What is the Paintball Age Limit? Can Kids Play Paintball?

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

Like all other sports and physical activities, paintball also has eligibility criteria that include an age limit. The paintball age requirement usually depends on the field you’re playing in. Each has its own terms and conditions and requirements, which we will discuss further in the article. But to clear your question about if there’s any age requirement for playing paintball, then yes it does have.

Paintball Age Limit

How Old to Play Paintball

Here we have divided paintball sports into three different categories that involve different strategies. It is mentioned in each heading which one is suitable for a certain age group. Let’s begin!


how old to play paintball

SplatMaster is a type of paintball that can be played by the smallest age group. Kids from 6 to 8 years old can opt for this type of paintball game. The reason why it is recommended for a smaller age group is that it doesn’t cause any injury to the players playing on the field. With this game, you can be sure that your child is safe as every single child is supervised by a coordinator for safety terms. Moreover, the paintballs used in this type of game are not hard like those in the real paintball game.

Low Impact Paintball:

Low Impact Paintball

As the name implies, this form of paintball leaves a lower impact than the one in standard paintball. The paintballs used in this type of game are lesser in size and even lighter in weight, making them favorable for kids. Moreover, the paintball guns of 0.50 caliber hit less forcefully to cause any harm or injury. It makes sure to not hurt or sting anyone playing around the field. However, this kind of paintball game has stronger paintballs than splat master. Hence, it is suitable for kids slightly older than 8 years of age.

Standard Paintball Game:

A standard paintball game is played traditionally all over the world. It is suitable for kids and adults. Although, this type of paintball is safe too, but not more than the ones mentioned above. 0.68 caliber is used in a standard paintball. 

The paintballs used are harder and may slightly hurt someone, so players are advised to wear proper gear. This is the reason that this type of paintball game is not allowed for kids younger than 10 years. Also, the kids under 18 need to get a permission letter signed by their guardians to participate in it.

Paintball Age Limit in Different Countries:

The paintball age limit differs from country to country. Various fields have their age requirement for playing paintball. Here we have mentioned the age limit of paintball for some countries.

  • The Paintball age limit in the USA is above 10 years. Kids under 18 need a permit from their parents or guardians. However, those above 18 are not restricted to playing the game.
  • The Paintball age limit in Australia is 12 years. Kids under this age can not play any type of paintball, either it is low impact or splatmaster, they are restricted. Under 18 still need a permit from their parents.
  • The Paintball age limit in Canada is 10 years. They also need a permission letter signed by their parents. Above age 18 can play without any permission from their parents.
  • The Paintball age limit in the UK is 11 years old. While some playgrounds do have an age limit of 1 year. Above 18 do not need any sort of permission.

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Is Paintball Safe for kids?

kids playing paintball

Parents are usually curious about theirkids playing paintball. They are eager to know if a particular game is safe for their kids or not. Paintball is a safe game for kids, but it is advised to the parents to choose wisely. Take a wide view of the playground in which your kid’s going to play. Don’t forget to check for the safety measures taken by them. 

Also, make sure that you have taken your child’s safety measures pretty well. Dress them appropriately according to the requirements of the field. Keep his helmet in check. If you’re concerned about any skin sensitivities due to the paint, keep in mind that paintballs used in low impact or splat master are made up of biodegradable products. The tint usually goes away with a single wash only.

Final Words:

Although a lower age limit is set for paintball, there is not any upper age requirement for paintball in any country. Paintball is safe to play for any age group. It might be a slightly cautious game for kids, but all goes well with the proper equipment. Kids above 10 years old can play paintball with their guardian’s permission. If you are above 18, you can play paintball without any permission unless you have any certain health issues.