Paintballing in Miami Florida 2022

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The tropical monsoon climate of Miami is perfect for paintball. The warm winters and long muggy summer keep your energy level maintained and you enjoy every bit of game. That is the reason people love spending weekends paintballing.

paintball in miami

For this purpose, there are numerous paintball places in Miami that not only are capacious but also affordable too. We have explored some best paintballing shooting places in Miami that can quench your thirst to play with the mess.

6 Paintball Places in Miami Florida

1. Family Paintball Center:

Ideal place for those peeps who hate long traveling. The Family paintball center is located on 17th Avenue and is equipped with numerous fields for different variations of paintball. They are operational seven days a week but timings may increase on weekends.

It is not only a paintball field but it has a pro shop too that offers guns, masks, paintball rounds, tanks, and other gears at affordable prices. When it comes to staff members, you won’t find any loophole in their services. Family paintball center is suitable for events like birthday parties or team building events.

How to contact Family Paintball Center:

220 NW 137th Ave Miami, FL 33182

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2. Extreme Rage Paintball Park:

Here comes the top-rated paintball park of Florida that is Extreme Rage Paintball Park. Its location is such that it is easily reached from all main highways. Extreme rage is an outdoor paintball area with a special field for woodsball, which is equipped with wooden trees, hills, tunnels. To simulate close combat war, they have five-bedroom houses.

Extreme Rage Paintball Park leaves mind-blowing experiences and memories in the player’s mind. Extreme Rage guarantees extreme fun. If you live in North Miami, the extreme rage will be an only 19-minutes drive away from you.

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How to contact Extreme Rage Paintball Park:

6401 Sheridan Street, Hollywood, FL 33024

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3. Splat Paintball Park:

Splat Paintball Park Miami fl is located in Medley and it is one of the best places for paintballing. Professional paintballers have built this place keeping in mind the needs and requirements of paintballers. Honestly speaking, the fields are not huge but they are enough large to give you astounding paintballing experience.

Those peeps who love outdoor paintballing but don’t like the dirty terrain, then splat paintball park is best for them. The floor is covered with tournament-grade turf. Splat paintball is not only suitable for groups but individual players can also enjoy it. Along with, paintball markers, tanks, masks, and other gears are available for rent in the field as well.

How to contact Splat Paintball Park:

Splat Paintball Park, 9185 NW 96th St, Medley, Florida 33178

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4. SonRise Mobile Paintball:

Bring the entire paintball setup at your home or any place you want.

SonRise mobile paintball service is not a place rather it will transform your desired place into a paintballing place. They provide a complete setup of paintball so that you can arrange your event with paintballing where ever you want. If you have a huge backyard SonRise paintball will convert it into the paintballing field. This way you don’t have to worry about cleaning and all after the game is over.

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How to contact SonRise Mobile Paintball:


5. The Paintball Party Place:

If you want to experience real paintballing fun in Florida, then Paintball Party Place is the perfect option. It is located in the north of Miami with capacious outdoor fields. Worth mentioning point here is, the scenic views of outdoor fields are simply mesmerizing. They have got different paintballing packages for paintballers of different ages. It has got one competitive edge over its competitors that is, it is one of the coolest outdoor paintball fields which is surrounded by 105 trees.

When it comes to pricing, it’s pretty affordable, even the rental equipments are available at cheap prices. The cherry on the top, if you bring your own markers and all, then you can enjoy paintballing at very low prices. Like every other paintballing place, the paintball party place doesn’t allow outdoor paintballs.

How to contact The Paintball Party Place:


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6. Matrix Tactical:

Matrix tactical is the biggest paintball shooting park in Florida. Yes, the outdoor field is spread across the area of two acres. The field for woodsball features wooded areas along with trenches, bases, and sniper towers. For players looking for close combat paintball scenarios matrix tactical have a field that replicates suburban town.

All types of paintball gears are available on rent at the low process. Talking about staff members of matrix tactical, they are well trained and have sound knowledge about the rules and regulations of the game. If you land at Matrix Tactical, you will be guided thoroughly about the games and their rules. For individual players and small groups, they are open on weekdays but for events and parties, only weekends are operational on prior booking.

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How to contact Matrix Tactical:

20800 Southwest 134th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33177, United States.

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The fun of paintballing doubles up in the bright and warm sunshine of Miami, Florida. Paintball enthusiasts look for such a place. Unluckily, the city of Miami has got very few paintballing fields that don’t quench the thirst of passionate paintballers. But less is more, these few paintballing places are huge enough to accommodate a huge group of paintballers. Matrix Tactical and the splat paintball park fits under this category.