Paintball Gun Range – How Far it can Shoot in 2022

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

Whether you’re a beginner or want to become competitive at playing paintball, you might want to know the paintball gun range. Knowing it is important for many aspects, including adjusting the gun range concerning the safety limits directed by the field you are going to play in.

How Far Can A Paintball Gun Shoot

A paintball gun range varies from model to model. A rough estimate of paintball gun shooting range is 80-100 ft. However, the absolute range might go up to 350 ft.  For a safe game, you have to remain in the safe range. If you are not familiar with these three types of ranges, read on to get to know them.

3 Ways to Estimate Paintball Gun Range

If you want to determine how far a paintball gun can shoot, you must become familiar with these three terms first. You can measure the paintball gun range in these three ways.

Effective Range:

Effective range is the range, a paintball when fired can cover without exploding before reaching the target. But for this, the paintball needs to be in a balanced state; not so soft or not so hard.  The paintball must be hard enough that it doesn’t break when shot out of the barrel. However, at the same time, it must be soft enough to explode or break upon hitting the target. 

So the range a paintball covers when it leaves a barrel without breaking and explodes upon hitting the target is known as effective range. It usually ranges from 80-100 ft but can vary in different paintball guns. Also, the distance from the target may affect the paintball gun’s effective range. If you shoot at a very long distance from the target, it may lead to a lesser effective range. Or if you shoot closer, it may not break upon hitting the target. 

Safe Range:

Safe range is another way to determine the range of a paintball gun. It is way different from the effective range. It is the range a paintball can cover without causing any harm or injury to someone. 

High velocity shots have a risk of hitting someone, so paintball players are advised to not shoot at a high velocity. So determining paintball gun range in this way is necessary in order to play safe. Moreover, every field has its safety limit and the players must follow it. Usually, most of the fields have set it to 280 feet per second. You have to maintain that specific range to avoid any accident.

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Absolute Range:

It is exclusively different from both above-mentioned ranges. Such a range is neither concerned about the explosion of the paintball nor hitting hard on someone. Instead, it is all about the long distance of the paintball. The farthest distance a paintball covers after leaving the barrel, the more is the absolute range. 

For this, you might have to focus on the velocity of the paintball. The absolute range is greater for the paintball with higher velocity. The velocity of the paintball and the distance covered depend on its quality. For a paintball to cover a long distance, you just need a paintball that doesn’t break before reaching the target. It can be accomplished by a hard paintball. So try to choose a harder paintball if you want your paintball to go farther.

How to Boost the Shooting Range:

Although a paintball gun’s shooting range varies from model to model, you can adjust the range by playing some mind games. Here we have compiled some useful tips to increase the paintball gun range and accuracy.

Focus on the shape of the paintball:

The shape of the paintball greatly affects the range of a paintball gun. It can either allow the paintball to cover a very long distance or too short. You can use first strike rounds if you want to increase the paintball shooting range and accuracy. They modify the aerodynamics of the paintball so that they reach a little more distance than the usual range. Such modified paintballs have an effective range of up to 200 feet.

Add a backspin:

Another way to increase the paintball gun range is by adding a backspin. For this, add some grooves in the barrel. It will give a backspin to the paintball as it leaves the barrel, and ultimately, the paintball will cover more distance than usual.

High quality paintballs:

The quality of paintballs makes a lot of difference in the paintball range. If you use a high quality paintball that is harder, it might end up covering more distance than the usual range. The same goes with the quality of the gun as well, so don’t forget to use a high quality paintball gun as well.

Clean your paintball gun thoroughly:

The accuracy of a paintball largely depends on the cleanliness and maintenance of the paintball marker. Most of the time, the inaccurate shots are due to dirty paintball markers, which end up limiting the shooting range. It’s not about dirt only, but checking a paintball marker thoroughly will detect any hidden issues in it.

Protect the barrel from getting extra lubricant:

Lubricating the parts of the paintball marker is quite effective. However, at the same time, some parts do not need much lube like the barrel. If you apply extra lubricant to the gun, it will go towards the barrel which is certainly not good for a paintball gun’s long range.

Avoid over boring or under boring:

Try to choose the size of paintballs according to the size of the barrel. Using a smaller amount of paintballs than the bore size is known as under boring. It will bounce up and down while leaving the barrel as it has much space in the bore to bounce. Contrarily, using a larger amount of paintballs than the bore size, known as over boring, will create fragile paintballs. It can break easily due to the friction produced. 


No one can not find out a precise and exact measurement of paintball gun range. You have to figure it out by three different methods. Keep a balance between a tough and fragile paintball. To cover a longer range, amplify the velocity of the paintball. If you are a beginner, focus on the safe range so that you won’t cause any harm to someone. Wear proper gear, as protecting yourself too is a requisite.