Go Kart Paintball – Thrilling and Adventurous Game of 2022

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

Who doesn’t know go-kart- a small motorized racing car. Go-karting itself is great fun but this fun doubles when it’s paired with paintball. Yes, go-kart paintball is the new variation of paintball where players instead of running use go-kart to mark their opponent with paintball.

What is Go Kart Paintball

You must have played paintball without your folks. But now, try this all-new go-kart paintballing and experience a new level of adventure and thrill. At this moment, you will get to know some interesting and useful information about go-kart paintballing that will quench your thirst for it.

Where do Go Kart Paintballing come from?

It was invented all of a sudden and the person who invents it was not a paintballer. Rather he was a Formula 1 car racer. Mr. Lucas Di Grassi, was thinking of some innovative ideas to celebrate his birthday and make it a memorable event. So he decided to celebrate his birthday at a race track in Sao Paulo, a city in Brazil. After the celebration, he and his friends decided to race at the track with high speed but with a new factor in hand, that is paintball marker.

All players had their paintball marker in one hand and drive the go-kart with the other hand. The goal of the game was to shoot the driver or player who tries to move ahead of you. Shooting them with paints will slow them down and therefore, you can reach the finish line quickly.

It was literally great fun. Check out the glimpse of how they enjoyed this newly invented game.

How can you try go-kart paintballing?

Well, go-kart paintballing is not at difficult and tricky to play. You don’t need to buy expensive and special equipment for this. All you need is a paintball arena it doesn’t matter if it’s outdoor or indoor. But yes, it should be vehicle-friendly. The terrain of paintball ground should be suitable for vehicles. The paintball fields should have large bunkers that should easily hide a go-kart.

If in case you can’t get access to any paintball arena, then look for a wide and big field that has vehicle-compatible terrain along with a few big items for hiding go-kart.

Besides this, you need a 2 person go-kart. One is for the driver and another seat is for the shooter. Lucas Di Grassi and his friends were experts at driving go-karts and race cars, that’s why they easily control the vehicle with one hand and shoot with another hand. But here players are not experts in driving cars. That’s why a driver is mandatory with a shooter.

Try to give full protection to the driver so that he remains safe from unexpected paintball shots while driving. During all this, don’t forget to wear safety and protective gear. It’s very important especially in go-kart paintballing as there isn’t any specified range limit from where you can shoot like normal paintball. The opponent may shoot you even from a distance of 2 feet. This may cause serious injury. Therefore, protective gears are compulsory while go-kart paintballing.

How can you enjoy go-kart paintballing?

Well, to be honest, there are several different formats which you can choose to enjoy the game. you can make a free set-up for all or even you can play in teams. Whatever format you choose, the main purpose of the game remains the same that’s to win the game.

It’s not about driving a vehicle but it’s about conquering all the hurdles and obstructions of the track. Honestly speaking, besides adventurous and exhilarating games it is one of the most challenging games. It’s far difficult than the paintball games that we used to play.

What safety gears should be worn in go-kart paintballing?

As I told you earlier go-kart paintballing doesn’t have any specified shooting range limit, that’s why the chances of injuries are more. That’s why wearing a proper helmet is mandatory for players. Not the mask that we used to wear in traditional paintball. A helmet will give full coverage to your head, face, and neck. Besides this, gloves, protection for ribs, and shoes should be taken into consideration while playing go-kart paintballing.

Final Words:

Merging the thrill of paintball and the adventure of go-kart gives birth to adrenaline boosted game that is go-kart paintball. It’s a worth trying game and the interesting part is, you can use your traditional paintball equipment for it. Paintball markers like Tippmann Tipx Pistol, Empire mini Gs, JT ER2, and others are considered as the best paintball markers for playing go-kart paintballing. While doing, so don’t forget to protect yourself, by wearing proper protective gear like a helmet and gloves.