Best Paintballs 2022 – For Recreational and Tournament Level

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

Paintballs are the equipment that the majority of the players neglect, especially when they have to improve their performance. Using high-end paintball markers along with the best paintballs would give a boom to your performance. No matter how expensive paintball guns you are using, if you have low-quality paintball ammo with you, you will end up with a big mess in your marker. You will win nothing but frustration only.

Good paintballs can retain their shape in the barrel of the gun and burst after hitting the target. The tough and brittle outer shell maintains the shooting accuracy of paintballs without bursting in mid-air. Best paintball brands such as Valken and First Strike are known for manufacturing the most accurate paintballs.

Best paintballs

Buying high-quality paintballs is not a tedious task, all you have to do is “thorough research”. We have thoroughly tested some high-end paintball brands in speedball and woodsball. So the basic purpose of penning down the best paintballs 2022 is to facilitate the beginner to buy good paintballs that won’t burst inside the gun.

10 Best Paintballs Reviews 2022

Valken Paintballs Valken Paintballs
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Loader Paintballs Loader Paintballs
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Wearable4U Paintballs Wearable4U Paintballs
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AOOHYEO Paintballs AOOHYEO Paintballs
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Valken Graffiti Paintballs Valken Graffiti Paintballs/a>
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Nelson Premium Paintballs Nelson Premium Paintballs
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Wrek Elite premium Paintballs Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs
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JT GI Splatmaster Paintballs JT GI Splatmaster Paintballs
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First Strike Paintballs First Strike Paintballs
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Shop4paintball Shop4paintball Paintballs
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1. Valken – Best Paintballs 2022

Valken - Best Paintballs

Valken Infinity comes under the category of the most accurate paintball that goes straight and hits the target accurately. These paintballs promise to deliver superior performance and the reason is their high-quality manufacturing. Its outer shell is tough enough that it won’t burst inside the barrel. Valken Infinity paintballs are 0.68 calibers and therefore compatible with the majority of the paintball marker

The worth mentioning point is its immense weather resistance. We tested Valken Infinity paintballs in the coldest winters of Alaska. Whereas few of our team members enjoyed playing with Valken Infinity paintballs in summers of Florida and it performed well in both conditions.

Valken Infinity Paintballs
  • Best for mag-fed and hopper fed guns
  • High-performance paintballs
  • Weather-resistant
  • Packaging quality is poor

2. Loader – Good Paintballs

Loader - Good Paintballs

Loader paintball is a good option for recreational purposes and training purposes. Also, they are cost-effective. You will get a pack full of 500 rounds at a pocket-friendly price. They are .68 caliber paintballs therefore you can use them in every paintball marker.

The loader paintballs are perfectly spherical in shape but their outer gelatin shell is not as durable as Valken infinity. Therefore you will have to compromise on the consistency of shots. After all, it’s a paintball that is designed especially for training and recreational purpose. But for serious gameplay Loader paintballs are not the best choice.

  • Best for fun play and training
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Compatible with all paintball markers
  • Economical
  • Not highly accurate for serious games

3. Wearable4U – Best 43 Caliber Paintballs

Wearable4U - Best 43 Caliber Paintballs

Next on my list of best paintballs is the Wearable 4U paintball, which is actually not a paintball rather a rubber ball. But it can be used in any paintball marker for self-defense purposes. Other than self defense, we have used Wearable 4u paintballs for training and target shooting practice.

They are made up of soft rubber and you can reuse them. Just pick it up clean and keep it in your bag for next time. A single ball can be used thousands of times without any doubt. Wearable4U paintballs are great in terms of accuracy and performance. They shoot straight and accurately. 

When you don’t want mess-filled fun, then Wearable 4U paintballs can be a nice option. They are available in black, blue, and yellow with packages of different rounds like 100, 250, and 500 rounds.

Wearable4U .43 Caliber Rubber Balls
  • Cost-efficient for training purposes
  • Best paintballs for self defense purpose
  • Reusable balls
  • Cannot be used for playing paintball as it won’t burst and hits hard

4. AOOHYEO – .50 Caliber Paintballs

AOOHYEO - 50 Caliber Paintballs

Aoohyeo paintballs are best for training and self defense. They are 0.50 calibers therefore they are compatible with .50 caliber paintball markers. I would call AOOHYEO paintballs the eco-friendly paintball. The reason is it lacks paint. They are solid rubber balls and deliver immensely consistent shots.

They are reusable paintballs. This means it won’t burst after hitting the target, rather it will bounce back and you just pick it up from the ground, clean it, and re-use it. AOOHYEO paintballs are available in different vivid colors so that you can easily find them out on the floor.

  • Don’t burst on impact
  • Offers exceptional durability
  • Accuracy hit the target
  • Eco friendly
  • Not suitable for tournament-style paintball

5. Valken Graffiti – Best Paintballs for Magfed

Valken Graffiti - Best Paintballs for Magfed

Valken is a brand that is well known for its different paintball accessories such as paintball masks, paintball guns, and paintballs. It has got a good reputation amongst paintballers and that’s the reason we have included one more variant of paintballs from the banner of Valken.

Valken Graffiti is known to be the superior and exceptional paintball that delivers shots with mind-blowing accuracy. They are made up of a thick and durable outer shell that guarantees to hit on the target accurately. My teammates and I tested it on a woodsball field. I hit my opponent from a distance of 60 feet and to my amazement, it flew straight and a bright yellow spot appeared on the target.

Every time I have used the Valken Graffiti paintball, I found fresh paintballs. So I can guarantee you that Valken Graffiti comes with fresh paint. You can load them into conventional hoppers but if you want more accuracy then it’s better to load them into a magazine. This way your shots would be more accurate.

Another important feature about Valken Graffiti paintball is its exceptional weather resistance, just because of this; we called it one of the most accurate paintballs. These are .68 caliber paintballs and you will get 2000 rounds in a single pack. Valken Graffiti paintballs are one of the best paintballs for miniGS.

Valken Graffiti 68cal Paintballs

The only difference between Valken Graffiti and Valken infinity is the level of accuracy and price. Graffiti performs exceptionally high with superior accuracy, whereas infinity tends to one or two inaccurate shots. Graffiti is perfect in every case.

  • The thick and durable outer shell
  • Highly accurate paintballs
  • Ideal for tournaments
  • Maximize your level of performance
  • Best woodsball and speedball paintballs
  • Little bit pricey
  • Cannot be used for training purposes

6. Nelson Premium – Best 0.50 Cal Paintballs

Nelson Premium - Best 50 Cal Paintballs

So you want to dominate on the paintball field, use Nelson premium paintball and become the boss. Made up with high-quality gelatin with a thick and runny dye fill that splatters instantly as soon as it hits the target. The color of the dye is so bright that everyone on the field will notice the splatter dye.

The outer shell is in a dual tone which seems different when you change your angle. Freshness is never an issue with Nelson Premium paintball, you will always get freshly manufactured and properly stored paintballs.

These paintballs have excellent resistance against weather. No matter how hot or humid the weather is, Nelson premium paintball won’t spoil your game. They are 0.50 caliber paintball therefore best suited with 0.50 caliber paintball markers such as T4E TR50 paintball marker, Tippmann TMC gun, planet eclipse ETHA 2, and many others.

  • Best for recreational purpose
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Pocket friendly
  • Gives optimal performance
  • Stains are tough to remove

7. Wrek Elite Premium – Best Paintball for Speedball

Wrek Elite premium - Best paintball for speedball

Usually, cheap paintballs that shoot straight and accurately use low-quality dye and that’s why it is sometimes unable to be removed from the clothes, such as Spyder premium paintball. In comparison with other cheap paintballs, Wrek Elite premium paintballs possess the quality of the readily washable dye. Just wash your clothes with normal water and the splatter dye of Wrek Elite paintball would remove within a few seconds.

It is a fantastic choice for those players who want to have the best paintball by keeping strict on the budget. Wrek Elite paintball features a thick and durable red/silver outer coating that is precise enough to burst on the target only and splatter yellow dye all around. Its perfectly round shape allows it to shoot straight. Wrek Elite best speedball paintball is popular for its remarkable consistency and accuracy.

  • Reduces risk of the mid-air explosion
  • Accuracy is the prominent feature
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Out of 1000 paintballs, few would have dents and are not perfectly round

8. JT GI Splatmaster – Paintball Ammo

JT GI Splatmaster - Paintball Ammo

Well, the paintball that I am going to review is formed by the union of two very popular paintball gear manufacturers, JT and GI. Therefore you can expect the quality of JT GI Splatmaster paintball. They are 0.50 caliber paintball ammos that are perfectly compatible with 0.50 paintball markers. Never buy them for 0.68 caliber paintball markers; it would be simply a waste of money.

The build quality of JT GI Splatmaster makes it perfect for low-impact paintball. Apart from this, they are 100% biodegradable and weather resistant. This means harsh weather won’t going to affect the performance of JT GI Splatmaster paintball. Another worth noticing feature is its perfectly round and consistent shape. Like other high-end paintballs, the outer shell of the JT GI paintball is tough and thick enough that bursts on impact only.

The packaging of JT GI Splatmaster is worth appreciating. It comes in a cardboard box which ensures its durability and maximum shelf life. In terms of accuracy and consistency, it’s the best 0.50 caliber paintball that neither bursts in the barrel nor causes a mid-air explosion.

  • Easy to store
  • Not a single bent or damaged paintball
  • Properly packaged
  • Low impact and non-toxic paintball
  • Its quality does not match with the price they are offering

9. First Strike – Best Paintballs for Slingshot

First Strike - Best Paintballs for Slingshot

First Strike Tiberius Arms paintballs are one of our favorites. We have used it in multiple paintball games like woodsball and speedball but it delivers the same consistent performance. Apart from this, in a few trials, we have used it with a slingshot. From a distance of 50yards, it accurately hit the target with a slingshot. Thanks to its self rifling ability. So if you don’t have a paintball marker, you can enjoy the performance of Tiberius Arms paintball with Slingshot.

The most distinguishing feature that I really like about Tiberius Arms paintball is their fin stabilization technology. The manufacturer has merged the fin stabilization technology with an aerodynamically shaped pellet. This deadly combination allows the paintball to fly with great speed and immense accuracy.

As stated earlier, we hit from 50 yards and it speedily covers this distance without dropping its energy and bursts on the target. Mind you, Tiberius Arms paintballs are one of the most expensive paintballs on my list. But its accuracy is 50% more than the other paintballs on my list. They are best for paintball tournaments.

While using them, we realized that its outer shell is not like the other paintball. After researching we get to know that acrylic material is used for making its outer shell. Acrylic shells or polystyrene shells, when hit from a longer range, bursting with 50% more power than the regular paintballs.

All in all First strike paintballs are very fine and accurate paintballs but one thing that limits their use, their size is a bit bigger than 0.68 and that’s why they are best to be used with Tiberius paintball markers. Also, due to the use of technology they are far pricier than the other paintballs. That’s why only professional players opt to play with First strike paintball ammos in tournaments only.

  • Fin stabilization technology for speedy firing
  • Aerodynamically shaped paintball ammo
  • Highly accurate
  • Can be used with slingshot and sniper guns
  • Hits hard
  • Size is bigger than the normal 0.68 caliber
  • Works great with Tiberius line of markers

10. Shop4paintball – Best Cheap Paintballs 2022

Shop4paintball - Best Cheap Paintballs

Here comes one of the best budget paintballs that are from the house of Shop4 paintball. It is best for beginner-level players who want to become pro players by playing frequently. The thick outer shell provides great sturdiness to the paintball that it won’t fire in the barrel or mid-air.

Shop4paintball meets all criteria for a good paintball. It provides a good level of accuracy but is not as accurate as Valken Graffiti. It is available in different attractive and vivid colors with bright inner fill that quickly splatter on the target.

Unlike other recreational level paintballs, shop4paintball is pretty much affordable. It comes in a properly packed box that holds up to 500 rounds. But many people complain that every single pack comes with a few broken paintballs that spoil the other paintballs. That’s a big hurdle indeed.

  • Affordable paintballs
  • Accurate to some extent
  • Available in bright colors
  • Not carefully packed and shipped

Paintballs Buying Guide


Many paintball manufacturers are offering various types of paintballs in different price ranges. Some paintballs are very expensive, whereas some are pretty economical. In between them, lies the mid-priced paintball. Of course, there is a difference between chalk and cheese in the quality and efficiency of these three types.

Starting from the lower level, the in-expensive and cheap paintballs are widely available all around. You can get 100 paintballs in exchange for 6$ easily. These paintballs are made up of substandard material which breaks even during shipping. They are pretty inaccurate and inconsistent but people prefer to use them for fun play. Also if you are very new to paintball and want to learn how to target it, then low-priced paintballs are the best option. They are available in the market under the category of recreational paintball.

Then comes the mid-priced paintballs which you will get 100 paintballs for 10$. In comparison with the low-priced paintball, they have better quality and are more consistent. These paintballs are not a bad choice for beginner to intermediate level players.

In contrast to this, expensive paintballs are of high-end quality. They feature exceptional gelatin and polystyrene shells. They are more pricey than the previous two types of paintball. Many manufacturers have incorporated different stabilization features like fins and ridges so that they may copy the real rifling effect. A pack of paintballs costs around 25$ or more. It is the choice of paintballs for professional players. And that’s why we called them tournament paintball.


No doubt, caliber is the most important part of paintball. It is actually the diameter of a paintball projectile. If you don’t consider caliber while buying paintball you might end up buying the wrong paintball for your marker. Either it may jam the barrel of your gun or damage your equipment.

The caliber of paintball should match the bore size of the barrel. Conversion kits are also available that convert the bore size of your gun from 0.68 to 0.72 and vice versa. 0.43, 0.50, 0.68, 0.72 are the most commonly used calibers of paintballs. 

 0.43 caliber is the smallest paintball. They don’t hurt at all because of their small size as they carry less energy. The same goes for 0.50 caliber paintballs. These two options are the best for low-impact paintball games. Wearable 4U and JT GI Splatmaster are one of the best 0.43 caliber and 0.50 caliber paintballs respectively.

On the other hand, 0.68 caliber paintballs are the most commonly used caliber which is perfect for 0.685mm of bore size. These are high-impact paintballs and have more weight. They have high velocity and burst right when it hits the player. If you are playing with big boys of paintball, then 0.68 is the best option. An example is Valken Graffiti and Valken infinity.

0.72 caliber paintballs are larger-sized paintballs that have more weight. Therefore you will need more compressed air to shoot them. They are not as popular as the 0.8 caliber paintball. Due to their weight, they hit hard. Professional and hardcore players prefer to play with 0.72 caliber paintball.


Apart from caliber, durability is one of the important features to consider when buying paintballs. The outer gelatin shell determines how durable the paintballs are. Ideally, the outer shell should be tough enough that it won’t burst inside the gun. If the paintball is durable and tough it will accurately hit your target.

Generally, the expensive paintballs offer the utmost durability. Though it’s heavy on your pocket but trust me it gives you outstanding performance especially when you are in a serious heated paintball game. Like Valken Graffiti that shoots straight and accurately without bursting.

And yes, some reasonably priced paintballs feature the same level of durability. But for this, you have to dig it out thoroughly. One such example is Valken Infinity paintballs. While buying paintballs, do check the shape of the paintball, it will help you to assess the durability of paintballs. The shape should be perfectly round or spherical with no bumps or swelling on the surface.


Many players neglect the importance of color while purchasing paintball. Though color does not have a direct impact on your performance but to some extent, it may help you to win the leagues.

Before choosing the color, it’s important to know the type of paintball you are playing. Like if you are going into a woodsball field surrounded by thick and big trees, then choosing bright and vivid colors would be the best option.

Usually, players choose a neon color for woodsball. Neon and bright colors are highly visible on camo clothing. This way you will instantly get to know that your opponent has been hit.

Freshness of Paint:

How fresh are the paintballs? This is the question that you must ask the seller. Mind you, with time the outer gelatin-coating becomes weak which makes the paintball very fragile.

Apart from this, moisture and humidity play an important role in the ruining of paintball. Therefore, before purchasing paintballs, test them and assess how fresh they are. It’s a simple test, just take a few paintballs and drop them on any hard surface. It should bounce back to you. That’s the sign that paintballs are fresh. And if they burst on the first fall it means paintballs are not fresh.

Another way to check the freshness of paintballs is to read the manufacturer’s date on the pack. When it comes to the freshness of paint, Nelson Premium paintballs never disappoint its players. You should try it.

Shooting Efficiency:

Shooting efficiency is a feature that you will come to know after using the same brand for several days. This is a trial and error process. Remember, for highly efficient shooting you need to pay more money, as expensive paintballs are made up of using high-quality material. Whereas on the other hand, low-quality and cheap paintballs may burst even in the barrel during the game.

Paintballs FAQs

Well, it all depends on your gaming style. If you are hasty and want to blast all opponents without using any strategy, then 10-20 minutes would be more than enough to consume 100 paintballs, whereas if you are the type of player who thinks and observes 100 times before pulling the trigger, then 100 paintball may last somewhere between 45- 60 minutes.

No, they don’t hurt at all. You will just get a stinging feeling, that’s it. Remember the larger the paintball the more it will hurt. 0.68 don’t hurt as much as 0.72 does.

0.50 cal paintballs would be too small for a 0.68 cal paintball gun. It would jam the breach and may fall out from the barrel. On the other hand, 0.68 cal would be big for a 0.50 gun; it wouldn’t fit into the hopper and barrel. The best possible way is to use a conversion kit to modify the marker from 0.68 to 0.50 cal.

It takes around 15-20 days to biodegrade back into the environment if you leave it exposed to the environment.

Yes, they are. Paintballs are non-toxic, biodegradable, and contain food-grade materials that are 110% environmentally safe.

Ethically it is wrong to throw away the paintballs right at the field, as the administration wouldn’t encourage it all. So the best way to throw away paintballs is to dispose of them in garbage bins.

Conclusion with Recommendations:

So, my dear folks, you must have chosen your best paintball up till now. Make sure it should have a proper round shape, tough outer shell and should match perfectly with the caliber of your gun. Told you earlier, buying paintball is not a tough row to hoe all you need is proper guidance which we have provided.

And still, if it’s tough, then we recommend choosing Tiberius arms First strike paintballs that are known as the most accurate paintball with self rifling ability and fin stabilization technology. But if you are tight on budget then grab Valken Infinity paintballs as it is affordable, accurate, and weather-resistant and goes best with any type of marker.