Does Paintball Hurt? Read it Before Stepping into the Game

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jezus Fischer

Paintball is a sport that is full of fun and excitement. As a beginner player when you are all dressed up in tactical clothing automatically your adrenaline level boosts up and you become excited to jump into the battlefield. But what makes you reluctant to play is the question that pops up in your mind that does paintball hurt? And if it so, then how bad does it hurt?

Does Paintball Hurt

Well, you are not alone. Every beginner paintballer has this question in mind. Yes, paintball hurts and it doesn’t hurt you so bad that you need to visit the hospital. Paintball pain is just like a strong finger flick on your skin. Obviously, when a paintball pellet hits a person with a speed of 200mph, it will at least give a slight sting. Pain caused by paintball pellets depends on numerous factors and you can avoid the pain by following different tricks. Here we will reveal some useful information about how much does paintball hurts.

How Bad Does A Paintball Hurt?

Paintball pellets hurt and the intensity of the pain depends on the players’ pain tolerance level. Of course, we cannot tell in figures the exact amount of pain it causes as there isn’t any pain measuring scale. But it feels like a slight sting which resembles the pain associated with a firm flick on arm. In simple words, it’s like a rubber band hit. Luckily the paintball pain is pretty minor and it fades away with time.

But yes there are some incidences where players experience bruises and welts caused by paintball pellets. This happens because of the severity of the shot.

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Pain is Regulated by the Factors:

Paintball pellets are 16-18mm in diameter and are made up of gelatin with dye-filled in them. They are not hard pellets that makes serious injuries but they might cause serious bruises and welts. The severity of pain associated with paintball pellets is dependent upon multiple factors which are;

Paintball Quality:

Like every other product, there are different qualities of paintball ammos in the market. Based on the outer shell, there are two qualities of paintball ammo that are low quality and high quality one. Paintball Ammos that are of low quality comprise of harder shell and contain a less dense material. Just because of harder shells, such paintball ammos are difficult to break on impact. Therefore low-quality paintball hurts more.

On the flip side, high quality paintballs have a soft outer shell that breaks on impact only. Usually, high-quality paintballs are designed to prevent the breaking of paintball in the barrel of the gun. High-quality paintball hurts very little as they are made up of soft material.

how bad does a paintball hurt

Speed of Paintball:

The velocity or speed at which the paintball is shot determines how much you are going to hurt. That’s the reason; the majority of the paintball fields have limits over paintball’s velocity so that every player remains safe and sound during the game.

Distance of the shot:

A quick fact about paintball Ammos: it loses its power as much it travels through the air.

If your opponent shoots you from a distance of 20 feet you will feel less pain as the paintball ammo has to cover the distance of 20 feet which loses its power. And if your opponent shots you from 8 feet, trust me; definitely, there will be a bruise. That’s the reason why the majority of the paintball fields have set some minimum distance limit which is 10 feet.

Body part where you get hit:

The intensity of pain varies with the part of the body where you get hits. Like if you get hit at the back, you will feel more intense pain as there are fewer fat muscles at the back. In contrast to this, if you get hit at any place where there are more fat tissues, you will feel less pain.

Also, paintball breaks on bare skin with comparatively more pain. If you have observed any experienced player, you will hardly see any bare skin. Just to protect themselves from paintball shots, they completely cover their skin using multiple protective gears.

Frequency of getting hit:

Ever wonder why paintballers get most hits at the neck and feet? Players do not protect them properly. If you get multiple shots at bare skin it will badly hurt. In fact not on bare skin, but if you get hit at the same spot for more than one time, it will be painful for sure.

Does Paintball Hurt More than Airsoft?

A burning hot question!

Airsofts are small plastic pellets that are known as BBs. Airsoft BBs do not leave any paint marks since they are solid plastic or rubber pellets. These are around 6mm in diameter and that’s the reason they fly faster than paintballs. Players who get hits by airsoft feels like a nasty strong sting.

does airsoft hurt more than paintball

Paintballs are comparatively larger than airsoft balls and have greater surface area because of which it has a harder impact. Also, due to their large size, they travel comparatively slower than airsoft and hence exert less pressure and produce less pain.

How to Prevent Paintball Pain:

First thing first to avoid paintball pain is not to get shot. Paintballing is all about protecting yourself from getting hit. If in case you are getting hit multiple times then it’s time to change your game strategy and playing style. At some point in-game, you may get shot but you can even stop the paintball from hurting you by mentioned instructions.

1. Wear proper protective gears: 

Fortunately, there are numerous types of protective gears available in the market. These safety gears will not assure that you won’t get hit by paintball but yes they will lessen the intensity of pain. Keep in mind that a paintball hurts more on bare skin. Therefore, the best option is to give full coverage by wearing the right protective gear and clothing.

Wear proper protective gears

Clothing: Every sport has its decorum that has to be maintained by following instructions properly. For paintball wearing a thick, loose jersey with long sleeves goes well. Make sure that the jersey has a neck collar too that protects your neck and stretchable paintball pants.

Paintball mask and headband: Always wear a suitable paintball mask that protects the face and neck not only from getting shot but also from sun exposure. If you don’t like a full paintball mask, then wearing a headband is a good option. Headband provides cushioning effect and therefore you will feel less pain. There are few paintball gun packages that provides complete kit with masks as well in a budgeted price.

Groin cup: Since the groin is the most sensitive area so you need to keep it safe by wearing a groin cup.

Footwear: Try to wear footwear that gives complete coverage to your feet, a majority of the paintballers get smack at the feet.

2. Strictly stick to safety guidelines:

Paintball Association has developed safety guidelines just to avoid any unpleasant incident. Following these guidelines strictly may reduce the chances of serious injuries. For instance, if at a field, the minimum distance level to shot is 10 feet, then you must follow it. Getting hit at a closer distance would result in bruises.

3. No pain, no gain:

Paintball pain is not an extreme pain like that of hitting by a real bullet. In fact, it’s a pain that makes you stronger and leads you to the road of professional paintballers. So as a beginner stop getting scared of paintball pain. Remove it from your mind that you will get pain if you get hit. That’s the part of the game. The more you think about pain, the more you will get anxious and this anxiety will reduce your confidence in playing.

Accept the fact that you will get hurt while playing; this will let you fight in tough style. Remember, no pain. No gain.

Wrapping Up:

You can’t excel in any sports until or unless you get injuries. The same goes with paintball. A slight stinging hurt will make you determine that you won’t have to get smack. Paintball hurts, but as a player, you can get yourself prepare to face this pain. Dress properly, wear proper safety gear, and above all, stick to the safety guidelines. All these tips will reduce the pain so that you can paintball for a long.