Best Long Range Paintball Gun 2022 – Farthest Shooting

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

If you really want to give your opponent a tough time in paintballing then it’s time to switch from short-mid range markers to long range paintball guns. According to our years of experience, short-range paintball markers are unable to shoot with accuracy over 95feets. Instead of this, long-range paintball markers are powerful and can shoot straight with great accuracy even at 160 feet. You can win the battle without even disclosing your location.

longest range paintball gun

Long-distance paintball guns are easily available all over the internet but the worst part is, the majority of the guns are termed as long-range sniper rifles which actually they are not. Therefore we have jotted down some Best Long Range Paintball Guns that are being used by professionals in a variety of styles. Below mentioned long-range paintball guns have been tested thoroughly so that we can give genuine reviews about them. Without further ado, let’s move on to the Best Long Range Paintball Gun.

5 Best Farthest Shooting Paintball Guns

Empire Long Range Gun
Empire – Best Long Range Paintball Gun
  • Velocity: 275 fps
  • Range: 150 feet
  • Hopper feed
Tippmann TMC Long Distance Gun
Tippmann – Long Range Paintball Gun
  • 1Range: 150ft
  • Dual feed
  • customizable
Umarex T4E farthest shooting paintball gun
Umarex – Most Accurate Paintball Gun
  • Operation: CO2
  • Velocity: 315 FPS
  • Range: 50-100 Ft

1. Empire – Best Long Range Paintball Gun

Empire - Best Long Range Paintball Gun

Empire Mini Gs is the advanced version of the Empire Mini paintball marker. One thing that is appreciable about Empire is, they keep an eye on the advice and suggestion of their users. Mini GS is the outcome of such suggestions and feedback.

Featuring a slim and compact body that is very light in weight that is around 1.4pounds. We have tested Empire Mini Gs and realized that Empire has improvised the quality of the gun. Like it features a rubberized fore grip which makes it really easy for the players to hold the gun comfortably. Empire Mini lacks this problem. Also, the frame around the trigger is pretty spacious that your fingers can easily float above the trigger. We found everything nice about Empire Mini GS but one of our teammates found it uncomfortable to hold because he has large hands and chubby fingers that whys his holding was not proper. 

When it comes to performance, Empire mini Gs is known to be the best long-range paintball gun and the reason is its quiet performance that delivers accurate and exact shots with the range of 150feet. When we used it for the very first time right after taking it out of the box, it can fire 15 balls per second which can reach up to 20 bps.

Talking about velocity, this electronic gun can shoot at an impressive 275 FPS, but under optimal conditions. It can be increased to a whopping 293 FPS, by using the included wrench. The velocity is adjustable from anywhere from 180-200 PSI which is much more than you’ll need for most standard tournament matches. It comes with a 12″ barrel but you can upgrade it to a 14″ barrel to make it one of the long-distance paintball guns.

  • Low kickback
  • Rubberized foregrip cover
  • With 12″ and 14″ barrel
  • Not suitable for people with large hands
  • Maintenance is tricky

The most recent version of the Empire Mini GS has seen quite a few upgrades from its predecessors and great improvements over the original. Overall it’s a great long range paintball gun that is reliable and shoots with accuracy.

2. Tippmann – Long Range Paintball Gun

Tippmann - Long Range Paintball Gun

Looking for a most accurate long range paintball gun? Tippmann TMC is the answer to your question. Tippmann TMC is built with sturdy and durable material that can withstand harsh handlings. You can crawl, creep, or roll down easily like a soldier if you have Tippmann TMC in your hand because this gun will never be going to break apart. During intense battle holding a gun firmly is great art, it features a comfortable and firm grip that allows you to hold it firmly.

Since it’s a magfed gun so it comes with a magazine that has a capacity of holding up to 19 paintball ammo. You can attach a hopper to it if you don’t want to use a magazine. To increase accuracy and range we always recommend using first strike rounds but unluckily Tippmann TMC is not compatible with first strike rounds.

Apart from this, you can customize your TMC paintball marker as per your choice. Its impressive rail system allows you to install as many extra accessories as you. If you want a more powerful gun, it’s as simple as installing an upgraded barrel. The inner workings are compatible with a Tippmann 98 – so if you have Tippmann 98, you can use its barrel on the TMC and enjoy shots with more effective range.

Talking about the maintenance of Tippmann TMC, it’s pretty simple and easy to maintain. The secret is to clean it right after every paintball match. This is how you don’t need to do frequent deep cleaning of the gun.

Tippmann Farthest shooting gun
  • Dual-feed gun
  • Accurate
  • Picatinny rails for customization
  • You cannot use first strike paintball rounds with TMC gun

The Tippmann TMC is a great marker for beginners to pros. It has a high-quality build, accurate and long-range marker. TMC is for all levels of players and minds you it’s very affordable.

3. Umarex – Most Accurate Paintball Gun

Umarex - Most Accurate Paintball Gun

Umarex T4E TM-4 is known as the most accurate paintball gun. Basically, it is a training gun but a lot of people use it for playing paintball as well. Instead of 0.68 calibers of paintballs, it accepts 0.43 calibers. It is one of the versatile paintball guns that can be used with rubber balls, powder balls, and even pepper balls. 

Since it is mostly used for training that’s why its weight and feel are pretty much similar to real firearms. Umarex T4E is a MagFed style gun which means it needs a magazine for loading paintballs. It can accommodate 15 rounds of paintball easily but for better accuracy, we recommend using 14 rounds at a time.

Like other long-range paintball guns, it requires Co2 as a propellant. a 20 oz of Co2 capsule will deliver up to 45 rounds of paintball. The gun is built up using metal with a few parts of plastic just to give it a real firearm look.

Umarex T4E TM-4 Carbine testing

Talking about the performance of the gun, it fires paintball with the velocity of 315 FPS with an impressive shooting range of 100ft. Umarex T4E features front and rear sight and the best part are these sights are completely adjustable you can adjust them according to your needs. Like other long-range guns, it too offers opportunities for customization. Thanks to the 1913 rail system where you can add multiple gadgets.

Umarex T4E carbine is just like a real firearm and that’s the reason its weight is more than the weight of an actual paintball marker. Also, it’s an old-style gun that lacks all the latest features of paintball marker like ASA on/off.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Just like a real firearm
  • Less dangerous
  • Impressive range with great accuracy
  • Quite heavy in weight
  • Uses only .43 caliber ammo

Umarex T4E carbine is a 0.43 caliber paintball gun that is best suited for people who love to use look-alike of real firearms. It is one of the long-range guns that can be used in MilSim paintballing.

4. Kingman – Long Distance Paintball Gun

Kingman - Long Distance Paintball Gun

Kingman Spyder Fenix is an electronic gun that lets you fire multiple shots in a few seconds. At first glance, it looks similar to Empire mini gs but it has got lots of different features. It is made up of sturdy and durable material but the best thing is, it is not heavy like the other sturdy guns. We find it around 25% lighter than its predecessor model.

Spyder Fenix features a unique Eko Valve system that makes it stand out from the other markers. With the help of this innovative technology, Spyder Fenix can shoot up to 1600 shots in a single 20oz CO2 tank. Thus making it ultra air efficient.

We have experienced its efficiency. Usually, a 20oz CO2 tank can deliver up to 800-900 shots but when we used Spyder Fenix, it delivers almost double shots in a single CO2 tank.

This is impressive!

More so, with its break beam eye technology feature, the marker barely chops any paintball. Break beam eye technology is the necessary part of any high-end gun as it facilitates the gun to fire properly settled paintballs. This prevents the paintball from chopping and rupturing inside the markers. Besides this, it has a velocity adjuster that is on the outside with the help of which you can adjust velocity as per the field laws. 

The reason we have added Spyder Fenix in long-range paintball guns is its impressive range which is 150 feet. And the best part is, Syder Fenix can shoot straight and accurately with this much range.

When it comes to maintenance Spyder Fenix won again in this field, it is very simple and easy to clean and maintain. You can easily take out its bolt and eyes within minutes and clean it deeply.

Everything about Spyder Fenix was perfectly ok until we opted for customization. We found out that Spyder Fenix has got lots of compatibility with different brands. Like we want to replace its barrel with a 16” barrel but we couldn’t and the reason is, it’s less compatibility with other brands. You need to have a Spyder threaded barrel for it. So in terms of customizations, you will have very limited options.

  • Lightweight & durable
  • Air efficient gun
  • Electronic gun with low priced tag
  • Easy to clean
  • Less scope of customization

The Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker is one of the longest range paintball guns which is perfect for all levels of players. You’ll be amazed by just how easily and quickly it fires, showing accuracy that is pretty unmatched right off the bat, as well as with its ability to target your opponents.

5. Tippmann A-5 – Longest Range Paintball Gun

Tippmann A-5 – Longest Range Paintball Gun

It’s almost impossible to discuss Tippmann A5 when it comes to longest-range paintball guns. Mind you, it is one of the most demanding and hot selling long-range paintball guns of Tippmann. It has an effective shooting range of 150 feet and the best part is, it doesn’t produce a loud sound when firing. This way your opponent won’t catch you.

It features a cyclone feed system with the help of which you can fire paint at an impressive rate of 15 bps. With its long barrel that is around 16”, it will shoot accurate shots with less recoil.

Using customized paintball markers is the leisure time activity of passionate paintballers that’s why Tippmann A-5 has lots of scope for customization. You can upgrade the marker as per your choice like you can add Picatinny rails, install gadgets like scopes, laser, red dot sights, and many others. Apart from this, the grip frame is ergonomically designed to fit with ease in the player’s hand.

While using Tippmann A5 we found it a bit heavy that is 1.4 kg and the reason, is it’s entirely constructed of aluminum material. So no matter how much you crawl or creep on the field, the Tippmann A5 won’t damage at all.

As far as the cleaning and maintenance are concerned, it is pretty easy to do. You can easily assemble and disassemble without using any special tools.

Everything seems so nice about Tippmann A5 but during testing, we realized that its trigger is a little bit stiff to pull which hinders rapid pressing of the trigger. For accurate and consistent shots we prefer using Tippmann paintballs. 

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easier to maintain
  • Impressive shooting range
  • It doesn’t chop paintball
  • Heavyweight
  • Trigger pull is a bit stiff

The Tippmann A-5 .68 is an exceptional weapon that’s upgradeable and has long range. It’s also easy to use and carry. You’ll love the way you move when using it.

Long Range Paintball Gun FAQs

A lot of people are eager to know the shooting distance of paintball markers. Most of the high-end markers shoot near 289FPS or 200 mph.

A paintball gun can fire up to 330FPS but this is the velocity that may cause injuries. For safety purposes, FPS is restricted to 250FPS.

Yes, by using high-quality paintball and properly cleaned and polished barrels, paintball guns shoot straight.

Using fresh and high-quality paintballs is the only way to make the gun more accurate. Also using an HPA tank delivers accurate shots.

The most simple and easier way to make your gun more powerful is to increase the velocity of the gun. The majority of the gun comes with a velocity adjuster via which you can make your marker less or more powerful.

Buying Guide for Best Long Range Paintball Gun

Investing in the longest range paintball is a great idea especially when you are hard-core paintballers. Using guns with short or ordinary simply wastes your time, energy, and above all paintball ammo. Instead of frustrating over wastage, it’s time to invest in a long-range paintball gun.

But before heading to buy one, read out our precise buying guide so that you would choose the best long-range marker. Besides keeping in mind the basic factors for buying a paintball gun, one should definitely consider the following factors when looking for a long-range paintball gun. These are:

Shooting Range:

Whatever type of marker you are buying; shooting range plays a vital part. The shooting range is usually affected by barrel length, the velocity of the gun, and lastly, the weather conditions and it can be described by three terms namely, safe range, effective range, and absolute range. What are these, let’s find out!

Effective Range:

In simple words, it’s the range or distance a paintball can travel without being exploded. But once it hit the target it explodes. Usually, the average effective range lies somewhere between 80 to 100 feet. Effective range depends upon the distance from the target. If the distance from the target is very long then the resulting range would be a lesser effective range whereas if your distance from the target is shorter then the paintball may not burst upon hitting the target. 

Safe Range:

Safe range is actually a range in which no one is injured. It is pretty different from the effective range. Safe range is used to calibrate the paintball gun before the start of the match. As high-velocity shots may result in serious injuries. Therefore players are requested to determine the safe range so that players may remain safe and sound. 280fps is the average velocity of marker which delivers shots with the maximum range of 100feets.

Absolute Range:

The absolute range is pretty much different from the safe and effective range. It is basically a distance paintball cover after leaving the barrel. Guns with the highest absolute range are termed as farthest shooting paintball guns. Such guns can shoot with an absolute range of 150 yards.

Barrel Length:

Barrel length is the most important factor that you should consider while buying a long-range paintball gun. Gun with a longer barrel lest you aim better and you can easily hit the target. But it did not assure straight and accurate shots.

Always look for a gun that has a long barrel of about 14” to 16” inches. Beware of using a very long barrel like more than 16”, as increased length will increase the friction inside the barrel which ultimately reduces the effective range of the gun.

Picatinny Rail:

Always look for Picatinny rails while buying a long-range paintball gun. Picatinny rails don’t directly affect the range of the gun but you can attach different accessories that improve your accuracy and you hit the target perfectly. Picatinny rails offer endless opportunities for customizations.


A long-range paintball gun that could be used as a sniper must be noiseless at any cost. Always look for paintball guns that have minimum noise or choose guns with a mock silencer. Long-range paintball guns make noise because they use more power for high velocity.


Long-range paintball guns are the best choice of gun for professional players as they shoot straight and accurately and above all, it keeps your location anonymous. Choosing a long-distance paintball gun is a little bit tricky task, you have to keep an eye on the reviews and feedback of the gun. For this purpose, our buying guide may help you. 

With so many long-range paintball guns in the market, we recommend Tippmann A5 as one of the best long-range paintball guns as it is a well-designed paintball gun that uses HPA and CO2 as a propellant. It is also equipped with an innovative cyclone feeding system that is responsible for fast feeding with an impressive range of 150feet.