Paintball Gun Laws 2022 – Is it Legal to sheet Someone with PB Gun?

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Paintball guns or markers look very much like real firearms. Shooting someone with a paintball marker at the field is completely permissible. But what about outside the field. Is it legal to shoot someone with a paintball gun? Like trespasser or burglar or any other person. Well, you are not supposed to shoot some with a paintball gun unless the reason is to save your life and your loved ones.

paintball gun laws

That’s why Regulatory bodies have imposed certain rules for paintball markers too. In some states of the US like New York and New Jersey, paintball guns are considered and treated as real firearms. Whereas in some states of the US, it is illegal to sell and purchase paintball guns. It’s difficult to generalize one paintball gun law for every state that’s why they vary from state to state. Remember, killing anyone without any valid cause is illegal be it a paintball gun or any other.

Is Paintball Gun a Firearm?

Paintball gun is a firearm and comes under the category of weapon, as per the Federal Government. But according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), a paintball gun is not a firearm. The reason is, it doesn’t shoot by utilizing any explosive reaction which is the main phenomenon in real firearms.

That’s why governing bodies do not consider paintball guns as real firearms. One reason is, they fire fragile Ammos that burst on impact rather than causing deep injury. If ATF considers paintball markers as firearms, then the paintball gun laws would be consistent all around the US. That’s why every state of the US has its own set of paintball gun rules; some of them are mentioned here.

Paintball Gun Laws in the USA:

Out of 50 states of the US, there are only 10 states that have legalized paintball activities and paintball guns. These are; New Jersey, New York, Illinois, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas.

Regarding the use and transportation of paintball guns, above mentioned 10 states have different laws. Here they are:

  • Illinois has regulated paintball gun sales and possession by minors that are under 13. Whereas New Hampshire and Rhode Island have regularized paintball gun sell and purchase for under 18. The paintball gun is strictly not allowed to be used on streets, highways, and public places in Illinois. You are free to use it on dedicated paintball sites.(
  • Virginia and Delaware have permitted small towns to implement ordinances related to paintball guns. (
  • Using a paintball gun on someone who is neither a paintball player nor part of the game, is strictly not allowed in Pennsylvania. Also, there are certain requirements for transporting paintball guns in vehicles. Also, a criminal penalty will be imposed for using paintball guns to damage any property. In New Hampshire, students will be expelled from schools for possessing a paintball gun. (
  • In Florida and Texas liability will be imposed if a government body uses a paintball gun on its property. (

New York and New Jersey follow the same paintball gun laws for the use, carry, and transportation of markers that are:

  • You are not supposed to use paintball guns in public places or crowded places. There are specific paintball fields where you can use it. Using paintball markers in a public place will be called as a violation of rules.
  • It is completely illegal to carry an assembled paintball marker. First, dismantle it and then you can carry it anywhere. Moreover, it should not be connected to its air tank.

Paintball Gun Laws About Transportation:

Many states of the US have imposed strict laws about carrying paintball guns in cars like New Jersey. You can only carry a paintball gun with you when it’s emptied. There shouldn’t be any paintball in the gun. Also, dismantle the paintball gun completely. Remove the barrel of the marker. Don’t forget to remove the air source. Now keep the main body of the gun in a closed and secure box. That is how you can easily carry a paintball gun. Remember carrying a fully assembled and functional paintball gun may cause some penalty.

Paintball Gun Laws UK:

Luckily, in the UK paintball guns which are commonly known as makers do not fall under the category of “firearms”. The reason is, they do not fire non-frangible rounds like bullets. Paintball gun uses frangible rounds that burst on impact and do not cause any injury. That’s why paintball markers are classified as “air weapons”. Hence, players in the UK do not need to have a license for a paintball gun. It is to make sure that the marker’s rate of fire and velocity should stay within limits.

Paintballers in the UK must be aware of the Anti-social Behaviors act 2003. According to this act, it is illegal for any person to own an air weapon in a crowded or public place without having any proper valid reason. An example of an invalid reason is, to shoot a barking dog. Also, under 17’s are strictly forbidden to possess a paintball gun until or unless they are at the paintball site with parents’ consent.

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Can you shoot someone with a paintball gun?

No, it is 100% illegal to shoot someone. Until or unless that someone is part of the paintball game. But yes, if you are facing any genuine danger. For instance, a group of burglars has invaded your house. In this scenario, for self-defense purposes, you can use paintball guns.


Paintball gun laws are different for different states and countries. Whether a paintball gun is legal to use or not, it all depends on the area you are living in and the purpose of using it. Different states have legalized paintball guns with certain restrictions like use in public areas, transportation, and selling/buying to minors. In short, when you are at the paintball field, you are free to shoot players with paintball guns. Otherwise, do not use it.