Using a high-performance paintball marker guarantees a winning title. But using high-end safety equipment ensures injury-less games. Luckily, paintball gun packages have high-performance markers with durable safety equipment and tools. These packages not only save your hard-earned money but also makes you all set for your first paintball battle.