Indoor Paintball vs Outdoor Paintball – Which one is Best in 2022?

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

Usually when we hear the word paintball, what comes to our mind is a large and wide-open air spaced with huge bunkers or trees along with players creeping all around in scorching sun rays. That’s what we called outdoor paintball field. Actually, paintball is an outdoor game, but in cold weather, paintball enthusiasts prefer to play indoor paintball.

Indoor Paintball vs Outdoor Paintball

You can say indoor paintballing is one of the variations of paintball which is getting popular day by day. Both options of paintballing have their own set of downsides and advantages. If you are nil about indoor paintballing and don’t know which one is best, then stay with us till the end, we will reveal some basic differences between indoor and outdoor paintball. Lets explore!

Indoor Paintball vs Outdoor Paintball

Indoor PaintballOutdoor Paintball
Played in a close ground with artificial grass and bunkers all around.Played in an open-air field with natural grass and dirt around.
It simulates close quarter battle(CQB).Outdoor paintball simulates warfare in the open air.
It can be played irrespective of weather conditions.Outdoor paintball is greatly influenced by the weather conditions.
It can be played even after the sun sets, as the indoor field has lots of lights.You have to wind up the game before sunset.
Indoor paintball fields are smaller in size.Outdoor paintball fields are of huge space.
It looks artificial.It looks real.
Chances of injury are more since the distance is very close.Chances of injuries are almost zero.

As suggested by the name, indoor paintball is something that is played inside, in a close boundary, with a ceiling on top. Usually, players use indoor paintballs that are meant to be designed for indoor paintballing.  

On the other hand, outdoor paintball is the field paintball that is played in a huge open airfield. Here players use outdoor paintball markers along with paintballs that are designed for outdoor paintballing.

Though both games serve the same purpose are played in the same style by many of the players nowadays. But which one is better is a weighted question now. Check out the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor paintballing.

Indoor Paintballing – Pros & Cons


Indoor paintball can be played all year round:

Weather conditions greatly affect outdoor paintballing. That’s why people opt for indoor paintballing which you can play easily at any time of year. No matter how hot or cold the weather outside is, you can still play indoor with Air conditions on in summers and heaters on in winters. Just because of weather conditions, indoor paintballs are considered the best option, especially in harsh weather.

Indoor paintball can be played in lights:

One of the biggest advantages of indoor paintball is, it’s played in a well-lit space. That’s why you shouldn’t worry about the length and duration of the game. No matter sunsets and your game remain, you can focus on your game easily under the lights of the field. Indeed this is the biggest plus point for players who wind up their game early in outdoor paintball.

Indoor paintballs field are convenient:

The reason is, they are in closed boundaries, and you don’t have to deal with bugs and mud on the field. They are clean and are more convenient than outdoor games. You will find facilities like bathrooms, restrooms within the field. Also, running water and snack machines make indoor paintball a lavish game to play.


Looks Artificial:

Despite having many pros, the indoor paintball field looks very artificial you cannot have that level of fun that you had in outdoor paintball. The floor and obstacles look very artificial.

Indoor fields are smaller:

Indoor paintball fields are usually limited to a certain size. They are 3-4 times smaller than the outdoor paintball field.

Indoor paintball field hurts:

Indoor paintball filed are usually covered with Astroturf, which hurts more than the natural grass. Some paintball field uses artificial grass which is not as supple as dirt for creeping. Whatever the turf is, it can’t compete with the softness of natural grass and dirt.

Indoor paintball fields have close range:

Due to the smaller size of the field, you will be shooting at close range in contrast to outdoor paintball. Shooting at a range less than 10ft hurts more and in some cases may cause serious injuries.

Indoor fields are dirty:

Players shoot thousands of paintballs in a single game, which makes the interior of the field slippery which gives no traction. There are no natural means of cleaning the paint away from walls, boundaries, and bunkers. Cleaning them is a laborious job.

Outdoor Paintballing – Pros & Cons

Variations are unlimited in outdoor paintball:

In outdoor paintball, you can enjoy many different variations and scenarios of paintball games. Since you are outside in a huge field with big bunkers or obstacles around. Outdoor gameplay looks like realistic war.

Outdoor fields are huge:

You can’t define the size of the outdoor paintball field. They cover acres and acres of land. You have unlimited space to play on the outdoor field. Due to the large space, you can use high-range paintball markers. The huge space with natural obstacles like trees, ditches, and rocks takes your outdoor paintballing experience to the next level.

Outdoor fields have real ground:

Unlike indoor paintball fields, outdoor fields have natural grass or rough terrains like grass and dirt. Interestingly, grass and dirt doest hurt especially when you are sliding or creeping around. In fact, falling on them doesn’t cause any injury.

Outdoor paintball fields are more cleaner:

Yes, it’s true but it’s strange. In any paintball field players shoots thousands of paintballs which degrades with time under the sunlight. Since the dye in paintball is washable which can be washed away in rainy weather from bunkers and natural obstacles? In short, outdoor paintball fields are comparatively cleaner and easier to maintain.


Outdoor paintballing is weather-bound:

Harsh weather conditions greatly affect the outdoor paintball. Scorching summers and freezing winters impact the performance of your markers, paintball, and of course yourself. Also, since it’s an open-air field, so you have to face rains and snow as well.

Outdoor paintballing is time bounded:

Usually, paintball games last for about 60-90 minutes and sometimes more than that when we have huge teams. In fact, the fun and excitement of the game don’t let players quit the game. But they have to quit because of fewer lightings on the field after sunset.

Outdoor paintballing is a rough game:

Yes, you have to face bugs, mud, rocks, and different insects on the field. Plus you won’t get any free water supply or snack machine on the field.


Paintballing is fun be it indoor or outdoor paintball. In my opinion, outdoor paintballing is something out of this world. The large open fields, the surrounding, natural bunkers, and obstacles give a real warfare look and it feels like you are a soldier who is fighting with enemies to save his country. Whereas, indoor paintballing has its own charm and perks like a temperature-controlled environment with Artificial grass all around. So it all depends on your choice.