Paintball Vs Laser Tag – Comparison Table – Which is Best 2022

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

When you want some fun-filled and intense gaming activities for your teen kids and their friends, paintball and laser tag are the two options that hit the mind first. Both games are of similar nature with almost the same objectives but differ in terms of equipment and rules.

Paintball Vs Laster Tag

The main idea is the same in paintball and laser tag that is you have to shoot your opponent which you can do by hitting in paintball and by tagging in laser tag. Here at this platform, we will reveal an in-detail comparison between paintball and laser tag so that you have a rigorous understanding of both games.

Paintball VS Laster Tag (Comparison Table)

PaintballLaser Tag
Hits the opponent by dye-filled capsuleTags the opponent by laser beam
Play in daylightPlayed in dark with glow
Uses expensive gearsInexpensive gears
Protective gears are mandatoryNo need for protective gears
Mostly played outdoorMostly played indoor
Messy game-requires cleanupEnvironmental friendly game-no clean up is required
Realistic gameDoesn’t feel much realistic
Players wear thick and light colored clothesPlayer wears dark colors

Paintball and Laser Tag:

Well, paintball is a game where players use some expensive and realistic style firearms that shoot paintballs dye-filled gelatin capsules. These paintballs on impact burst and leave paint stains on the opponent. Usually, players are given a mission to accomplish while fighting with an opponent.

On the other hand, in laser tag players uses infrared-emitting light guns to shoot or tag the opponent. Usually, players wear an infrared-sensitive signaling device that registers hits of players. Laser tag is preferably played indoor because of light effects and range. But some people also enjoy playing outdoor too.


For paintball, you will need lots of different types of equipment like a mask, hopper, pods, protective body gear, and most importantly paintball marker. The more you get into paintball, the more you will desire for high-end and expensive paintball markers.

On the other hand, you won’t need any such costly equipment while playing laser tag. All you need is an IR guns and signaling device. That’s it, no need to invest in Ammos or protective gears.

Pain Intensity:

Talking about pain intensity in laser tag is simply useless. As nothing hits you in laser tag. Just an IR beam that tags you. That’s it. Therefore, no scene of pain and its intensity.

In contrast to this, paintball hurts! Yes, it gives you bruises depending upon the speed of the shot. Getting hit by paintball gives the actual and real soldier feel who is hit by the enemy.

Age Limit:

Laser tag is a game that is popular among all age groups and gender. But women, kids, and some elderly people enjoy playing laser tag and the reason is the painless nature of the game.

Whereas, a certain age group loves playing paintball as they considered it as one of the enthusiastic and military simulation games. Like teens and 20-30 age group people. If compare the fan base of both games, laser tag would-be winner, as women, kids, and the elderly love laser tagging because no one wants to get paintball reminders(bruises and welts) for a week.

Nature of Game:

Paintball is a game that is full of aggression and the reason is its players. People of the 15-30 ages group are full of aggression and they play paintball with full passion and dedication that they won’t feel pain during the game.

On the flip side, laser tag is a game that is best for fun-freaks. It’s not full of aggression rather it’s a fun-filled game. That’s the reason; women and kids enjoy playing it. It’s a great game to spend a quality and painless time with your loved ones.

Rules and Regulations:

Though both games offer few same rules like no contact are allowed and no on-purpose hitting or bruising is permissible. But yes there are some rules and regulations that are totally different in both games.

Laser TagPaintball
No firing from a close distance15ft is the minimum distance to fire
No climbing or running or crawlingNo overshooting & Ramping is limited to a certain distance
Do not drop the laser tag equipmentProtective gears are mandatory & do not wipe paint from clothes

Which one is Better? Paintball or Laster Tag:

One cannot deny the fact that paintball hurts and then a question must be popped up in your mind that who on earth would love to play paintball when it hurts.

So in reality, young boys and men love to play paintball because it is full of enthusiasm. And above all, it is more realistic. Paintball boosts the adrenaline level and players compete with the opponent as if they are fighting in real for a cause. Therefore, for those people who love to play real tactical games then paintball is their choice of game.

Laser tag is a skirmish sport that is a fun-filled game and best for kids, women, and elderly-aged people. For those people who like to play safe and clean, laser tag is for them.

In short, laser tag and paintball both have their own set of pros and cons concerning the nature of the player. Though the nature of the game is similar but they are far different from each other.

Final Words:

We can’t conclude that laser tag is superior to paintball. Neither do we say that paintball is the best game. But yes we can recommend paintball if you want something real with real MilSim style firearms. It is the game that not only promotes teamwork and also relieves stress & increases interpersonal skills.