Paintball Rules 2022 – To be Followed for A Winning Game

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People enjoy playing paintball as it boosts adrenaline levels in the body and makes them participate in the game to the fullest. But it’s a game, which may cause serious injuries and bring you down if you do not follow the rules of paintball properly. Thereby, spoiling the fun.

Paintball Rules

Paintball Rules and regulations are actually going in the favor of players. It’s all about how should you play on the field, what things to take care of, how to dress up for paintball, and many other things. So if you are shy enough to ask for paintball rules, then fret not. Here we have covered basic and general paintball rules.

Paintball Rules and Regulations

Like every other game, paintball has got many different rules and regulations. Therefore to make things simple and facile for you, we have categorized paintball rules into a few categories:

General Safety Rules:

Dress Code:

Players must wear long-sleeved shirts and full-length pants. So that their arms and legs are fully covered during the game. Wearing shorts and t-shirts is strictly forbidden on the paintball field.

Mask and Goggles:

Mask or goggle is mandatory during the game. Players must wear ASTM-approved goggles when they are playing on the field. Even if a person has to pass into the netted area, he/she should be wearing a mask or goggles. A cracked, scratched, or discolored goggle lens is not allowed.

If in case a player’s mask falls off, he should instantly lie face down and cover his head. Meanwhile, others players should inform the referee to stop the game until the player wears his goggles again.

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Players are not supposed to touch each other or do any kind of physical interaction. Also, touching other players’ equipment is not allowed.

Shooting Distance:

No player is allowed to shoot from a distance less than 10-15 feet. Shooting from such a small distance may lead to injuries as paintball moves with an average speed of 200mph. It is advisable to increase the distance if both players are at a distance less than 10-15 feet.

Forbidden Shooting:

One should never shoot at the neck or head of other players. Also, first, aim the target and then shoot. No blind firing at all. Players would be ejected from the field if they were found shooting like wild animals.

Barrel Sleeves:

Before exiting the target area of the paintball ground, make sure that the barrel of the gun should have its barrel sleeves on.

No Tool on the Field:

Players are not allowed to bring any kind of tool for their guns on the paintball field. If in case your equipment needs to repair, just leave the field and repair it.

Shooting Velocity:

Before starting the paintball game, check the velocity of your marker using a chronograph. The velocity of the marker should not exceed 280 fps. The maximum velocity of 300fps, which may leave a large bruise. According to the nature of the game, adjust and check the velocity of your equipment.

No Alcohol:

Bringing or consuming alcohol before, after, and during the game is not allowed at all.

General Playing Rules:

  • Players would be considered as eliminated if a paintball hit and breaks either on him or his equipment. It doesn’t matter where the paintball comes from either from his team or opponent. The main thing is paintball breaks on him. When it happens, raise your gun and arm over your head, shout, “Out or Hit”, and leave the field from the safe route.
  • You are not supposed to shoot anyone once you are eliminated. If the player is not sure about the paint mark, they should shout “paint check” and call the referee to check the valid paint hit. The referee will examine the player for a paint check. Meanwhile, the player is called a “neutral player” which no one can hit.
  • If both players have marked each other at the same time, they both will be eliminated from the game.
  • Give your opponent the choice to surrender, if the distance between both of you is less than 20 feet. Shooting from such a close distance may result in serious injuries. Yell at your opponent, “while pointing the gun towards him, “surrender” or you are out”.
  • You are not allowed to discharge paintball guns around the designated shooting area.
  • Those people who are not wearing any protective gear, you are not allowed to shoot them.
  • Bunkers or artificial hindrances are part of the paintball field, you are not supposed to move them or carry them with you.
  • If a paintball hits you, don’t wipe off the paint.
  • Avoid using abusive language on the field. Also, physical abuse of any kind is strictly not allowed on the field, it will lead to straight rejection from the game.
  • Don’t disassemble the rental gears. If you feel they are not working properly, tell the staff members.
  • Do not build anything on the field that may hamper the movement of other players like bunkers or barricades.
  • Referee’s calls are final. No one is allowed to argue with the referee about any decision. You may discuss it with the referee later on.
  • Referees by no means are to be shot at or hit.


Indeed it is fun to play paintball by following each and every rule properly. Remember, your face mask is the most important safety gear that protects your face from sudden paintball marking. Violation of any of the above rules may expel you from the field. So understand the objective of the game, follow the rules properly and be the winner.